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The Christian house of diligence “Ache“. Whether the unique social shelter for the homeless in Moscow will survive in the conditions of crisis?

the First Christian house of diligence “Ache“ it was open in 2011. The inspirer and the project manager, Emiliana Sosinskoma, managed to create today eight houses where the homeless can receive not only a roof over the head, but an opportunity to work and begin new life. One of houses became a shelter for old men, disabled people and women with children. This house is now practically on the verge of closing.

diligence Economy

St. John of Kronstadt`s Principles - a guiding reference point for “Nov“, but time introduces the amendments in “economy“ of labor houses. Sent to the famous pastor donations from all Russia, and monks of “Nov“ live in the basic at the expense of own means. About a half of their earnings leaves on the authorized purposes (rent of houses, food, medical care), other half - their lawful salary.

When affairs at “Nov“ went not bad - on buildings there was a subsidiary work for which regularly paid, - “the stabilization fund“ was succeeded even to save some. Heads of houses of diligence together decided how it is better to dispose of this money. By the way, heads of houses are the employees who are not engaged from the outside, and well proved former homeless. Really to operate the house, it is necessary to live in it.

The idea where to spend means, at first sight, was unexpected. It was decided to create the certain “social“ house in which homeless old men, women with children, disabled people will live. To these people not on forces a hard physical activity, but they can cook food, conduct economy, keep order.

The assistant Emiliana and one of “veterans“ of “Nov“, Igor Petrov, considers that the organization of such sotsdom became a real miracle: “You think: people not only get out, begin normal labor life, but also are able to afford to help those, the even worse, absolutely helpless. There is the known prayer: “My God, when to me it is absolutely bad, send me that, the even worse“. So at us also it turned out“.

Children of “Nov“

In houses of diligence a lot of things occur, life boils here.

Liouba, mother of the baby Olenyok, the other day received the offer of a hand and heart from one of inhabitants of a shelter. By the way, for years of existence of “Nov“ sixteen weddings were celebrated.

So, young people Alexey and Natalya, both with difficult destiny, met in “Noye“ and decided not to be separated. It from children`s home, it from Moldova. At their modest wedding which consisted of official part in a small study and 15 - a minute photoshoot there were only five people, including the photographer. Instead of a celebration and champagne there were wise parting words and kind wishes. By the way, now the family independently lives in Sergiyev - the Posad, Alexey works, Natalya brings up the child.

Some inhabitants of the house, undergoing rehabilitation after unbinding, receive new specialty here. So, the head of the social house Alexey suited a small farm: there live rabbits, hens, goats, several pigs. And Maxim who recently came after release comprehended rabbit breeding bases: now he knows how to receive six times more posterity from twenty eight rabbits presented to a shelter.

The elderly engineer - the nuclear scientist Victor masters profession of the accountant, though does not give up hope to return to the basis of a profession.

The director Anatoly, successful in the past, directs small artel on production of wreaths for cemeteries here. In a shelter are glad to any work, and Anatoly with sad self-irony says that his current situation helped it to rethink a lot of things in life.

To rethink, overestimate … Both vital circumstances, and the young priest, the lake Dimitrii who not only invites inhabitants of a social shelter in church nearby help with it, but also weekly leads with them discussions. As inhabitants admit, the father causes trust and interest, he says so sincerely that difficultly not to believe it. Many for the first time get acquainted with the Gospel, with spiritual and church life here, and some even host a baptism.

How to survive to the social house?

to the Social house other, working branches “Noya“ help to exist and develop. Besides, there are people ready to offer means or things. Thanks to their joint efforts the project keeps, disabled people and mothers with children are not left without food and a roof over the head.

Many inhabitants of the social house have chronic diseases, but can receive medical care only in the period of an extreme aggravation, by the “Ambulance“ call. Almost all of them need inspection and continuous treatment, including administration of drugs that costs considerable money in the absence of the medical policy. The policy of compulsory health insurance can be received only after recovery of all documents, and it takes not one month. Now in a shelter there are ten people, among them there are two children for whom daily administration of drugs is necessary, and some - inspections and operations.

