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How cadets left Moscow? The platform

on August 1 - the first day of vacation in all military colleges of the Union. And the economic part buys tickets only through Moscow. Therefore on August 1 in First-throned - all cadets of the country. From Minsk to Vladivostok. And from Tashkent to Sverdlovsk. You represent how many it?! And if to concentrate all this weight at military cash desks of capital stations and the airports... That as to it to be chosen from First-throned?

The platform on which cadets, transit through the rooms of the station which are densely filled with people, jumped out of the subway where hastily said goodbye to Mishka met them by standard turmoil, noise and din...

- Keep - and - is! - by, lifting from asphalt dirty, fragmentary wrappers from - under frozen and still some, difficult defined origin small garbage, a whirlwind the porter with the cart on which the mountain piled up the suitcases of the most different flowers and the sizes drawn by a wide tarpaulin belt flew.

- For what I do not love Moscow, and so for it. Constantly all rush like mad, shout, are pushed. Or it only at stations? And, Kostyan?

“Citizens passengers. Landing to the fast train Moscow - Kirovohrad continues. The structure is given“ … to

- Kos, you what? Already two cars passed, and you also did not approach conductors. We what, perhaps, on the platform came for walk? And we will reach the tail? When you ask - will take us, is not present?

- Do not drive, did not harness. In the train head a bestolka to ask. One we such clever, perhaps? To them, be sure, already asked. And happy “hares“ now - in the car. Only nobody will tell you about it. Or what - you will try? You will ask?

- Not, give better you.

* * *

- Hi, beauty.

- Hi, if you do not joke.

- Home?

- And that where?

- And us with yourself you will take?

- Yes on what you to me? At my place the is.

- More interesting us?

- And that!

- More young?

- Well, boys, you give! Young children - that to me on what?

- Here, correctly you think. To use from those young children? And we … Yes you look what friends at me are gallant guys. And I if me to lean against a wall, too on something will fit … with

- Interestingly only on what? No, guys, truth … Boys you are good. Yes there are only a lot of you. Where to me it is so much? To me one three and not to cope with you.

* * *

- No, men, so business will not go. However, there are a lot of us. It is necessary to be divided. Give, Vitek, go forward. Try the luck. Perhaps who will take one - that?. One - not three. And even not two. Everything is somehow easier. And we from Sledge will smoke on - fast and too we will set. After you. Give, Vitek. Good luck!

- So far, children …

* * *

- do not long, the beauty. We will find another!

- Tyu, another. At me wons - already is. Yes not one, - and the conductor waved a hand on two boys standing slightly away from it in a cadet form, with emblems of troops of communication in buttonholes. - Too ask. You, boys, are defined: who with me remains, and who further along structure will go. Two I still will take. But four … Where I will put you? And if auditors?

- Hi, operators. From where?

- Hi. From Ryazan. And you?

- From Cherepovets. And what, in Ryazan the school of communication is? I thought, one troopers there.

- In Ryazan it is better, than in Greece. We have everything. And school of communication, and landing troops.

- And how you with troopers?

- Differently. When they us. When we are them. But civil - together we drive. Here somehow local taksyora hooked on one of ours. So both schools - a belt on a hand, through a fence and on the street. Evening stood all city on ears. At us from a course then two were deducted. Went to troops to serve. It is a pity for boys. But noise big was, to the god to someone broke. It is visible in any way, the administration could not drop business.

- Yes, it is a pity for guys. Perhaps then will be restored?

- Hardly. I speak - to noise there was much.

- All right, conversation by conversation, and the train - that is will not wait. What will we do? How to decide - to remain to whom and who will set further?

- Perhaps we will throw - heads or tails? The coin is?

- No, we will not rely on a case. In total in our hands. Also depends only on us. But not from some foolish coin.

- And what you offer?

- Give, “a stone - scissors - paper“. You know, probably? “Stone“ beats “scissors“, “scissors“ cut “paper“, and “paper“ catches “stone“.

- Yes we know, we know. Who from you will “throw“? You?

- No, Kostyan. It at us the lucky. Always in all gamblings wins. And that the strangest, also in love is lucky it!

- So can then you should not “throw“? You remain, and we - went to try the luck further?

- Not, I, of course, for sure am as a result sure, but for purity of experiment … It is ready, Kostya? And from you who “throws“? You? It is ready? Time, two … Rub! Well what I told? Our “scissors“ cut your “paper“. Be, residents of Ryazan. Good luck to you.

- And to you - not to be sick. Be, boys.

* * *

Softly pulled structure, and the platform with remaining on is mute seeing off began to be rolled away slowly back. On the very brink of a platform among the unfamiliar persons floating by a carriage window suddenly for several moments flashed and the familiar figure in a cadet form almost at once disappeared. Dejectedly lowered shoulders, hands, one of which holds the peak-cap removed from the head, and already become familiar for the whole day, and therefore a recognizable small small suitcase, alone, but truly standing on dusty concrete at the legs of his owner. No, it was impossible to be mistaken:

- Sanyok, look - Vitka!

- Where?.

- Yes, watch …

- Precisely … It! There is a blockhead! To pass all structure and not to agree with one conductor! Well, miracle … Hour through three after us, at night, passenger on Nikolaev will go. Perhaps though will be able to sit down on it?.

First tapping about carriage joints important and slowly wheel couples somehow imperceptibly passed to an illegible tongue twister. The train gathered the course. Behind a window the wrong side of Moscow - some gloomy warehouses, fences with traditional holes in them, dirty, not well-groomed waste grounds …

- Kos started gleaming … Kostyan! Well that you as boiled?

- Yes I to Moscow did not sleep all last night. Now the conductor will collect tickets, the people will receive linen, will sit down for a dinner, and it will be possible to be filled up quietly on the third shelf. And a pospa - to at … A watch so “… to dtsat“. San … If you only know how I want to execute Hrapovetsky`s aria now. At the top of the voice!

- And who slept?! What Hrapovetsky? Too to me, the opera singer was found out. Here listen. I already reconnoitered. In the first three compartments of the little girl from the Cherkassk ped. From practice come back. Now the people a trifle will calm down, will stuff the suitcases under regiments and on corners, that`s when we will come to them. Saw, there and simpatichnenky is. One already smiled to me. Eh, a guitar where to get! And to sing couple of songs … Prochuvstvenno to sing. That touched deeply!

- And “took“ - it is as? And it is obligatory for soul? And that can for what more concrete to the touch? And?

- “As - as“ … I will start singing - you will hear. You will understand. Perhaps you still “thanks“ will tell me that I acquainted you with future wife.

- Oh, San … Do not make laugh. Wife! Not, you as want, and to little girls … With a guitar, without it, but to them - without me. I - a pass. Honestly, Sanyok, I want to sleep, in buckets. Eyes are closed.

- Here, hold boxes. Got a match, broke it in half and inserted into eyes. That were not closed. What dream?! Here little girls under the side, and it - in bushes. Any bushes. I what, one has to lay down a young breast on an embrasure? Kostyan, that for affairs? Generally, order usual. I go in the column head, you - cover flanks and support me by fire with the back. The disposition is clear? The task is clear?.

Be continued.