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Curtains - an important detail of an interior: how it is correct to pick up them for the house?

In a modern interior are popular curtains of different styles, coloring and fabrics. They give a special cosiness and charm to rooms, connect interior details in one style, carry out many useful functions - both esthetic, and utilitarian. Are engaged in design of curtains not only professional artists and designers, but also hostesses, seeking to make the house beautiful, convenient and unique.

Before beginning to make out the windows fabrics or blinds, it is necessary to be defined what functions will carry out these or those details at windows. Here the form and the size of windows are considered, the room size, what type of lighting will prevail in the room what purpose of the room (a drawing room it or a bedroom, the nursery or an office)? Curtains have to be in harmony with color of furniture, a floor covering and, of course, with the general style of the room.

If we choose a fabric coloring for windows according to personal taste or taste of family members, then designers can prompt us the most popular options of tailoring of curtains.

If you decided to sew curtains or to order them in studio, then it will be useful for you to know what types there are curtains:

1. Classical curtains - with lambrequins. Coloring, as a rule, monophonic, from natural fabrics, synthetics does not approach here. Apply various pickups which fasten to a wall to beautiful registration.

2. Flat curtains are curtains which “are able“ to develop in folds during rise. Such curtains develop at the expense of the thin cords which are passed through in them. Height of folds depends on height of windows here, i.e. has individual character.

Flat curtains, in turn, happen:

Roman: folds pass through 20 - 30 cm, rise by different height by means of cords, are suspended on any height. Such curtains are good the fact that they can be placed in very small room where there is no enough place for heavy and magnificent curtains. Such curtains can also decorate interroom apertures.

Rolled curtains. Are very popular today. They are capable to be rolled not only from above, but also from below. Here the utyazhelitelny level that curtains hung exactly and directly is applied. Flat curtains can be added with easy curtains or curtains.

the Japanese curtains belong to style minimalism. Represent “panels“ which are moved apart or by means of the same cords, or by means of the special device.

French curtains of “marchioness“. They rise up, develop in beautiful horizontal folds, but rise, as a rule, only to a half, folds are fixed by scallops. Such curtains look very gracefully and vozdushno. Their color, as a rule, the same, as at room walls. In France such curtains got off with laces and were supplemented with lambrequins. This type of curtains can be carried also to classical since they create a solemn air. Can decorate your drawing room or an office, and also the dining room or a bedroom. Traditionally such curtains made out ladder flights in rich houses.

the Austrian curtains - something between the Roman and French curtains. Fabric gathers in scallops in the lower part, the upper edge - gathers for a band or is stitched in a manual fold. Such curtains are often supplemented with lambrequins too. Approach small windows, create romantic mood in the room.

the London curtain - a cloth with deep inverted pleats. They need the lifting mechanism. Designers recommend to combine in such curtains different colors and patterns, for example, the Scotswoman and a vegetable ornament. At the same time fabrics have to be dense to hold a form.

Italian curtains. Completely are not moved apart, and are pulled together with cords from working edge by the ends of eaves (the coupler becomes on diagonal). Are suitable for high windows.

3. Curtains on ties. they are tied up to eaves. Decorative function is carried out here by “provisa“ which make impression of easy, air negligence. Any fabric will approach such curtains, but such curtains from a grid are especially effective. At once there is a feeling of singularity of an interior, its not traditional character.

4. Curtains on loops. can decorate loops with buttons or bows Here - the same color, as curtains, and it is possible to make them contrast. Such curtains are good for a nursery. They can be sewed from any fabric, on your taste. Loops can also be sewed from fabric of other color.

5. Curtains on a drawstring. These curtains cannot be moved. It is possible to decorate such curtain by means of “short skirt“ if from above to prisobrat fabric. Such curtains are recommended for interroom apertures or narrow windows.

6. Curtains of accordion pleats. This combination of blinds and simple curtains. They are run by the simple mechanism, gather in the top part of a window and are almost not visible in a collected state. It is easy to make them for a window of any size.

7. Curtains on cringles (rings). by means of special rings the curtain is hung on eaves or a string. Such curtains represent a cloth which folds streams down. Decorate by means of the same rings (thanks to their color and the size). The main curtains can pick up decorative elements in tone, and it is possible - to choose them a contrast color.

8. Blinds (i.e. “sun blind“). They are created from narrow or wide horizontal or vertical strips, easily cope with the help of system of cords. These curtains are very popular today, thanks to the universality. With their help it is possible to create the space closed from noise and excessive light, it is easy to retire. They are shumonepronitsayema, well regulate availability to the room of street light. Also by means of blinds it is easy to correct interior shortcomings, to place color accents, during the day to change illumination of the room.

Blinds happen too different types which differ from each other in small nuances: blinds - scooters, the Venetian blinds, the Roman blinds, the Australian blinds, the French blinds. In total blinds are perfectly combined with curtains and flat curtains. Also they can be decorated by means of lambrequins.