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What the peel from bananas can be useful for?

Strangely enough will sound, but banana from a botanical position is not a fruit tree, but a grass. However, very high. On this grass tasty berries ripen. The banana homeland - the southern part of Asia. Exactly from here it got to Africa and America. Bananas love everything. They are very useful. But very few people know that also their peel which we habitually throw out in garbage is not less useful.

The peel contains vitamins and minerals. On the properties it approaches a number of biologically active agents. Using a banana peel, it is possible not only to revitalize the organism, but also to cure some diseases. Just I will also begin the story with a medical orientation.

If you have problems with sight, then it is worth making broth of skins of bananas. For this purpose it is necessary to boil well them, and then to merge liquid in other capacity. It is necessary to drink broth daily. It restores a retina of eyes. If with sight everything is normal, but for fatigue eyes hurt, then for simplification of a situation apply to them cold fresh skins. Having lain down with them some time, you will lighten.

At muscular pains try to apply spirit tincture from a peel, wiping with it sore points several times a day. It is necessary to draw small cut up fresh skins three - four weeks. Quite usual vodka is good if there is no medical alcohol. Broth helps to bring ascarids and other worms out of a peel also.

Very well the banana skin helps if you were bitten by mosquitoes or on skin spots, grazes developed. Wipe places of stings and a wound with a peel, changing it in process of use. The banana peel kills pain at burns. Effectively helps to get rid of small warts, especially on hands. If incidentally strongly hit against something and on a body bruise developed, then and here you will be helped by frequent wiping by a banana peel.

In the cosmetic purposes the peel of banana is used for mitigation and rejuvenation of skin, giving of a pleasant banana smell to it. If it is regular to wipe a face with skins from banana, then a crow`s-feet will become gradually less noticeable. Wash with broth from a peel long hair - they become then not so fragile.

And whether you know that it is possible to make excellent kvass of skins of banana? For this purpose on a bottom banks put in a gauze sack with any freight (that did not emerge) about 150 grams of the skins which are well cut by small segments from fresh bananas, add one glass of sugar, fill in with water, add two more - three teaspoons of a bifidok (is on sale in any dairy shop). To bank cover from above with a gauze and give two weeks will be drawn. Readiness of drink is determined by taste.

Banana skins actively use in Asian cookery. If this information interested you, look for recipes on the Internet. In our, Slavic, cookeries the peel is applied quite often to mitigation of meat. The fresh peel is put under thinly cut meat and left on two - three hours. Meat gradually becomes more gentle, getting besides aroma of bananas. By the way, in many countries it is accepted to chew a banana peel - it clears a dental plaque and gives freshness to breath.

And now several lines about use of a peel in the “economic“ purposes. It it is possible to clean products from silver, clothes from skin, footwear. On the seasonal dacha from a peel excellent compost turns out. It can be applied when landing seedling. If you want to attract to pollination of plants of bees, hang up several banana skins on branches.

Well and council to those who fish, but in the conditions of the city not always finds a good bait. Fill the damp earth in a small box, mix it with the skins of bananas pounded in gruel and place the worms which remained from fishing there. Do not forget to add to the soil new gruel from skins from time to time. Earthworms love it and will begin to breed well.

So do not hurry to throw out banana skins in garbage - they still can be useful to you!