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The shining skirt to Hikar. Why the hi-tech gadget drew attention of modern women of fashion?

Fashion - piece changeable and surprising. And still it gives an idea of time in which we live. Today the hi-tech microelectronics gets into all spheres of our ordinary life, even into clothes. A skirt which highlights the most interesting places of a female body, different flowers, in the different modes... Such skirt will surely force passersby to be wrapped. And not only men!

Fashion - piece changeable and surprising. And still it gives an idea of time in which we live. Today the hi-tech microelectronics gets into all spheres of our ordinary life, even into clothes.

Why all this? First of all, that “to stand out from the crowd“, to draw additional attention to itself. And how it is possible to draw attention to itself? Differently. For example, to be lit!

At first designers used fluorescent paints and retroreflective elements in the “shining“ clothes. But these ideas were not widely adopted. Light from paints too weak, gets only through transparent clothes. Every day to wear a transparent dress? Besides, the choice of color is strongly limited: blue and green “acid tone“. And for retroreflective elements some light is necessary though …

However one more light source which can be used in clothes is. Light-emitting diodes and the LED shining tapes. Light is rather bright, colors any, the price is low … And set of other advantages.

Developments of fashion designers with the shining tapes for a long time not a novelty. The fitting dresses, underwear … But main issue: from where to take energy? Minor questions: light-emitting diodes rather strongly heat up, and electronics is afraid, for example, of humidity. And you will not stop sweating at the person in any way what strange deodorants would not be invented by modern cosmetologists.

Example . Rambler - news, on September 10, 2010. “The technological novelty developed by electronics engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology will delight women of fashion. Scientists created an unusual skirt which shines at the movement, and brightness of light changes depending on the speed of walking of her owner.

As writes MIGnews. ru, in material from which the skirt is sewed is introduced the electronic scheme with the alternating layers from nylon and teflon feeding light-emitting diodes on fabric. The product has effect of accumulation of energy and is supplied with the microcondenser for storage of electric charge. When the stock of the electric power reaches a certain level, the clothes begin to shine and be poured by various shades.

Scientists took care of convenience, having given to a skirt additional appeal thorns on an external surface of fabric, having disguised under them electronics elements“.

However, about a novelty of engineers from Massachusetts was quickly forgotten. Not because it is too unusual. Too difficult, too expensive, too abstrusely etc … In total too! Generally, the people, more precisely rich women of fashion, were not inspired by idea.

There passed less than five years, and the idea of “a skirt with illumination of interiors“ blew up the Internet again. The websites for geeks, female forums, services of news … This time, probably, the idea is forgotten will not be any more.

The Japanese couturier Kiyoyuki Amano, decided to go “some other way“. Why everything to complicate? The design of his shining skirt represents unusual … a LED small lamp. In a wrong side of a skirt one or several strips of the shining LED tape are sewn up, and the accumulator and the programmable controller are hidden in a buckle. From the controller there are wires to LED tapes which give tension, depending on the program which is written down in the controller. In total!

Besides, why to highlight anything! The most interesting place the woman, from the point of view of men, from time immemorial has space under a skirt. Here we will also highlight it! Except the psychological effect rendered on individuals of an opposite sex the physical discomfort at the same time cleans up: the light-emitting diodes located at the very bottom of a skirt quickly are cooled with “outboard“ air and do not burn gentle skin of female legs.

So far these skirts cost very much. Haute couture, all it … But! The idea turned out so tempting and simple performed by that such skirts of the woman of fashion began to sew the hands. And that, everything is simple. It is necessary only pass - a skirt, and … one visit of local shop of electronics. All components are bought, houses the elementary electric circuit gathers a usual soldering iron. The accumulator and the controller hide in a buckle for a belt, LED tapes of different flowers fasten on a wrong side. The controller and … all is programmed!

You do in general everything that you want! Any restrictions! For example, the original skirt of Kiyoyuki Amano does not change color. With the programmable controller there is nothing more simply: the LED tape with change of color and … voila undertakes! The main thing that the program “was not buggy“.

It is also possible to equip a skirt with several sensors, for example, that illumination was switched off in some provisions. Sedentary, for example …

A still can make management from the smartphone … And still … the male Attention (and not only man`s) to legs and the creative personality wearing this shining article of clothing is provided to

. As it is written to instructions to … to designing of such skirt, “it is important that it was enough length to force men to turn around“.

Now (July, 2015) the description of this skirt can be found in the basic on the websites of hi-tech gadgets. However most likely, this article of clothing will become daily soon. Rollers with the shining hi-tech skirts on YouTube already are, though it is a little. Besides, such skirts were already lit in computer games. They will appear on the cine screen and in collections of fashionable houses soon... Further - everywhere.

And nobody will already pay attention to girls with “the shining legs“. To draw attention, it is necessary to invent something brand new.

Yes, the female share is heavy …