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Whether it is possible to call Hitlerite army army of criminals?

as a result of victorious approach of Red Army in January - February, 1943 and blows of the German army to flanks of our coming troops the Kursk arch where our troops put on 200 kilometers in a disposition of the opponent was formed. At retreat the German army destroyed the Russian, Soviet people, and also our material and cultural wealth. Our Soviet soldiers differed in a good health and high level of physical training that disproves myths about repressions and hunger in the USSR in pre-war time.

In February, 1943 Hitlerite Germany with allies still had the quantity of divisions sufficient for the organization of approach. On February 19, 1943 Germans struck our troops Hugo - the Western front which stood near Zaporizhia. The blow for the Soviet troops was extremely unexpected.

Again, already which time, our investigation of all levels appeared not at height. The opponent managed to concentrate for blow large forces around Krasnograd and Red Army. By the end of February during the hardened battles the opponent managed to push aside our troops for Northern Donets.

the German troops began on March 4 the second stage of counterattack, having struck powerful tank blow to the Voronezh front.

On March 7 our troops began withdrawal to Kharkiv and on March 15 were forced to leave the city.

the German troops rushed on March 18 into Belgorod. Command of the Voronezh front from Belgorod moved to Oboyani`s region. In the Soviet troops there was neither panic, nor confusion. They it is courageous, with skill battled and receded under blows of superior forces of the opponent.

A. M. Vasilevsky and G. K. Zhukov looked for the decision allowing to stop advance of the German troops to the North and North - the East. Thanks to the taken measures to the north of Belgorod, around Oboyani, the German troops were stopped and the front line was stabilized. At this time N. F. Vatutin was appointed the commander Voronezhsky, R. Ia. Malinovsky Hugo - Western, and F. I. Tolbukhin Yuzhnym fronts.

Thanks to firmness of fighters of Red Army and great military skills of her military leaders the plan of the German command in March, 1943 of blows from the North - failed from the Eagle and from the South - from Belgorod to surround and destroy the Soviet troops near Kursk. But the opponent managed to hold in the north and in the south two ledges between which the huge Kursk arch occupied with our troops stretching for 200 kilometers on the West in an arrangement of the German troops was formed. Our troops were forced to leave Kharkiv and Belgorod. It does not beg nice victories of Red Army at all.

Vasilevsky writes that during approach of our troops in the winter of 1943 100 enemy divisions were crushed (about 40% all of them connections). Only on land forces from July, 1942 to June, 1943, according to the General Staff of ground forces of Germany, the enemy lost 1 million 135 thousand people. It is necessary to tell that the technique of calculation of the losses by the German General Staff does not cause trust and most likely the actual losses of staff of the German army considerably exceed specified by the General Staff.

It is worth to remember also about losses of allies of Germany. Huge losses of the German army allowed us to catch up to summer of 1943 on number with the German army. When the number and armament of the Soviet troops was made even to the number and armament of troops of Germany and its allies, the Red Army began to beat Germans on all fronts. It turned out as in that introduction: “Fought, were not made even yet and when were made even, began to run away“.

And still it is necessary to pay attention that the German army of that time is an army of criminals that was visually shown in their actions in our occupied territories. For confirmation of this statement it is enough to consider their actions in several any cities freed by our army.

For example, in Rzhev and its vicinities during occupation Germans destroyed about 50 thousand Soviet prisoners of war and civilians, destroyed all industrial enterprises and culturally - household establishments, a railway junction. From 5434 houses there were 297. By the time of release in the city there were 362 inhabitants. In 1939 54 thousand people lived in Rzhev.

34 thousand inhabitants, at the time of release of the city by our troops - 150 inhabitants lived in Belgorod in 1939; Hitlerites destroyed the others, sent for works to Germany, expelled from the city. A half of residential buildings could not be restored any more, other half of buildings demanded capital repairs. All industrial enterprises, a railway junction, culturally - household establishments were destroyed.

The population of Kursk in 1939 totaled 120 thousand people, in 1940 in the city there were 45 operating industrial enterprises. Hitlerites shot 3 thousand residents, 10 thousand died of epidemics and hunger, 10 thousand were stolen for works to Germany. Invaders destroyed all industrial enterprises, a railway junction, a water supply system, blew up many houses. The large number of houses suffered from military operations.

Leaving, Germans in all cities blew up the most beautiful houses and destroyed all industrial enterprises, and in thousands expelled inhabitants from the cities, shot, stole for works to Germany.

That is not separate cases of atrocities of Hitlerites in the certain cities of the Soviet Union took place, and according to the developed system destruction, both the Soviet people, and its material, cultural and cultural values was carried out.

And today someone dares to speak about Hitlerite army, as about civilized force, about the cultural officer case of Wehrmacht. No, not the civilized army, but vzrashchyonny the European morals a gang of criminals, Hitlerites was.

Germans brought to Russians so much grief, shed so much Russian blood, ­ committed so many crimes on our earth against the Soviet people that on ­ the all-European, western concepts cannot be forgiven also through one thousand years.

But liberals condemn the Hitlerites who did not attack our country, and Stalin, in general the Soviet management, our military leaders. They hammered information space with myths about inability to be at war Red Army, Stalin repressions and hunger. Their statements do not maintain any criticism. For example, A. M. Vasilevsky, K. A. Meretskov, K. K. Rokossovsky and other military leaders in the memoirs write about surprising endurance of our Soviet soldiers.

the good health, good physical training not of certain fighters, but privates and officers of army in general surprised and admired even the skilled military leaders battling even in World War I and a lot of things seen during service. And generally in Red Army the generation which was born and grew at the Soviet power battled.

Think whether can in the country in which as liberals speak, the population was terrorized by continuous arrests, executions of millions of innocent people, starved and in millions died of hunger grow up the whole generation of young men and girls with a good health and high level of physical training. Of course, no.

Such generation can grow only in the country which government cares for the people, as about own children, preserving it against bad habits: alcoholism, moral dissoluteness, a disorganization, providing it healthy, good nutrition, normal physical and intellectual development, forming the person of high moral, moral and cultural level. Only in this case also physically developed generation can grow strong health. In statements of contemporaries of Stalin, in events of that time a huge number of the similar facts convicting falsifiers.

And even one fact that such generation grew to war in Stalin time, disproves all liars telling and writing about Stalin repressions, hunger and terror of the people from the Soviet government. There were in the USSR neither repressions, nor hunger, nor terror. And the beautiful, most humane and fair country which grew up remarkable generation of the Soviet people who defended freedom and independence of our Homeland in fights and made Russia under the name the Soviet Union one of the first powers of the world existed.

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