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Eva Peron. Who is she - this famous woman?

Eva Peron, having died more than 60 years ago when she was only 33 years old, remains the very best darling and the esteemed woman in Argentina. Every day on a crypt where it is an upokoyena, fresh flowers appear. That day when we visited there, did not become an exception.

“Without fanaticism you will achieve nothing …“ (Eva Peron)

On a wall of the high building, on the widest street of the world - the Avenue on July 9, the stylized female portrait is placed.

- Who is it? - I asked our guide Maxim.

- Evita, - the answer followed, and everything was told these.

Tells one fact about its popularity. At a grave of this great woman on the well-known cemetery Rekoleto the bouquet of fresh flowers lies every day and people crowd, and she died more than 60 years ago - on July 26, 1952. Also only 33 years were it then.

Whom it was necessary to be also what it was necessary to make that many generations of Argentineans not just remembered her name, and idolized her and even asked to canonize?

The best-known woman of Argentina, the woman - a riddle which was called “the spiritual conductress of the nation“, “the plenipotentiary representative of workers“, “the standard-bearer of the disadvantaged“ and other similar grandiloquent names during lifetime Maria Eva Duarte, was born on May 7, 1919 in Los Toldos, a poor small village in couple of hundreds of kilometers from the capital of the country. The fifth younger illegitimate child of the small land owner Juan Duarte and his servant Juana Ibarguren was the vigorous and clever girl dreaming to become the famous actress.

After death of the father in a road accident in 1926 family life sharply worsened. The lawful spouse raised a claim for inheritance, and Huang with children lost a roof over the head. Despite everything, mother managed to marry favourably three oldest daughters, and to define the son on military service in Buenos - to Ayresa.

Eva graduated from elementary school and, without having begun to bother with further study, in 14 years ran away from - under parental guardianship to Buenos - Ayres. Through short time she became the leading actress on one of popular radio channels.

For achievement of a goal it does not shun nothing. It is necessary to go to bed with the necessary person - always please, to popozirovat for the pornographic edition - yes for God`s sake! Only that though on a short step to approach a goal - to rush into elite of society.

The whole chain of man`s names in its track record. It were both singers, and actors, and publishers, and photographers, but only those who could provide it though something, necessary for further advance. One of her lovers - the theater director, gave her the leading role in a performance, another - the owner of soap factory, provided it with the best cosmetics. The tall beautiful woman with big eyes and a fair hair, Eva had the rare gift to dement any man, than impudently used.

In 1944 there is a significant meeting. Eva meets the widowed colonel Juan Peron, one of heads of a military coup heading the secretariat of work created by it in the government and moves to his house. Acquaintance to Peron abruptly changed life of the young actress. At its insistance the new political radio channel “Towards to the better future“ where Eva as the announcer propagandized activity of the secretariat of work and its head was created. The new labor union - employees of radio is soon created, and Eva becomes its chairman.

Became Peron the Minister of Defence and vice-the president, his political program contained ideas of justice that very much imposed working class, its popularity among workers grew at inconceivable rates that disturbed a ruling clique. At the beginning of October, 1945 the authorities arrested Peron. In reply thousands of workers gathered on Mayskaya Square Buenos - Ayresa with the requirement “to return the colonel“. This day - - became on October 17, 1945 history of the country as day of “Peron`s release by the people“. On October 22 Juan Peron and Eva Duarte got married.

Of Peron won elections of 1946 with huge advantage and became 29 - m the president of the country. Eva achieved the objectives. Having become the first lady, it rushed into elite of the Argentina society.

The people considered her as the defender of the poor and tenderly named Evita, that is little Eva. And it really justified national trust.

Having created own fund of social security, Evita gave to poor people everything that could: housing and food, education and clothes. And it could much. Only during the period from 1948 to 1952 at the expense of fund 30 hospitals equipped state-of-the-art, 20 kindergartens and boarding schools were constructed, elementary schools and shelters for old men and the homeless, temporary housing for workers were under construction. It was paid to the help to children especially much attention: school tourism and excursions, summer holiday, New Year`s gifts was financed, textbooks, and to children - orphans - clothes and footwear, sweets and necessary objects of use free of charge were issued. Some figures speak for themselves: in sports sections 500 thousand children were engaged, and on Christmas holidays it was distributed to 4 million gifts.

In the social program of family Peronov was point on providing electoral rights to women which irritated opposition. This law, though with difficulties, was adopted.

Won Peron with triumph also elections of 1951. To Evita suggested to hold a post vice-a premiere, but she refused, than only increased the popularity.

In 1952 Eva Peron died from cancer a uterus. She was only 33 years old. Evita`s funeral shook imagination. In the country it was declared 30 - dnevny mourning, for three days work of all enterprises was stopped. 13 days the infinite line to its coffin was extended on hundreds of meters. The decision Evita`s body was made to embalm and place in the magnificent mausoleum.

However the destiny solved in own way. There was the next military coup, by Peron was overthrown and forcedly went to emigration to Madrid. The new power, fighting against the peronizm remains, forbade any mentions of the former president, and in November, 1956 Evita`s body was gone and its tracks were lost. Only in September, 1971 Eva Peron`s body was transferred her to the husband. It turned out that it was taken secretly out to Milan and it is buried under an assumed name.

In 1973 Peron it was again elected the head of Argentina, this time he became 41 - m the president. Present what was created in the country if in 18 years in it 12 presidents were replaced.

In November, 1974 Evita`s remains returned home, Peron was not alive any more, and they were placed near the husband in the presidential residence. But in 1976 occurs new putsch and spouses divide, sending everyone to the family crypt: Huang - on Chakarit`s cemetery, and Evita - on Rekoleta in a crypt of a family of Duarte.