At the same time inhabitants of this shelter are not idle too - everyone carries out that within its powers. Generally it is homework and craft. Here sew bed linen and a working uniform, do wreaths of artificial flowers, make other houses furniture, make church candles, work at recently created rabbit farm.

The system of labor houses is quite steady and can quite be self-sustaining. But crisis seriously struck all economy of “Nov“. Since January, 2015 in Moscow and area more than 50% of buildings were curtailed. It is harder and harder to find work and workers during the summer period becomes traditional less, in the summer on the street will not freeze.

“The main houses which - as still “break even“, - Emilian tells, - and here on the maintenance of a social shelter which costs at least 800 thousand rubles a month, there is no money any more“. The situation becomes critical. He cannot imagine that inhabitants of the social house should be expelled on the street again. If you ask Emiliana about plans for the future, then will hear improbable: “The father John of Kronstadt set a task to take away from streets 3/4 homeless. We want too that 3/4 Moscow homeless left streets and got chance to conduct sober labor life“. And still he is distressed that cannot take in a social shelter “heavier“, including disabled people - wheelchair invalids, narrow abrupt ladders on the fourth floor there. Emilian speaks: “Ideally, we will be able to take from the street of any who wants to change and is ready not to drink and work“.

What for this purpose is necessary? From the state - almost anything. On the contrary, the Nov model, could save to the state huge money. Now forty four thousand rubles a month, and to “noyevets“, even in a sotspriyuta are allocated for keeping of one homeless in the state sotsuchrezhdeniye, also ten thousand are enough. And the main thing - in public institutions conditions for work and, as a matter of fact, homelessness and a dependence are not created, thus, are only encouraged. And “Ache“ - itself works and even contains ailing!

But which - that from the state everything is is necessary: privileges for rent of housing, social and legal support, and, the main thing - the help in job security of people at whom documents are not restored yet. By the way, quite recently authorities of the capital approved idea of issue of temporary identity cards to the homeless that those could get a job while their constant documents are restored.

“The care of the homeless is that area where the state and Church could work really together. The number of the homeless will only grow if we do not support such initiatives where there is already a debugged structure socially - psychological rehabilitation of the people who got to trouble. The main thing in “Noye“ is that such people have an opportunity to live and work together, a community. It allows them to keep from alcohol, not to become an inveterate drunkard. I consider that a way which was chosen Emilian and his team, after the lake John of Kronstadt, - the best. It should be supported by the whole world“ , - the prior of the temple St. calls. Cosmas and Damian archpriest Alexander Borisov.

Since January 1, 2015 the law (Federal Law 442) “About bases of social service of citizens in the Russian Federation“ which gives the chance to non-profit organizations to become “suppliers of social services“ and to count on state support came into force. Without shelving, heads of “Nov“ submitted the application, but it was rejected. Probably, according to officials, today other social services were rendered are worthy the state support.

However heads of houses of diligence “Ache“ are not tired to hope for the help of God, people and the states. Let`s not give up this hope of meek! Our support to these self-sacrificing people who shouldered huge work is really necessary now.

What is specifically necessary? the Volunteers ready to execute single instructions (for example to bring drugs to the pregnant woman who is in hospital - the ward of a shelter; to accompany the person in embassy that he could begin to process documents; to take people in policlinic and other). Pampers and baby food, household chemicals and personal hygiene means, canned food, warm clothes, household appliances, drugs which exact list can be learned from the management of “Nov“ are always necessary.

On the website of the house of diligence “Ache“ the constant account on the received help, its use, and also the detailed chronicle of the events which are taking place in houses of diligence and in life of their inhabitants is given.

If you can help, write and you call:

Emilian Sosinsky, the director of a shelter “Ache“

of ph.: +7 (926) 236 - 54 - 15

E - mail: domtrudnoi@ya. ru