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The doctrine about destiny of the planet, mankind, the person about spirit and its baby.

“ Destiny of the Planet “

“ Baby Dukha Planety “

“ Soul of the Planet “

“ Stop a moment

having rummaged

On an attic the destiny

kicked up dust.

- But that forced its

instant of time to break.

Destiny was one

but time is imperceptible for it

of the baby of spirit gave rise.

- Here in what a secret

of destiny, soul and spirit. Dukha`s

- the coward

also likes to scoff

at destiny of soul

vospituya himself and cowardice “

Figurative substitution of a name.

P. S. Destiny of the Planet - Earth, and soul and spirit.

P. P. S. The solar system, finished development of the information state at the space level. This natural phenomenon of development of the Universe and our planet in it. It is natural that this phenomenon concerned all inhabitants of the planet. First of all, we will consider the happening changes in a human body in particular a code of strong memory of the person - it is soul of the person. In the present period of existence of the planet in each inhabitant of the planet there are natural information transformations. The figurative thinking is substituted for sign. Strong memory of the person, (shower) through the figurative concept “ Baby Dukha “ will crystallize a background grid for all further period of the existence. Follows that the formed grid having new spiritually - the information law, is descended without changes.

depends On the starting program all subsequent existence of soul which the person transfers how “ Baton “ on patrimonial inheritance. I will notice that we consider transitional the period at the planetary space level. In this period we will consider temporary reference points.

Is a conditional firm point of temporary counting genealogical, any and all people, and the planet. Just like as a specular reflection, pictures planetary culturally - historical development transformed a grid invisible information around the planet with a new point of reasonable development of People of Earth and cultures. Shift, on space measurement, small and Terrestrial, makes the period from Christ`s birth until definition of a code space. It is also the main reason in natural need of carrying out planetary correction of consciousness of people.

Be continued

“ Master of reason “

“ The Master a doll made

A heart to give it not a smog

I the pet heartless makes.

Built the house... “...

Figurative substitution of a name.

P. S. Russia - “ DOLL “

Master - Jesus Christ.

P. P. S. The displaced code of strong memory (shower) of Christ, was in a constant exchange sistemnokosmichesky natural information state, opposite - an exchange look, with our planet.

For understanding of it, All need to comprehend concepts:

“ Master “

“ Master of reason “

“ Life Razuma “

Bible of the Second Coming.

For example - Masson, completely has no subject idea of the concept - “ Life Razuma “. They understand the top couple - it “ Master “ and

“ Master Razuma “.

It is natural that they open a number of names in a figurative look - concepts

“ Life Razuma “.

Follows that the world organization the managing director of the World is obliged to comprehend entirely new concepts of New Hera. This order, is naturally open for my consciousness on “ To big Information Space Counter Exchange “. I do not have need it to comprehend, and everything that I constantly receive on an exchange or speaking &ndash in images; “ From God “. This phenomenon brings me as only viewer of our planetary culture with the subsequent-level shifts of a set “ Points of view “ it is Earth, System of the Sun, the Universe, and the subsequent space measurements. I formed personal laws of existence, after receiving this huge block of knowledge. Knowledge is gained by one person of the planet and for the entire period of destiny of the planet. It and at the heart of concept - “ Beyond the Law “. Naturally I do not check this information and I do not doubt it - “ I, trust it “ more precisely - I Know it. Any form of natural knowledge not from belief but the most part of people of the planet trust in possible « to this day; God “. And beginning of this wrong model planetary “ Beliefs “ also reverifications of his doctrines by people which consist in an exchange counter look with « are formed through a mistrust subject to god; God “. Follows that all true Saints were mistaken in it. It and is natural as during formation of the Universe, people had figurative thinking. The sign form of thinking, began the formation in planetary life and culture only recently.

Concerning the concepts - Comprehension....

Be continued.

Note: It is a wide look in detail - figurative comparison which oversteps all last limits and the point of view is in a space. Concept - “ Point of view “ demands additional explanations. Read - “ Bible of the Second Coming “ or Departments Ukr. IEI. - Temporary points of space and terrestrial time of measurements.

the Program, I open in two at the same time languages. - For believers and not believers. There is a lot of reasons, but unique - these are firm laws of development in a space. The Lives checked by space time.

