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How it is correct to choose wall-paper?

every day the market offers more and more new technologies and opportunities for repair and registration of an interior. And it becomes harder and harder to us to make a right choice. What features of an interior need to be considered to choose, for example, wall-paper, most suitable for our walls? What qualities materials which will optimum meet our requirements have to possess?

Before starting the choice of wall-paper, it is important to find out the following:

1. For what purposes you take new wall-paper?

2. In what room you want to pokleit them?

3. What colors suit you more?

4. What texture of new wall-paper?

5. What features of walls on which you will glue wall-paper?

6. What you imagine future interior of the room in general?

7. How many investments you plan to make in repair?

Answers to these questions will allow you to make a right choice. And we will tell you what types of wall-paper happen and as with their help it is possible to correct typical shortcomings of rooms.

Wall-paper happens the following types:

1. Usual, traditional - paper. Smooth or relief. They are inexpensive at the price, meet the ecological requirements. Such wall-paper gives the chance to walls “to breathe“, they well pass air. Shortcomings: wear quickly out, torn, fade, absorb smells, they cannot be wiped, they are afraid of moisture. Therefore traditional paper wall-paper should be changed often.

2. Textile wall-paper, i.e. fabric. Natural or artificial fabrics on a paper basis. They can be from flax, viscose, cotton, silk. They are, as a rule, covered with anti-static and anti-fire structure. Waters are not afraid of dust, do not burn out.

3. Wall-paper under painting - a white cloth with relief drawing (small or large) for further coloring. Their main advantage - the increased durability.

4. Flizelinovy wall-paper - often happens monophonic, practical and durable. Can serve 10 years.

5. Wall-paper pith - reminds a pith tree. Have heat-insulating and soundproof properties. Can be different flowers. Such wall-paper is recommended to be used for uneven walls. The main lack of this type of wall-paper - their high price.

6. The washing wall-paper - is covered with special structure that did not get wet during washing. Are made on special technology.

7. Cullets - a rare species. Do not burn, have the increased durability. After a pokleyka they are covered with various paints. Here it is important to consider properties of paint that wall-paper served longer. This wall-paper gives the chance to dream up - from strips and flowers to pictures on a wall in the nursery.

Stekloobo are glued as well as any other. Only difference: after painting they have to dry out 12 hours then the second paint coat is put.

At the choice of wall-paper it is important to consider also their drawing. As how the interior will look depends on drawing (not only color, but also the room size).

Depending on drawing wall-paper shares:

1. Flowers - all drawings in the form of rhombuses, figures and objects, plants, animal, etc. Flowers can be small and large. Large and frequent flowers visually reduce space, rare and small - expand, small drawing - visually does not distort space, is suitable for all styles.

2. Strips - also help to correct space. Vertical strips visually reduce the room, but ceilings seem higher, than in reality. Than strips - subjects already space are wider.

3. Large spots - imitate drawing on skins of animals. Spots are suitable not for all room more, and if necessary to allocate what - part of the room, here it is necessary to think over and prove very carefully their presence on walls.

4. Spotty backgrounds - small “splashes“ of paints on walls. Perfectly mask uneven walls, but are applied in modern styles. They do not suit classics.

5. Monophonic wall-paper - it is best of all underlined accessories on a wall (pictures, a photo, etc.) . Shortcoming: they cannot be glued on uneven walls, all defects with this wall-paper will become noticeable.

Different types of wall-paper are capable to satisfy any taste and opportunities. Main, it is correct to combine them with different home decoration - furniture, pictures, live plants.

So, wall-paper in a floret in kitchen will give it romanticism, horizontal narrow strips in the small room will make it wider, the combination on one wall of monophonic wall-paper of different flowers will turn the room in very stylish and mysterious. And if to paste over a distant wall with dark wall-paper, and all others light - the room will begin to seem more spacious.

Choose and create!