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How to win against a plastic package?

Revolutionary invention of the middle of the last century - a convenient and practical plastic package - became today a source of environmental pollution. To plunge “the plastic monster“, legislators of Scotland use economic incentives, assessing each sold package with special collecting. Similar measures are planned to be entered across all Europe.

About 30 years ago, going to shop behind purchases, compatriots took with themselves grids - string-bags. They looked not all that well, but to bring home purchases without them was problematic. At most, on what the buyer in shop - a leaf of gray paper in which wrapped both crude meat, and sweet lollipops could count.

Emergence on sale of plastic packages first was perceived by all as the real revolution of comfort. At first bags erased and used several times. Speculators sold big plastic bags with beautiful pictures extremely expensively, and buyers protected as “apple of the eye“. Not to tear a package, inside put a strong grid. Packages, however, were all the same torn sooner or later, and then carefully stuck them, prolonging, it is how possible operation term.

The revolutionary invention of the middle of the last century, a convenient and practical plastic package, turned into threat to all live on our planet today, having become a perennial spring of long-living garbage and environmental pollution. Danger of a situation is realized in many countries, taking practical steps for restriction of appetites of the monster grown an oil era. How fight against it in practice?

In Scotland local legislators gave green light to an ecological initiative. In the country rules by which each disposable plastic package is assessed with special collecting are established. The vast majority of voices, 100 pro and only 12 contra, deputies of parliament approved new regulation according to which it is necessary to pay 5 pence for each plastic package in addition. All income gained by the budget will be directed to charity.

According to legislators, new collecting cannot be ranked as taxes. The means obtained for plastic packages are planned to be used, first of all, on ecological actions by means of which Scots intend to make the earth purer.

Legislative measures are directed to restraint of a shaft of the plastic garbage which is distributed free of charge in the Scottish shops. Until recently from their walls buyers annually took out 750 million disposable packages, it is more than in any other region of Great Britain.

Undoubtedly, pressure of the economic lever is not pleasant to some sellers and buyers, but efforts of legislators support those who are disturbed by purity in own house. Similar laws are already entered in Wales in 2010 and Northern Ireland in 2013 - m. They led to sharp recession of use of plastic packages as a single container for carrying of purchases.

After introduction in Scotland of the new, directed to suppression garbage shaft of collecting by the only region where “the plastic monster“ still feels safe, there is England. However the situation can change also in this country. The local government announced last year plans for introduction of a similar payment in 2015.

Actions for restriction of “free circulation“ of plastic packages are developed also in the European Union. Legislators consider various options of the general for all 28 states of the union of the constraining measures among which, perhaps, there will be target collecting, incentive payments and even direct bans.

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