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Professional business. What is it? - 2

Work acquaint with higher, professional level in business and how to reach it.

02 What needs to be owned

As a subject non-standard, for its best understanding, development and further practical application it is necessary to consider several factors and it is good to own them.

Initial reaction to information which is stated in the first part the person usually has a misunderstanding, at least partial. And as showed experience - at the most different people: with various level of preparation and education, life experience, the size of the enterprise, a social status, etc. General reason for that - we live in such time and in such information space. Its some composed will be considered below. And therefore not only to master the found level in business, but also sometimes not everyone manages to approach its understanding independently. Though as it was already mentioned, everything is quite simple. Also it is reached generally by performance two simple, but not for everyone easy conditions - to think and do efforts over itself, to be reconstructed. These demands are made by achievement of skill in any field of activity of the person.

The developed arrangement shows at once and further is confirmed by practice that a direct way to the purpose - for example, obtaining answers to all listed questions - does not become the decision for most of people. It is necessary, in particular, also to see their communications among themselves, the relation to a uniform complex. Also the knowledge and understanding of bases of a subject and sources of emergence are required. And therefore it is better to approach from disclosure and understanding of the last. Then all also easily develops among themselves in a uniform picture, sometimes even at once and quickly as inspiration. On which it is possible to lean and apply as the management in the most different questions and situations.

Need of such approach dictates also business - without knowledge of bases and sources it is impossible to be independent. And to solve all those tasks which will be set for your enterprise by the market and life. And without similar knowledge of people in everything it is doomed to a role of the performer that is unacceptable for the nature of business and therefore finally will become pernicious for any of participants. Therefore in the beginning it is worth concerning one universal rule which will help also with the solution of this question, and with life in general.

Rule simple and well-known - “Over“. Ability to rise over the emotions and feelings, an ego, rastozhdestvlyatsya with them. Over the available slabina in yourself, the developed conventions out of yourself and a situation which you enter. And to do it as often as possible, to make constant and to keep at the reached height.

The rule it, as well as many similar, though are heard by everyone and long ago, but as shows experience, is underestimated by us. We in it, in following to it, do not see, for example, one of the main qualities of the businessman which results. If saw, then trained. If trained, then would regularly play chess. As this game demands constantly rastozhdestvlyatsya with passions and an ego and to see an overall picture of battle (read “conducting business“).

It should be added one more small stroke of criticism, - the direct speech in similar questions helps to understand better, than the softened formulations - remembering that “To tell the truth - to lose friends“.

of the Practician of development “Over“, - and these should be engaged all life, “fine there is no limit“ - opens understanding and development of a number of other basic qualities and provisions. Within article or a cycle not to state them.

For example, gradually there is an ability to see also that it lies outside a situation or put, to open for itself and the activity the new horizons. And by that to solve the possible arising crises. Also not to go in the way of one of the main mistakes of businessmen who did not manage to see that, for example, skill is more valuable than money. Is over them in any system of values. As not to buy skill, namely skill also creates profit, its growth. As a result money tightens the person, imperceptibly becomes the main thing in life. And in life any subject &ndash cannot be the main thing in any way; why then life? At such people the wrong belief, &ndash is born; and it dominates today that it is very important to note, - that in business “everything is solved by money and communications“. Forgetting at the same time that all empires and corporations were built by abilities and talents their creators. Also perished generally not from - for deficiency of means, and from - for shortages of leaders or wise decisions. Etc.

From following to the rule is born as well understanding of deeper and difficult questions which, nevertheless, have the direct relation to business and the enterprise. For example, understanding of need of a constant raising in everything as it is dictated by the life nature - continuous growth and evolution. Everything that does not grow and does not evolve in this world - as a result degrades and perishes. To bypass to nobody this law. Growth demands judgment, but not a blindness. That is not just to seek to become higher as a plant or to see from height and it is wide as a bird, but also to be able to do a right assessment to what was seen. There will be no what was seen - there will be no assessment also. And knowledge and experience which appear from the sum of estimates and their analysis. It is necessary to survive, switch from intelligence to instincts. What, certainly, not only will lead to degradation of the personality and the general running wild, but also will not be able to become long. Etc. And there are no knowledge and experience - you will not survive in crisis. The last - an axiom for everyone who passed through it.

Without practice, especially today, in all similar that does not give right there direct return, became fashionable to see the room theory and philosophy. Actually gradually everyone comes to understanding that it is about the most true fighting quality, without any pathos or aggression. About that which, anyway, is developed and applied at all schools of martial arts and regular armies. And without which not to do in the market in any way. As abilities to play the game and to win. As one of bases of art to win.

Among other things following to the rule is led to the answer to already question posed “By the civilized person: what main differences at it?“: ability to rise over itself, the emotions, feelings and instincts. And to operate them the reason . Otherwise, when gets irrational the best, difference of the person from animals is erased. If we do not know it “on teeth“, then … everyone can draw conclusions. Arises, including, one of the reasons for which we do not see higher level in business and we will not be able to master it. Therefore the question is given.

It is also worth noting that the rule is not thought up by the author or any people. It arose from the life, its experience. Also has complex character. And &ndash complex; it also “mezhdustrochy“. That is it not just “to behave“, show will, to control a situation, etc. This certain association and the sum which, it is worth repeating well let know chess. As well as life, certainly, but for longer time and ó lshy price.

Also should remembering that bringing up and developing in itself any quality, it is worth remembering complexity: approach, work and so forth. As the same chess can give effect of callousness, relativity of everyone and everything and as result, total lack of principles. But at the same time the person follows separate rules and conventions. What sometimes can be seen at some lawyers: “Law - what dyshlo where turned, there and left“.

The rule “Over“ will become extremely necessary on the following step in an exit to new level in business.

Be continued.