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What drink is pleasant to dogs?

you know what is pleasant to be drunk to dogs? You will not believe: beer! Seriously. Till April 1 still far. But beer special - dog. It is cooked with addition of vitamins and a smell of meat. One more nuance - it absolutely nonalcoholic.

Already it is difficult to define precisely who and when thought up dog beer. The most spread information (on the frequency of reprints) in this respect says to us that allegedly Dutch Terry Berenden (Terrie Berenden) owning small little shop of pet goods was an initiator of special drink for dogs. He paid attention that his dog of Cody often licks necks of empty beer bottles under a table. So there was an idea to earn from specially welded pivasik for knowing language gav - gav.

Now in Holland beer for dogs of “Kwispelbier“ is cooked in a large number. It differs from usual not only components, but also the price: costs an average in two - three times more expensive, than beer for people. Structure: extract with a meat smell, cinnamon, honey, ginger and so-called barley “pellet“ - the rest from usual production of beer. But in dog beer there is no yeast.

Interesting the fact that several countries apply for superiority of the invention of beer for shaggy house animals at once. Among them at the moment: USA, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Australia, Japan. Dispute arose from - for the fact that in these countries beer for dogs appeared practically at the same time.

In America especially popularly dog beer “Happy Tail Ale“ (in translation - “A happy tail“). Make it in the Dog Star Brewing company in Northern California. In Germany on annually spent beer holiday advertizing quite accurately is divided into that that it is intended for people, and that that only for four-footed fans of beer. Of course, doggies are not able to read. But they are given for a holiday in a large number and surely treated with specially welded beer. Special chic the uniform sold by a set to beer for dogs - a hat with a feather and hunting boots is considered. Well and, certainly, a beer mug on a chain. The set without it will be not absolutely full.

In Australia beer for dogs was put on “stream“ by Elisa Schumacher. It has two large dogs - Louis and Vyuitton. Madam Schumacher is the owner of pet-shop. And, as well as her Dutch colleague, noticed too that dogs willingly lick necks of beer bottles, and suggested local brewers to expand the range with new drink. So there was the Australian beer “Dog Beer“. The cost of one bottle - five US dollars that nearly 300 Russian rubles at a current rate are equal. Agree, quite expensively somehow. But what you will not offer for the dear fluffy friend?

Beer - one of the most ancient drinks. It was drunk still B.C. And somehow the fact that Friends and Sharikov deprived of this drink was not absolutely fair. Now the situation was corrected already in several countries. Moreover, especially for dogs in the USA began to let out ice cream.

As they say, not to stop progress. Russia, alas, with it behind the planet only. Though on counters it is full of the most different beer for us, and here dog - zero.

It is possible to poyornichat over “madness“ of the West. In total - beer for dogs - whim some kind of. But why we then indifferently perceive canned food for cats? There was a period when twisted a finger at a temple, remembering not so old grocery coupons! However, times change. And than dogs it is worse than cats?