“ Bloody return of the Prodigal Son “

(Conditionally, - the separated part of Russia after a baptism, comes back) the Spiritual beginning Russia took

to the Heart of a baptized body on the earth Ukrainian. The size of a spiritual body, connected by a baptism many people. - Sacred Vladimir, Epiphany, Khreshchatyk and so on - these are symbols of the holy site of the Epiphany. At the time of a baptism of any person, the Holy Spirit is installed in all human cages and the person entirely adopts all laws of a baptism. The hand of the person cannot accept other belief or refuse the accepted belief. - It is one of fundamental laws of a baptism. “ Russian “ - broke this law and was born without warm spirit after division with Ukraine. And there was not whom not understood concept of Christian Vera - “Tear off a hand, it sets your teeth on edge “... After division spiritual with Ukraine Russia became “ Incorrect “ to which went “ Crusades “ as on incorrect. “ Vatican “ gave all a spiritual consent who directed a justice sword to atheists. “ Hitler, fascism, - this period of history reflects a difficult spiritual state where the son for the sake of life of all other World » moderates;. “ Holy Dukha “ a wounded baptized body, goes always to death for the Father, but in ours cases - this Father is God. I briefly figuratively described the long moment of the historical past of Christian Vera on Earth. From the point of view of science - any kind of an exchange (information, biochemical) always is in a condition of the relation two interacting WHOLE units (1 - 1). “ Image and similarity “. “ Science and Religion “ there are units in continuous COUNTER interaction. Studying a sign exchange, (it is a new type of an exchange - information) the person is obliged to know firm spiritual laws without which understanding of world around is not possible. It also is only a right sign space information exchange thanks to which “ MY “ in space developed and thanks to this formula (And - I) (1 - 1) exists Space. All intermediaries good luck trust a sign of a name of God. At the time of any kind of exchanges there is a counter look an exchange information Accepted by Vero - All need to execute spiritual Laws in due time, and in Sciences the concept of the sign &ndash is firmly defined; “ There is a Sign of any phenomenon seen or not seen - it is Science. There is no sign, - this search direction to a sign which reflects a condition of a subject or information look. Vera Russkiye`s laws did not execute. During the Lenin period, Russian in general, after “deep revolutionary hard drinking“ decided to get rid completely of Vera and destroyed - all churches in the territory. It is the only case in the history of religious culture of the planet. Subsequently “The union failed“. This attempt not successfully gave rise to new idea of a detachment from Ukraine. Long before it, the adult Russian Son from Europe to ALASKA which Russian « decided to walk; spent on drink “ being without true cross of belief, and back home, and to the Spiritual house, the door is closed. The sonny drank properly and broke into a native home with a fight. - “ATO“ …...... God, forgives mistakes moral and material, but strictly specifies and obliges for spiritual secondary violations. On “ To the Law of the Reality “ The second Coming all violators of the spiritual law got under the program of correction on all planet. Everything occurs naturally and naturally.

true Vera`s Law on the Epiphany, never releases anybody, he in time learns and returns, as well as the Union of God with the person. An Epiphany on the planet, people of Earth, accepted from God, under the law of the Space Natural Information Exchange where the young consciousness of people was not considered fully. - The Consciousness, as well as the Universe grew, was formed. Terrestrial Vera adopts laws through consciousness of the intermediary. With Vera Zhit it is necessary and people Vera Zhili in possible God, checking Laws of God. And Vera`s concept with an aura - Vera, Nadezhda and Love grew into souls of everyone. All intermediaries, after a true meeting good luck, tried to take its place, at the same time the personal place, the people in spiritual sense lost, as well as the intermediary. A conclusion is simple and clear - True Vera and to a step did not make for all history of the existence.

the Question, - to what people to trust and to what Vera - on the planet Earth? I do not wait for the answer. The mankind lived with Vera and Hope in that with what were obliged to Live, all this Time. New Hera`s laws came for people who Lived Vera but not Nadezhda in her. It is the first and only reason why people do not understand me and what I transfer “ Zakonn the Second Prishestviya “.

Try to live some time, observing all moral and spiritual laws. Count time, - I will put a monument during lifetime gold who will hold on one year. And if to moral and spiritual laws to add the material law. With such three of laws to live and day nobody makes laugh. Not it is necessary to speak about God and healthy consciousness and reason in which All people trust and hope. Vera and Nadezhda, - who generated it that live copies and imperceptibly lives with all. Death trust without knowledge - beliefs of life.

Reading tries to correct my errors under laws of spelling which were born in time where the belief in general was absent. In true in Vera there are no mistakes, but at the person through the illiterate word the law falls into doubt also Vera distorting, under doubt with which there puts and lives the mankind.


On Earth is absent healthy consciousness thanking, it is possible to them to speak about True God, Vera and natural Laws of Life.

“To the dumb World of a unification

Specified to us a way

Through the words God“

People and quickly coped with it. Listen to the first Russian opera of Pawee Neruda. There so sing - “All words are old, protect forces for other game“. The name of a disk - “A star and Haokin and Murrieta`s Death“. The blind passion rules the World of Games. The law of art is simple - Life is described in color and notes. Art - there is a real mirror reality which individually hears true position of spiritual not visible things which with huge work break in planet Life through souls of people of art. - It is possible to understand it to mankind in the presence of healthy and sensible mind. Further the concept - the Smell which is difficult for comprehending also with healthy mind follows. Personally, it also is, my “Star“. To what I seek and to understand this that and it is possible - to live It. The smell is material, he participates in the general plateau of a natural exchange, information natural.

