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Travel to Argentina. What is eaten by Argentineans?

V say to Argentina that here to be dangerous by a cow, will not allow to live up to an old age, will eat. And actually the country is included into the three of leaders in consumption of beef, here and various dishes prepared from meat in Argentina invented so many that it is even difficult to us to imagine. But also vegetables in any kind they consume loads. And portions on a table there such are put what to overcome them to the ordinary person with some difficulty.

The kitchen of any people has the specific features, also Argentina does not lag behind. At the same time for the Argentina cuisine, also as well as for those countries, the population which in most part consists of descendants of emigrants of different nationalities eclecticism in cookery is characteristic. Here also motley mix of the national tradition which arose within several centuries and numerous foreign compoundings delivered here by the European immigrants was on light.

The Argentina cuisine has clear European influence. Vegetables in Argentina consume loads, both in original state, and in cutting, and also in the form of a garnish to meat dishes, or in the form of hot and cold dishes with vegetables as the main component. It is much consumed vegetable salads, but unlike us, it is most often complex mix from the vegetables flavored with vegetable oil, with a heap of the seeming at first sight incompatible additives in the form of meat, sausage, fish, seafood, eggs and all that can only come to the cook to mind.

But the main foodstuff in Argentina meat, mainly beef on which consumption (53,5 kg a year per capita) the country takes the second place in the world is, conceding to Uruguay a little (61 kg a year) and considerably surpassing Brazil (38 kg a year). Other countries hopelessly lagged behind leaders in this indicator. All this is quite obvious as best conditions for cultivation of cows it is difficult to find.

In Argentina say that here to be dangerous by a cow, will not allow to live up to an old age, will eat. And time of meat is eaten much, and dishes from it the incalculable quantity is thought up. Such abundance of the meat dishes prepared on coals, could not even come in dream to Europeans. And names at these dishes such sonorous and tasty that at once brutal appetite wakes up. This and parilyad meat, and fried meat, fried on a lattice, from ridge of ink - a shooting gallery asado, both wafer-thin chopped milaneza, and a loin , and meat with yugoso blood, and portion beef a bifa of scrap, and to a bifa choriso, and a bifa kostilya and all also you will not list.

Besides it is necessary to mention that in Argentina in the finest way consume also chopped meat in the form of, for example, asado sausage, or meat roll with vegetables and matambre egg, or wonderful empanadas pies.

Love there and lokro pork, stewed with corn, and chickens, stewed in beer, well there is even nothing to mention various shish kebabs, pancakes and other similar products. Also all exotic, such as fried bull tails, meat to Nantes or lamas, the stewed battleship, fried visach meat, the local rodent similar to a chinchilla, and a lot of things still is much consumed.

Confused us a little that, it seems, of fish and various seafood is full around, and small restaurants where they are served, still it is necessary to look though by hearsay both train them, and eat too much.

But all churraskariya or , that is the institutions specializing in preparation of meat in a grill, here loads and loads.

Here in one their such small restaurants when began to seem to us that the stomach already forever stuck to a backbone, and Maxim, our guide in Argentina brought us.

- I will help you to decide on the choice now and for about forty minutes I will leave. Urgent affairs collected, - almost a tongue twister he said, watching as we settle behind one of enough big tables. Having found out what extent of pro-frying of meat we prefer, it peremolvitsya shortly with the waiter and disappeared.

Almost instantly on a table there were flat dishes of the decent size filled with the cut tomatoes with the cucumbers and rings of onions flavored with sunflower oil, a pletenka with chunks of white loaf and tall glasses with the juice ordered by us.

About an entrance door the dark-complexioned man in a white dressing gown and a cook cap on the head conjured with a lattice. Despite a powerful extract, on the small room the dementing smells were carried. It was necessary to wait absolutely not for long, I only also was in time what to look round around. Six little tables, only two of which were busy and the brazier glazed in the top part, all this that was in this small cafe.

When the waiter bore our order, for the next little table the young couple sat down. I involuntarily translated a view of them, such they were cheerful and easy, and only then looked at a table. Before me on a huge plate still the sizzling huge piece of meat lay. I understood that I will not be able to master it under no circumstances though over it I will spend the whole day. Mine to the spouse and the daughter got pieces of meat less, but all the same impressive size.

So far I deliberated since what end to start this semi-kilogram monster which appearance frightened by the size and a smell caused plentiful salivation, the next little table was already filled with mixed plates with stuff - salads of several types, some garnishes, thin cutting of air-dried meat and something else that I from the place could not make out. Continuously talking, neighbors literally swept away from a table the most part being there, having released part it for new dishes.

And here when brought to them kilogram, it is not less in any way, chunks of beef ham, I even involuntarily stood up to estimate its sizes. It was something! And that you think, we is still lazy were picked with the already cooled down portions, and neighbors already escaped, having washed down a food with a water decanter.

We were not enough for a dessert. The menu submitted the waiter was such volume that only studying occupied it us a lot of time. A variety of fruit is obvious, and a lot of things grow in Argentina and from the continent North tropical miracles of the nature arrive much. But now you will not surprise us with it, we even did not begin to linger on it. Fast we thumbed through and pages with the same fruit, but already in the candied look, the various fried nutlets which both are added some salt, and sugared, ice cream of infinite grades ( it is called) both other familiar and not really culinary delicacy.

Wanted to deal with pastries, and that just in case, not one time we should eat in Argentina. What only cakes and other dough products were not in this menu, and pies with the diverse stuffing among which also primordially seemingly French croissants were not lost naturally were at the first place.

But to understand, than the Argentina cuisine still can surprise, it was not necessary to us as Maxim returned and the pipe called us to the road again.