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How cadets left Moscow? Military cash desks of

on August 1 - the first day of vacation in all military colleges of the Union. And the economic part buys tickets only through Moscow. Therefore on August 1 in First-throned - all cadets of the country. From Minsk to Vladivostok. And from Tashkent to Sverdlovsk. You represent how many it?!

And if to concentrate all this cadet weight at military cash desks of capital stations and the airports... How? How to it to be chosen from First-throned? In which, of course, both Tretyakov gallery, and the Bolshoi Theatre, but a home... It - that... Evon where!

- Op - pank … Arrived!

Dense monophonic cadet weight in several rows a semicircle faced the swing doors of the hall of military cash desks opened wide open. Behind them as far as there were enough eyes, stiffened - from narrowness not to stir - the sea of the heads, in identical peak-caps of khaki. And if to doors it was still possible which - where to make out cadet shoulder straps on shoulders, then behind them - only peak-caps. Peak-caps, peak-caps, peak-caps … As the big kolkhoz field which instead of sunflower is densely sowed by amicably ascended furazhkovy shoots.

- ¨ - mine! From where there is so much?

- And you what wanted?! August 1. The first day of vacation in all military colleges of the Union. And the economic part buys tickets only through Moscow. I wanted through St. Petersburg. Where there. All school - to Moscow. Therefore today here - all cadets of the country. From Minsk to Vladivostok. And from Tashkent to Sverdlovsk.

- It is direct so all?

- Well, almost all. Only who has a repeating an examination, here those from school were not released. One will - loaf odineshenk on barracks until they pay off with tails. But such three - four … Five. At most, six - seven people on a company. So you can quietly consider that today at the Moscow military cash desks - both Aeroflot, and railway - all cadets of the Union.

- And?! What to do - that we will be? You look, Sanek. Here - a monolith! The monolith is cadet. Even through a row - another not to protolkatsya. And to reach a cash window … And turns here … Any is not present!

- What turn, Kostyan? In turn here till tomorrow`s morning we will stand.

- So can, and we will not bother with tickets?. Went, we will look at the schedule. As the structure will be given to a platform, we will pass along it. We will not agree with the first conductor, the second will take. Not the second, third - we will sweet-talk the fourth. And that can what construction crew crew in conductors will stand. Zakadrim of young people studentochek. Let`s leave! I speak to you, and without tickets we will leave!

- Not - e - e, Kostyan, without tickets - in any way. Since vacation we will return, it will be necessary to hand over, report travel documents in financial part.

- Yes - and - and … Ambush. And what you offer? How we will get out?

- I do not know. I do not know yet. Let think it is sensitive.

* * *

- the Bear, will be enough to smoke. Well - pod here. Men, you look. You see doors to the cash hall? They are open … for

- And that? You try approach them. To them the stamped cadet crowd of ranks in ten, is not less.

- Do not interrupt, Kostyan! Here listen. We will also not approach. You see what doors high? From the heads to a door jamb nearly a half more of human growth. Decent hole. A bear at us the smallest. I take it for the right forearm, you - for left. Vitek holds legs. We shake Mishka properly. But - it is short, and force we will lose that, we will exhaust. We shake also on my team - “time, two“, on “three“ - we throw it from all remained urine so that it flew by over the heads in a doorway. And you, Mikh, still will not manage to land - run! As you will be able. Though on all fours! Promptly touch claws. Directly on shoulders, on the heads. On what the leg will rise, the hand will lean - on that and run. So far the people will think until it pulls the socks up to part, will manage to run several rows. Will part - you will fall “tell-tale“, on legs, in the middle of crowd, and back by already any forces not to push out you. And cash desks - here they. Almost nearby.

Hold the travel document. Kostyan, the gave? And you, Vitek?. Well that?! Time - two, took!

* * *

All dressed in rags, with a big damp spot on a back, the hair which stuck together from sweat and the peak-cap which got off somewhere on one side Mishka got out of the cash hall by the end of the third hour:

- Faugh - at - at … Thought, buttons with meat will pull out. How, all on the place?

- Yes it seems. Everything, all your buttons on the place! A bear, do not weary. What with tickets?

- Here! Here they, dear. However, all four to Kiev. And only for tomorrow. On morning passenger. More nothing was. In general anything!

- All right, the main thing, for the report of a piece of paper is. And so we already looked at the schedule. Our, Kirovohrad, only in the evening. And you already in half an hour can try to be put to Kiev by that option that Kostyan offers.

- Not, men. At me here, in Moscow, the uncle. So I will better go to it, I will visit. I will spend the night at relatives, and and I will set the morning train to Kiev.

- Well, look, Mishka. As you wish. In total at you - not as at people. All have, at least, an elder in a kitchen garden. And already plus to it - the uncle in Kiev. And you both have no elder, and the uncle - horse-radish knows him where. In Moscow!

- So if tickets bought, maybe, though now - they are we will eat?

- Well, yokarny woman! Who about what, and Kostyan - it is exclusive about a zhrachka. Though the truth, it would be advisable to have a bite. Speak, you were here, know everything. Conduct, Susanin!

- No, on Kiev, boys, there is nothing to catch. On Paveletsky - another matter. Two steps from the station - that is an aky cafe! And it is inexpensive, and a garnish impose - here such mountain! Or you want vareniki? So on Krasnopresnenskaya, obliquely from an entrance to a zoo, there is a specialized dining room. And is called “Vareniki“. Perhaps there?

- No, vareniki - tomorrow. Mamin. And today let`s not to come off far stations. Bear … And you what you cost how nonnative? Give, with us. You will be in time to the uncle. Perhaps it at work. You will hungry cuckoo under the closed doors. Let`s be glad with all the heart to a civil havchik and we will scatter till September in different directions. We - to the station. And you - to the uncle. Give, give, - went. What you are trampled down?. Touch claws. Life is adjusted! A course - to the subway. Where here this treasured small letter of “M“?.

Be continued.