Approximately is a complete set of human perception of the world through sense organs which are opened by people. The person determined it only by words of names, but time it came to study. For example, the first question - what the person feels and what feels? The planet will not give the definite firm answer, - as clear as a day. Meanwhile it is also the planetary test for a condition of consciousness of mankind. Reason of space, me question, I to you. The received answer plays a role on a further counter information space exchange and on contents, and the form of transfer so far most - is difficult clear to me as at me, sometimes the desire in general vanishes to live with people. I live among people, and there is a desire - to live with them. Question, - Who Lives on Earth and who plays. Live from game before game playing with life. Laws of game are necessary for protection of Life. There is no law of Life, there is a state which with a huge aberration. The norm is a separate subject.

Time has come, and it is impossible to stop it. In the bible - Came true - “I am the Alpha and Omega“ … The question everything is what Came true? For Gods - it is the Holiday. - And what about life of Gods is known by people? Nobody knows anything. The earth for Gods - is the been born baby in Space - it is our Planet.

Continuation to world renowned Space.

“ The truth of young spirit, was born on the planet in Nova Ayr, through “Caesarian “.

- It is a sober view space Razuma.

Who has spiritual wisdom - prolong this story and punish to the whole world, Nova Dukhovnoy of Hera to enclose the first press in each heart of the Earthling.

B Nova Ayr Vera, is obliged to pass through reason healthy and knowledge of it is obliged to comprehend, fathers and swearing. Children need to transfer Vera`s laws by competent language without cross, but with huge spiritual savoir vivre. - Laws of a confidential distance. At the same time it is necessary to consider that to Sil in the baby Dukh Zemny Russians long before his birth installed. Force from the word - to destroy. New Hera concept - force changed for the word - norm, a condition of life. Morally - spiritual laws have a general view which borders norm on an aberration and this state is surrounded with various types of diseases.

“ God of the son will not kill, and the son raised a hand against the Father Svyaty “ - this figurative vision - “ATO“

- This general planetary provision, space Time of our development, after the full period of Universal formation.

In sciences of Natural Information exists a sign state of affairs which unlike figurative thinking of the person, national translates concepts into language of concepts of formal logic. Knowing laws of sign formal logic, planetary horror of the present day, perhaps it is also necessary to correct without BLOOD. How to correct the world? Answer. To find that unit of an entrance and an exit which constantly develop. The whole world in braids

Planetary Institute of Natural Information is ready to put the Continental project of correction of consciousness of people Into practice of the Planet. This Step in the direction of right and only natural development. All people of the Planet in Nova Ayr.

For, personally my life, means enough I am able to provide me myself. For planetary life of people, new reasonable ideas in the choice of the general planetary, reasonable vector of development are necessary. Besides new ideas concepts of the Purpose and new concept - “Star“ are open and described. The new consciousness of people at the heart of which pulse of young heart is so formed. Reasonable healthy heart obyazAutonomous Non-Commercial Organization always sees Idea, the nobility Tsel, and hears the Star. “Pulse of Terrestrial Heart - the Patient“. Children of the planet are born with sore spiritual heart. This illness, to children, is transmitted not by parents, and Putin`s schizophrenia and extends to all planet. All Russian governors with deviations. Schizophrenia to treat, perhaps, and it is necessary, but not aminazine and tizertsiny... Social level of infection, approximately such forms and a look, is hidden in deep history of development of a civilization and in the subsequent information space orders, there are gross blunders in programs of development to - “Big Bang“. In the present, opened, and distant orders of history not of subject development, but natural information development and the last are absolutely new scientific formation which quickly need to be carried out to uniform system of knowledge of the planet. The universal subject beginning is the end information which at the heart of our development in a space. In sciences - it is “Big Bang“. This figurative definition which we substitute for newer strict clear term; “Big Bang“ - it is the last unit of a cycle of “White Divisions“. We opened 12 t units. Thus, our World learned that it actually is created behind “the Scenes of the Big Bang“. It is natural that this line is infinite, but for space scientific orientation We are obliged to know it and moreover, without this knowledge it is not possible to make the planetary general program.

“Education of the child, it is necessary to be engaged long before his birth is an education of mother“.

Is conditional - it is the short review of “the Bible of the Second Coming“ of

Ya, I carry out this program in the form of information transfer from counter dialogue with “Space Reason or God“ and I try not to designate “the White Name“ firm scientific definition as the planetary consciousness is not ready to perceive a sign type of an exchange of information yet. Naturally and naturally We on the way to these transformations and our task, everything that in different degree to us opens, all need to accept in time and the whole world. And We not only that decided to develop theater of “God“ in an old ancient Look. We arranged War in the center of the holy site of New Hera. Read - “The Place “of the Second Coming“.

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Idea. Tsel. Star.

Question. Who knows everything about the Star. To Come Verit Bog.

Come is trusted by Putin.

“ The Second Coming happened “ Bog among People.

Who hears God? Bog`s

on Earth since 1985 in the form of the baby young which opened eyes in 2000. Bog recognizes the son`s birth after opening of eyes of the child.


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