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Clown Mikhail Shuydin. Why the long-term partner of Yury Nikulin came to an arena only in gloves?

Formation of own, individual image - the purpose of each actor, and clowns in it not an exception. For example, we recognize Oleg Popov by a huge cap, Yury Nikulin - by short sleeves of a jacket, and it more than 30 - the summer partner Mikhail Shuydin - by white gloves. But if for all others all this there were only carefully thought over accessories, then for Mikhail Ivanovich - dire necessity. Otherwise the viewer would hardly understand him and accepted: gloves hid traces of terrible front burns …

In August, 1944 - go to the north of Shaulyaya, near the town of Zhagar, the commander of a tank company Mikhail Shuydin received the order to organize an ambush at the road and it is reliable to bar the way on the West to the enemy who is torn from Baltic “bag“. Guards the senior lieutenant chose a firing position at turn of the highway to hit fascist cars into onboard armor. Covered the tanks meters for three hundred, at a distance of highly effective fire. Hardly managed to make it as began …

From the first shots Shuydin`s company set fire to several self-propelled guns. Shells of the disguised tanks laid down precisely in the purpose, without allowing other enemy cars to go round smoking “fires“. The enemy became puzzled and departed, but then, having rearranged, moved forward - and again was rejected. Both still, and still, over and over again. In twenty six hours tankmen beat off six attacks of tanks and infantry. The seventh, prompted company all its considerable fighting experience, will be decisive, and there was almost no force left already. Then the senior lieutenant led the company remains in encounter attack - a forehead in a forehead, armor on armor.

Shuydin managed to line two self-propelled guns and six trucks with soldiers when the shell got into his car. The flaring torch Mikhail jumped out via the hatch, riding on the ground, brought down from himself fire. The semi-gone blind and become deaf, senior lieutenant managed to see nevertheless that Germans did not bear blow and again departed. Now it was necessary to reach the medical battalion located kilometers in five from a front line. As it managed to hardly living tankman to do this way, he did not remember any more.

Six months fought for it doctors. They managed to restore partially sight, cured burns. At Mikhail strongly burned the person, but especially - hands: were badly bent in an elbow, fingers hardly obeyed. It was threatened by disability - in 22 years! Home he did not write about it not to disturb the family: it was convinced that will manage to overcome an illness, and it is persistent, hour after an hour, “was developed“. Supported letters of friends - brother-soldiers. From them learned that for the last fight awarded the order to him the Red Banner which will be handed upon return to part.

It was its second award. The first - the Red Star - Shuydin received a year before for release of the Ukrainian village of Udovichenko. Then, as it was noted in representation to an award, he “perfectly directed crew of the tank, repeatedly safely and resolutely drove it in attack to the enemy therefore his crew destroyed 2 tools, 3 easel machine guns with their calculations and to 2 platoons of enemy infantry. In the same fight personally by comrade Shuiding destroyed one tool, one six-barreled mortar, 2 cars with ammunition and to 20 Hitlerites“. Laughter - the strong weapon

of This report Mikhail, of course, and in eyes did not see

- at the long hospital nights he just remembered.

As near Akhtyrkaya for the first time went to developing attack, forced Dnieper, Berezina, Narach. As for excellent development of new equipment it was encouraged with holiday home - the crew was retrained on received on tapes - Lisa the American tanks in Tula region, absolutely near its native Cossack where Mikhail was born in the shepherd`s family. As upon termination of FZO school worked as the mechanic - a lekalshchik at defensive plant, participated in amateur performances.

As came to Gorky armored school as by miracle managed to keep the base on the bank of Neris at the city of Smorgoni occupied by its platoon: the armored brigade did not manage to be transported yet, and the enemy under cover of twilight collected at the base, took initial positions for counterattack. At this moment in earphones of tankmen on both river banks Shuydin`s voice began to sound - Mikhail … read Zoshchenko`s stories which each phrase caused burst of laughter of listeners on memory. And waited for approach of a reinforcement, the enemy did not advance to the attack. Later one of prisoners told that their commander, uslykhav on radio the intercepted laughter of tankmen, did not risk to attack - only the people infinitely confident in the forces could have fun so … Shuydin was not for nothing self-assured

. Long trainings he got rid of disability and got permission to return to a system from the medical commission. It, however, was late for the front and after the Victory served practically nothing: at the end of June, 1945 - go the senior lieutenant was demobilized.

