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Whether divorce is necessary if change is found?

now, probably, to surprise nobody with the Adultery. There was even such judgment that, say, good “ultraleftist“ strengthens marriage. Whether so it actually - I do not undertake to judge. But here the fact that the number of divorces increases every year - the fact.

Of course, reasons here different. But, according to workers of the REGISTRY OFFICE, the most common cause - an adultery. Under emotions sharp steps are taken, what hardly developed for years is torn.

It agrees that treachery - the phenomenon worthy condemnations. And each person has here the opinion which can not coincide with opinion of the workers of the REGISTRY OFFICE giving time for reconciliation of the parties. What there reconciliation if the fact of change is proved and the “offended“ party the final decision is made? However, at the same time not absolutely clear happens why it is insisted on marriage preservation? Continuation of showdowns further with daily hassle is necessary? The ugly behavior is realized and there is a wish “to improve“?

However happens and so that the petition for divorce is submitted by the party which organized to itself additional love joys. And again not to understand: who to whom and what wants to prove? At first sight, the party which filed for divorce in a prize. If, certainly, the initiator of divorce - the man. It found what is probably not present in a family in other woman, for this reason decided to begin all over again. But why then the man, later some time, comes back to the ex-wife and asks him to forgive?

It is even more difficult to understand a situation when the initiator of divorce - the woman, and all her arguments are based only that the husband bothered. Notice, there are no negative motives to the husband - just bothered. And here other man met. Feelings were updated. But later some time the woman begins to be sorry about divorce and at any opportunity lets know to the ex-husband about it. And at that already too new marriage. As they say, “revenged“.

I do not argue, change to change - discord. It is impossible to call a little flirtation change. Even if it proceeds for years. But here with transition to the bed relations - here, certainly, already change. If it happened once and incidentally (for example, in the resort), then it is better to forget and to sharply tear off such relations. Big nonsense, having come back home, to call that with whom were familiar without year week. Why to you this fire of feelings at distance? It all the same will go out if not to enclose in it “firewood“. And where the guarantee that the person there, it is far from you, wants continuation of the relations though you and have number of its phone? And into what unpredictable consequences you “will run“ at home if your half guesses a holiday romance, and even will incidentally hear your “loveful“ conversation?

There are also such situations when mutual change of spouses is found. Here already there is no making head of it, who is right and who is guilty. Perhaps, here the most difficult case. Also reaches incidents when the typical triangle turns into absolutely other figure where corners change, as in a kaleidoscope. From outside - a normal family. From what rage when He or she write applications in the REGISTRY OFFICE for divorce, and then take away them and later some time write again? Why to make laugh people? Whether it is simpler to sit down against each other and to accurately discuss the relations?

But is not present, it is not necessary to them! They over and over again will defiantly change, row on this soil to incredible emotions (involving in these scandals of relatives, friends and acquaintances), then “to scribble“ the next petition for divorce and through unlimited time to take away it back. In any REGISTRY OFFICE perfectly know such couples and try not to adopt from them petitions for divorce though it is necessary to accept, eventually, - the Law obliges it to make.

I think, each married couple at mutual change (which is proved) has to sit down at first at a negotiating table and reach compromise. And only if it is not reached in no way, then to write the petition for divorce which, most likely, will not take place. Such couple simply needs adrenaline. Statements in the REGISTRY OFFICE they also create it to themselves, frightening each other by a gap.

Though, in my opinion, here at all there is no logic with such statements. Whether it is necessary to write them? Most likely, it is not necessary. Marriage - that at them just keeps only on mutual changes. And what will give them a stamp about divorce in the passport? Change if you so want! But do not involve in “hobby“ of others, demanding from them sympathy or testimony.