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“The children`s writer of our time“.

V to the present article I talk about whether there has to be children`s literature presently, its pluses and minuses.

The desire of the author when he lived, to give up into a moneybox of our children`s literature at least one work is very laudable. The word of honor, seems to me that now very much there are not enough children`s poets and writers who the creations would sow grains of good and love in souls of the younger generation, brought up in it a sense of responsibility etc. But, however, reading works of other authors, you will involuntarily reflect - and whether it is worth giving them to read to the children?.

Here, for example, recently in 68 - m release of the collection “Paradoxes of Creativity“, in a rublika “A children`s island“ I read verses of the poetess Olga Alyonkina from which, to tell on conscience, felt a little shock. I will give and will try to comment only on couple of examples from read:

Behind a door.

strong in a hole

Sat a mouse on a tabura,

I At a door, drinking tea with Varya,

Hot ate to a chebura. you Know

, the first question which this poetess wants to set, - as its affairs with Russian? Judging by above to the provided text, seemingly, affairs these very deplorable. Also the fact that the author did not feel ashamed is more deplorable to be printed in the collection and the fact that this language ugliness intended for children who only should learn Russian. And how they will learn it? On these verses? And the second question - where the editor when he read this rubbish had eyes? However, perhaps, it is necessary to ask not only about eyes, but also about the head in general. Or what to type the collection, it is possible not to disdain any more and illiterate texts?.

Well, we will return to the author! There is one more its creation:

Council to the kid. Better a finger do not gnaw


It was soiled in dirt!

I now on the

handle Little spitfires.

Will get into a mouth -

Will ache a tummy.

my Mummy! Yes after such pugalka the cub not only a finger, and in general in a mouth will not put something - I will seem to it these spitfires everywhere. Really companion author did not think that children have very rough imagination and all of them imagine so brightly and vividly that then sometimes long you disentangle it?

God forbid, I would read these verses to my small plemyashka - or to me the head was screwed together, or it to me was not brought any more. Summing up the result, wanted to tell and - Alyonkina, and her to similar authors: if you undertake to write, in - the first, write competently that it was not a shame to parents to read your verses to the children; and, in - the second, do not frighten children by the creativity! And so in life of horror stories will be enough for them with interest. And the task of the children`s poet and children`s writer - to make the child`s life though is a little happier!.