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Army baizes. What to do if in inside of the tram suddenly sharply begins to smell hlorpikriny?

It is impossible … It is impossible to reject here so, straight off, chemistry, per se. In it a lot of things important and very useful. And that to understand it, it is not necessary to think some, let and the pleasant, but distracted and not concerning us directly categories. Like “communism is the Soviet power plus electrification and chemicalixation of all country“. Well, it did not manage to us to check this postulate in practice. And what? To be shot and not to live?.

I do not know who and as, personally I chemistry - respect. And here I do not love chemists. But I sympathize with them. Defective they people. And useless.

Well, here where chemist in army? Only if the person on duty by part. Eternal person on duty. Or, for a change, on a virgin soil. Type, as in holiday. And will return from there, had a rest and freshened up, so again - where it? There is no place! Only if on duty …

Perhaps feeling the potential lameness, chemists so in school behave with brutality? Here where - where, and there they are Gods! Inhabitants of heaven …

Nervously - paralytic toxic agents. All-poisonous, kozhno - vesicant, suffocating … Sarin, GD, chlorcyanogen, difenilkhlor … Fie! Here try, learn these names! Dibenzolksa … All right, names. They still - and at everyone - have a formula! And it should be known.

Plus characteristic signs of defeat, dangerous concentration, ways of protection. Try, learn all this … To Erundistik! Learn and answer. Also do not mix anything!

Give everything - God of health to that person who thought up spurs. Without them … No, not to hand over these devil`s toxic agents. “Himdy“ damned.

And at it, besides the theory, also practice is!

* * * at us, as a rule, passed

of the Practician across Himdym on the special ground located on city suburbs.

And what you wanted? Not to lead her to school? All right, cadets. They - that, on strong belief of chemists to sleep, eat and with firmness to endure all hardships and deprivations of military service … In total! Everything has to be done only in gas masks. But except cadets in school as in any, it is not enough - malsk decent Noah`s Ark, and the administration the miscellaneous is found. And it already managed to forget partially rather when it last time saw the means of individual protection. And where put this gas mask … It, it is sure, even the aide-de-camp does not remember!

And here suddenly, directly in the middle of school - team “Gaza!“. Yes we and a cartridge pouch protivogazny did not manage to undo as the chemist right there … Just instantly from educational audience moved to kitchen. And in proud loneliness would peel potatoes on all school. Till the evening. And even longer. Until his spouse bethinks absence razlyubezny and to the central check point did not come running with heart-rending non-statutory cries of type: “Vitya … Vee - itya! And sho they here with you isdelat?!“

of “Isdelali“ … Yes anything! He peels potatoes. Same not an occasion to shout at all city, disclosing important military secret? That in the morning she on all Union “Radio of Freedom“ announced?.

Therefore the ground was rather far from school. In an industrial zone on one of city suburbs. There we is quiet, without looking around on the civilian population, and fulfilled skills of reflection of chemical attack of the adversary for greater effect called by the probable opponent.

However, before beginning to fulfill, on the ground it was necessary to get somehow. But with it problems were not. The people should reach work? Here the tram route also went to an industrial zone. And its stop - two steps away from the central check point. So we - together with all civil. Pryg in the tram and - give to drink - went.

As went out of the tram, understood povzvodno, were constructed in a column and potopal on a roadside. With observance of the put security measures. Flag - both in front, and behind on the column course. And already on the way to the ground as soon as we turn off road, so the lock will surely order: “Gases!“ And slightly pogodya will add: “Run!“

All already on the automatic machine. Held the breath. The right hand the protivogazny cartridge pouch undid. Leva snatched out from it a mask. The released right intercepted it for other edge, straightened. Everything, put on. Exhaled. Ran …

Of course, to the ground distance trifling. Not march - a throw when you run, and your own sweat not only in boots, but also under a gas mask squelches. Lungs are broken off, air ask, and the head slows down this process:

- Look, do not breathe on a full breath! Better more small and more often. And you will inhale that together with air squelching behind a mask of liquid … Kozlenochk you will not become. But, as the last moron, and without water you will drown.

After march - it is bright to the ground, in general, trifling matter. But, if there is such opportunity … In couple of tiny motions turned the fixing screw of a hose and disconnected it from the filtering box. But so that it did not fall out of a cartridge pouch. Lyapota … Run - I do not want.

And all. Came running already. Gas masks can be removed. To recover the breath. After that - in chemical tent. On practical occupation. And there all according to already fulfilled scheme.

The chemist gave a glass ampoule with hlorpikriny to the laboratory assistant. That crushed it on the usual, fitted by dense fabric racket which let`s swing here and there. And hlorpikrin, without waiting for special team, began to evaporate. Literally the couple of minutes - and all tent is tightened by a haze of tear gas.

As soon as the laboratory assistant crushed an ampoule, the chemist orders: “Gases! “ And for a stop watch. How, the platoon will keep within the standard?

But the standard is still half-troubles. Here if who was not in time (or could not imperceptibly) twist a hose flange in the filtering box back … Or the gas mask got rejected. Then - yes. Full kabzdets. Instantly a stopper from tent you jump out. Tears, as from a fire engine, in five streams. And the muzzle of the person slightly pogodya swells up. Not - for - couples...

And here is how - that on the next occupation someone from not passed test … took on - silent and attached one of ampoules of “leg“. And on the way back, when at a stop “School“ the tram already opened doors, we also put it accurately on a floor. Directly in pass. - on an exit.

Left and, delaying sweet moments of return to native school for several minutes, amicable crowd of a cigarette got. Lit and look attentively towards the moving-off tram … And it not so passed much. Meters two hundred at most. Then sharply brakes began to grind. Cars rose, and from open doors the people - and - the joint stock company will tumble down amicable crowd … And the motorman - together with them.

* * * About what in the tram occurred we from one of ours learned then

. It on the way back zakemarit. Also overslept a stop. Goes to itself and goes.

As suddenly feels in the sleep - pinches … Pinches eyes through eyelashes! He half asleep also thought that still on occupation. On the automatic machine - exhaled, the right hand undid a cartridge pouch, snatched out a mask, straightened it, pulled out the valve from the filter. Generally, having blocked all standards, three seconds kept within. And already in a mask, without hurrying, the latest of the car left.

On small pieces the crowd standing at the tram did not break off it only because he ran quickly. We, having seen as it promptly spurtut, were developed towards the check point and too quickened the pace. And on the territory of school got without some losses and visible damages.

However, then there was a predicted rating. But the instigator as the administration tried, so to find and it was not possible. Therefore, besides fallen asleep, the chemist was the most injured. Put in it a vygovoreshnik for loss of vigilance and state property.

Naturally, to all of us his reprimand hallooed. Before the examination on classes in Himdym not with honey it was smeared. But we somehow all - handed over a subject. Somewhere pulled the socks up also what is possible, learned. Well, and where it did not turn out to learn … God grant health to that person who thought up spurs!