The circus school and studio of colloquial genres at the Moscow circus were farther: with traces of such burns as at it, it was impossible to act with an open face and hands, it was necessary to hide them under a make-up and white gloves. The right to study from the famous clown Karandash was challenged by about three hundred candidates, selection took place in three rounds. Three including Mikhail won in a competition. Together with Nikulin who was already working for Karandash, Shuydin debuted in May, 1949 on an arena of the Kharkiv circus.

“And Shuydin - that nothing, juicy“, - Karandash noted then, a skilled eye noticed, that these two clowns are perfectly combined. And they, really, became the strongest clownish duet in the history of world circus.

the Clown Clever fingers

“Unlike Mikhail Shuydin I did not like to potter with a requisite, - Yury Nikulin admitted. - Technical sharpness, skills of knowledge of the tool remained with Mischa since then when it even before war worked as the mechanic - a lekalshchik at plant“.

Yury Vladimirovich remembered how once one of famous Emil Teodorovich`s assistants Kyo, preparing a requisite for performance, dropped a stunt casket behind the scenes: “It broke into small pieces. Death of cunning made casket - in it the wooden cube mysteriously disappeared - plunged Kyo into despair because focus which it showed with it was as if the introduction to a trick with a big casket (from a big casket unexpectedly for the audience people appeared.) The skilled joiner of circus Ivan Shchepkin, having examined attentively the casket remains, thoughtfully told: “Here and the cabinetmaker will not help“.

Having learned about it, Mischa offered the services. It picked up fragments of a casket and carried away in a stolyarka. All day he sawed, planed, glued, painted, and in five minutes prior to representation brought a casket and handed it to Kyo. “It as new!“ - the pleased Emil Teodorovich exclaimed. “It also is new, - Mischa told, - I made all over again“. Kyo kissed Mischa, and in the evening a “shuydinsky“ casket as it was christened then, “worked“ in an attraction.

The requisite for numbers of a klounovsky duet was generally done by Shuydin.

“A time our wardrobe reminded a metalwork workshop, - Nikulin told. - My partner, having inclined over a vice, constantly made something. With a requisite there is always a lot of trouble. To take, for example, an ordinary cane. For a long time there passed the fashion to walk down the street with a cane. And in circus it remained. Everything began with Chaplin`s comedies. Then in circus many clowns working under Chaplin went, as well as it, with canes. The desire to work with it is clear: it is possible to wag, threaten with it, to knock the partner, to hook on him for a neck or for a leg. I was told that some clowns used special canes which jumped. If with a force to lean on such cane, to bend an arch and was able to let go, she could “jump“ up and, having described an arch in air, again to fall into hands. It was Mishina dream. How many we went with it on the markets, shops, flea markets how many asked acquaintances, did not find such cane. We managed to find a suitable cane from a special bamboo only in Australia … Now we have nine boxes of baggage. In them a requisite on forty reprises. For each thing the place. Fake log, wooden knife, “enlarger“, bricks from polyfoam, rubber weights, guns, a snake, buckets, canes, plush dogs and tens of other objects. And in a separate box any ridiculous things for which wait that we thought up for them reprises lie“.

* * * Reporting

to Mikhail in hospital about its rewarding, fighting friends did not know that front instances for some reasons replaced with “the Red Banner“ the Gold star of the Hero of the Soviet Union to which Shuydin was presented by the brigade administration. Only much after the Victory when Mikhail Ivanovich was already the famous clown became known that such representation was - this fact was dug out at the suggestion of his brother-soldiers by journalists.

The honored artist of RSFSR (1969), especially the people`s artist of the republic (1980), could achieve, probably, revision of the unfair prize solution of military years, but did not want it to do - Mikhail Ivanovich differed in modesty. Even did not beat out the apartment in Moscow, so decades and went to circus from far away, spending for the road four - five hours daily. Once Yury Nikulin, too last front, asked Shuydin why that does not carry war decorations. “And what for? - Mikhail Ivanovich answered. - To show everything that here supposedly what I?“

him died in 1983 after a long, serious illness. “Quite often Mischa dreams me, - Yury Vladimirovich in the book “Almost Seriously“ wrote. - Now his children - Vyacheslav and Andrey work at an arena. They show the same reprises with which we acted with Shuydin. Once I saw them in Ryazan and everything caught myself on feeling that I watch not others work …“