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How to organize carrying out the game “Cash flow“ of Robert Kiyosaki?

Made for fans of books of Robert Kioysaki and his idea about creation of the passive income the special hint - a crib. With its help you it is easy, in only 5 days, from full zero, without experience, you will independently organize carrying out financially - the training game “Cash flow“ (Cash Flow) in that region where you live now.

The short explanation for those who for the first time hear about the financial game “Cash flow“ and about her founder Robert Kiyosaki. This board game allows to understand quickly that you not so do with the money and to quickly correct a disastrous situation in the sphere of the personal finance.

The essence of game consists in that that for 1,5 - 2 hours you need to create business - assets, the income from which allows “to close“ your daily expenses, - thereby having escaped from the closed “rat circle“.

In my opinion, this game is capable to bring in the shortest possible time your financial life to new heights (and the income).

You hold step-by-step Algorithm of the organization of carrying out this remarkable financial game. Being guided by it, you will be able in only 5 days - without having the game, without having experience of game in it, - to independently organize and carry out “Cash flow“.

1. To appoint date of game.

I Suggest you to record exact date - exactly in one week from the moment of reading of this article by you.

2. To make the text of the announcement about carrying out the game “Cash flow“.

That surely has to be in the text:

• the bright heading which is evident;

• the capacious, clear, structured statement of your invitation;

• several pictures or photos.

3. To place the announcement in the social networks.

I Congratulate you! Half-affairs it is already made. You declared the intention to hold game, now it was necessary to resolve only organizational issues.

4. To make the list of those to whom you will distribute the announcement. Enter

in this list:

• all the friends and acquaintances to whom can be potentially interesting to take part in this financial game;

• big city the Internet - forums, groups in social networks, publics, etc. places of a virtual congestion of people.

5. Distribute the invitation to game according to the list. Consider

that only one third comes from those who were registered on game usually. Therefore take participants with a stock - many will not be able to come for various reasons.

6. To pick up the suitable room. Now it to make

very simply - hammer the word “anti-cafe“ into search engine. Anti-cafes specialize in granting the rooms for a constant payment (on average, quotations of 1 - 3 ruble in 1 minute from one person). Choose from them those which specialize in carrying out board games, and find out whether they have available a game “Cash flow“.

7. Study rules of the game “Cash flow“.

them can be downloaded on the Internet. Your task - to understand mechanics of conducting game, to play optimum it at least once.

8. To hold the game “Cash flow“. the Instruction about carrying out game is attached by

to the game.

9. To place the report on carrying out game. Publish

at yourself in social networks of a photo, video, responses of participants.

10. To repeat this cycle again and again.

P. S. Consistently execute these steps - and tremendous results are guaranteed to you!