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Whether it is easy to live without social networks? Life of the modern person it is difficult to present

without mobile phone and the Internet. It would seem, social networks became one of the parties of our life and strongly took roots as a means of communication without borders. But, as well as happens to great inventions, they remain only the tool in our hands, but not meaning of life. No more than new detail of the designer of own figures.

the Best interlocutors?


Like the dissipated fog present already last hundreds of virtual friends. As it was important to try to bring order to this list and how far it brought! At first removed those with whom did not communicate long ago and to whom did not plan to write. Then the list was left by those who did not wish to leave the phone and to communicate alive. At last, together with the questionnaire there were on the turned page of life also those whose numbers are, but on life with them not on the way.

The questionnaire half a year more waited for my return: it is enough to enter once again, and everything will return! But I did not enter.

While communication was squeezed out in reality and the new way of life was adjusted, books became my interlocutors. To these “interlocutors“ really is what to tell. Having found genres and subjects which interested me most of all in life, this source of communication it was much more large-scale and developing own vision of life in comparison with the whole years of “communication with avatars“. The good books written in easy language is an original drink of freshness and an order in the head. Without speaking about the accepted respect for the reader.

Time, people and work

Turned out that half a year of life is very much! During this time I opened for myself delights of amateur sport: drove on a snowboard, mountain skiing, skates, rollers, resumed continuous house trainings on power physical culture, then passed to shells of school stadium and began to change in shape. Sports training is one more way to maintain clarity in the head and the will to live proceeding from own feeling in a body.

Meanwhile the circle of contacts passes in real life already the second wave of updating. Even those with whom we communicate in reality not always remain with us for the rest of life. What to speak about a never-ending caravan of “avatars“ of social networks from which there is no trace left also next day. People change (whether they, whether ourselves), and with someone even real communication comes to naught. Then there are new people from unexpected places if not to stay at home the whole day and not to stint a smile and cheerful comments with those who are near.

For the same half a year, and again from books, it was succeeded to gain the first literacy in the field of management of the organizations. Growth of volume of resources at work demanded other view of organization of work - transition from personal performance of work to training of companions. The understanding of sense and values of the organizations, far-sighted methods of maintenance afloat allowed to cope with problems of new volume. At the same time there was an understanding of original motivation of heads who build the “eternal“ organizations. At the heart of such structures initially there is no desire to grow rich or get rid strongly of chiefs over themselves. Products of ordinary desires are washed away by life after the first crisis or at the end of a raw cycle.

What for?

to Leave social networks is internally the decision which ripens from a subsoil of personal development. Once they become “small“ as clothes to the grown-up young man. An infinite news feed where the monotony and emptiness of sense are compensated by registration of letters in the form of pictures, cannot hold development of the person all life. Perfect photos from foreign rest or the images which are simply processed by effects can long undermine a self-assessment of normal people, but sooner or later will push on doubts that it is the best way of communication.

The main thing that social networks break - they erase natural borders of ignorance of others lives. They draw our attention to the best and sometimes embellished parties of an alien course of life, pushing together comparison. At the same time they always show only the successful periods in life of other people. Danger which should avoiding is a desire not to lag behind the average embellished image. Actually, it is worth surpassing itself most. The course of life of each person is individual, unique and invaluable whatever it was. It is worth remembering that others beautiful life is a temporary event among many vital tests of majestic and large-scale breath of a fatal historical way.

To what really it is worth aspiring - living so it the personal life, to develop own unique personal qualities in their best manifestations. To develop the strong professional skills that to soul to. Even in appearance the best fashion is what suits this person on his sincere spirit and proportions of shape. And sport and leisure install forces to move in the direction surely and quickly, supporting a creative and physical tone.