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How cadets left Moscow? In the car

1 of August - the first day of vacation in all military colleges of the Union. And the economic part buys tickets only through Moscow. Therefore on August 1 in First-throned - all cadets of the country. From Minsk to Vladivostok. And from Tashkent to Sverdlovsk. You represent how many it?! And if to concentrate all this weight at military cash desks of capital stations and the airports... That as to it to be chosen from First-throned?

The train measuredly gathered the course. Cadets accommodated in the car, looked round and was already began to dream of acquaintance to little girls - students from the next compartments as … On the horizon two already familiar figures were drawn.

- Hi, residents of Ryazan. Well, mudflows?

- As you see. Through two cars, in the third from you jumped. We, though not such lucky, as you, but too … Not a bast and not the Ryazan bast shoe Russian cabbage soup we sup boards. Saw how many now our brother, kursachy, in Moscow?

- And that! But nothing, we go. We go, men! Far to you?

- To Are courageous. It beyond Cherkasy.

- We know, floated. And what, both are to one place? How we with Bone? By the way, maybe, we will get acquainted? San. And it is my back, Konstantin. It is possible simply, without middle name, Kostyan.

- Ha and we with you namesakes will be. And the friend at me - Sergey. We with it both from Are courageous. Even it is more. Graduated from one school. Schoolmates. And we live in one house. Only at different entrances.

- Well, anything to! And got to one school?

- Here - here. All are surprised - as it? We are such different, and we are on friendly terms. I - you see? - dark and wide in a bone, and Serega light and thin. From it pincers not to pull out the word, and from me they, probably, understood already, - as peas from a bag full of holes. Sometimes also I understand - it is advisable to keep silent, and … In any way!

- Really, different.

- But - one growth. Therefore from the garden - nearby. One near another. And at school on physical culture, and now in a rank - shoulder to shoulder we stand. To me - that after school perlamutrovo was - where. It is Serega in paratroopers wanted. Well, and I am with it - for the company. Both the voyenkomatovsky, and regional medical board was normally passed. Already in school his ENT specialist turned. To me - please, arrive. And to it - no. Only where I without it? We from the garden - together. Here both also threw documents in school of communication. Now again - together. In one company. You - that where?

- To Cherkass. And - further.

- Is “further“?.

- In Talnoye it is necessary to us.

- In Talnoye? So it - for Courageous! Towards Zmiyegorodki. Why to you in Cherkasy to leave? Give with us, to Are courageous. Agree in the morning with the conductor. Station further, station is closer. What to it difference? And at Seregi mother - the cashier at bus station. So tomorrow problems with tickets for Talnoye will not be. In the best possible way all we will think. Both we will put you, and we will see off. And then we will already go to a military registration and enlistment office. To be noted that arrived.

- What there military registration and enlistment office tomorrow? Yes you in the first day from the house will not be released. You represent how mother with the father will be delighted? We with Sashk did not send the telegram. And you?.

- Yes we too. But I hope, tomorrow we will be waited by mother`s vareniki. A block calendar - on a wall, every day before eyes. And what from the first vacation - houses know.

- Vareniki, no doubt, it is healthy. But personally I - borsch a plateau. And to it - a fat piece. And about a garlic glove not to forget. Dipped it into a saltcellar, bit off and - for fat. And then - let`s borsch navorachivat!

- Sashka, stop! The whole day in this Moscow on stations let out and though on teeth to bite what it did not turn out. And here you with the borsch. In a stomach even zaburchat. You hear? By the way, we, men therefore came. Perhaps in small restaurant? Let`s eat. At the same time we will also note. The end of a course, the beginning of vacation, we go, at last … Tomorrow we will be at home. Occasions - that how many that to note each of them! And?.

- And what? Efficient offer. We here, however, with Bone wanted on little girls. Saw, at the beginning of the car of the whole three compartments of students?

- Namesake … Do not make laugh me. Where little girls from this submarine will get to? To Cherkass … Or to Are courageous? Everything, is solved, leave with us! To Are courageous time still … Car! Your little girls will be in time. And now went. Let`s have a bite. Well, we will also shudder a little. For valorous cadets of all military colleges of the Union.

- Zametano. Let`s go.


At the exit from the car them was unexpectedly stopped by the conductor who looked out on voices of an office compartment:

- Where gathered, soldiers? Whether in restaurant?

- Yes sir, gold you are ours. To serve you in investigation!

- Yes I and without investigation know you as peeled. Every time - same. Will get drunk as pigs, then tidy up their vomit in the platform or a toilet.

But any more nobody and nothing could spoil to all of them moods:

- All right. Be not boiled in vain. Everything will be normal. Well, and if that, we will tidy up.

- Aha. Et you speak now -. And what you will come from restaurant? I will look at you, lukewarm. So remember, still sober. There is a rag. Bucket, it. A mop in a toilet. Remember, remember. Mark my words - they still will be useful to you. I will not clean after you!


On the neighboring third shelf, minutes forty the Krasnoyarsk citizen whom came across even in the evening in one of platforms snuffled, making the way in a dining-car:

- Oh, one more operator! From where, zyoma? From what school?

- From Krasnoyarsk.

- Krasnoyarsk?. So same - Siberia! From there - to go and go. And you already here. At you what, vacation begins earlier? Adjusted for distances?

- No. At us, as at all. Since August first. Today first day. Simply, to Moscow - Aeroflot. Well, and there already - by military cash desks directly on the platform.

- And travel documents?

- Yes I have an aunt on a piece of iron. And houses, in the refrigerator … In - from such a piece of fat. Slightly smoked. With streaks. Everything sho will be necessary to a nachfin.

- And what then such sad? First day of vacation! We here, you understand, this business was decided to be noted. Give with us! Give, give what you menzhutsya? Our right cause, the enemy it will be broken. Let`s go.

Much later, after restaurant when the vulnerable soul of the Krasnoyarsk citizen entered an unsoluble contradiction with his transitory body, it was necessary - to look for all a mop and a bucket with a rag. But at first - together to load temporarily immobilized body on the third shelf. And already then, to take a bucket and a mop in hand.

While pottered with cleaning, men found common efforts - a guitar. Now their voices and not really skillful accompaniment were heard by it from some compartment at the very beginning of the car. From time to time this dissonant, but diligent and pro-sensual trio was muffled by loud explosions of maiden laughter. To them it was good. And the group hardly noticed loss of the fighter.

So it was possible to get up on the third shelf, neighboring to the Krasnoyarsk citizen, and to follow his example.

In the head the drunk vodka softly rustled, and thoughts in stubborn arbitrariness dispersed in different directions, and they did not manage to be brought together in one heap in any way. Eyes were closed, and is not important any more that under the head, except accurately folded paradka single-breasted coat, nothing was.

The car softly rocked here and there and, conducted by the locomotive, ran somewhere forward through the fields sleeping a light sleep, meadows and coppices. There, where new stretched the streets, so far the unfamiliar cities and villages, and lived people with whom if carries, sooner or later, but it was possible to meet still.

Somewhere there, ahead, lay and the whole life looked forward to them. Also it was for some reason believed that it it will be obligatory happy. At all at them …