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The Christian house of diligence “Ache“. How there was a unique social shelter for the homeless in Moscow?

the Christian house of diligence “Ache“ opened in Moscow area in October, 2011. The inspirer and the direct project manager, Emilian Sosinsky, bore idea of revival in Russia of houses of diligence of St. John of Kronstadt long ago. Today it was succeeded to create eight similar houses in which about 400 people live and work. One of houses became a shelter for old men, disabled people and women with children.

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By different estimates, in Moscow is from fifty to seventy thousand homeless today. The most part of these people arrived to the capital from other cities, dreaming to find work here and to begin new life. Unfortunately, for many of them it comes to an end with the tragedy.

Contrary to a popular belief, not all homeless is the former criminals or hopeless alcoholics. The trouble can concern also the person, apparently, of quite successful. Among inhabitants of the House of diligence there are people of the most different professions: former businessmen, engineers, trade workers, people of creative specialties. Some of them own relatives deprived of housing. The main thing that unites all these people, - they are necessary to nobody any more. we see

of the Homeless practically everywhere: they sit on bus-stops, spend the night at stations, ask handouts from temples. Sometimes we put them a coin, in the winter someone will even cause “Sotspatrul“, seeing that the person freezes on the street. But we are more often fastidiously we turn away, and about ourselves we are indignant: what sit - beg - would go better to work! It, certainly, is correct, but if to reflect seriously: and whether the homeless without passport and a registration can get a job?! On recovery of documents several months leave, and during this time it is necessary to live somewhere, to eat something.

the House of diligence of St. John of Kronstadt

In pre-revolutionary Russia existed a problem of the homeless too. St John Kronstadt created social technology, absolutely revolutionary for the time, which did not lose the relevance and today. Its essence was in giving to people not only the house, but at the same time and work. Everything began with two small workshops, then the national dining room and a dosshouse shelter opened. Association under the same roof of workshops, the dining room and a shelter to which the sunday school and library increased later became the first example of the complex help to the poor and homeless in Russia.

O. Ioann urged all residents of Kronstadt to participate in creation of houses of diligence feasibly. “Unless neither kind, nor humane business to rescue people from laziness, idleness, apathy, parasitism?! “ - the priest wrote. And such houses successfully developed - at the expense of charitable donations, proceeds from sales of production and the performed city works, and also at the expense of grants of the state. Personal contributions of the lake of John of Kronstadt in favor of the House of diligence annually made 50 - 60 thousand rubles.

After revolution of 1917 all houses of diligence were closed “as superfluous“, and the help to persons in need is declared only by care of the Soviet state. Invaluable experience in this sphere of activity was almost irrevocably lost.

As the problem of the homeless is solved today?

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, many organizations which try to solve a problem of the homeless are created today. These are various charity foundations, the rehabilitation centers, the volunteer movements. There are also organizations using work of the homeless for receiving profit. That is the correct organization of work of these people can even become business! Besides, there are places where the lodging for the night is provided to the homeless (the truth, no more than several days). In Moscow numerous points of distribution are open: food, clothes, drugs and even train tickets, for those who were left without money and cannot come back home.

But if to understand, all these measures do not solve a problem, and grant only a small temporary respite. After it everything falls back into place: the person was fed, washed, treated, and... he is on street again. The restored documents are lost at the first booze, and tickets often remain unused, as a rule, already nobody waits for such people anywhere.

the House - Work - Ache

Emilian Sosinsky, the parishioner of the temple St. Cosmas and Damian in Choubin and the father of three children, helps the homeless many years. At first he participated in feeding, clothing and treatment of such people too, but soon understood that it, at least, is not enough. Moreover, many homeless these constant tips go just to harm - people get used to the situation and do not want anything to change any more. How to help really?

Then the idea to create the House of diligence on St. John of Kronstadt`s model was born. In 2011 it managed to be realized. The parishioners who supported this project helped to raise funds for rent of the first cottage in Moscow area. Since then, after each feeding of the homeless in the temple, to people suggest to begin sober labor life.

Emilianov “ark“ is open for all who appeared in a difficult life situation. The housing, food, a social and legal aid is provided to the homeless, but at strict observance of two main requirements by them: to work and not to drink. Let`s leave out of the equation all tests which fell to lot Emiliana on this way: and claims of police with FMS, both courts, and swindlers - employers … But no difficulties could forced it to curtail with consciously chosen, though a hard way.

Inhabitants of a shelter find work, as a rule, single and unqualified: dig ditches, clean snow or garbage, work as loaders at buildings. For the work they get paid. At the same time in a shelter they are provided with three meals a day, necessary clothes and treatment, money for the road to work and back, and also help with recovery of documents. But rules of a living arrangement here very rigid. For refusal of work or truancies just turn out. The first time - for three days if got twice - for a month. The second main condition of stay in a shelter - refusal of alcohol. Every evening before a release of all check on the breathalyzer.

“Noyevtsa“ try to follow in the footsteps of St. Ionn Kronshtadtsky. They live under the charter which basis the Gospel is. “If any our rule does not correspond to the Gospel, we owe this rule to cancel or change. The main thing - it is impossible to put an end the person“, - Emilian tells. Also do not put: if someone has to be expelled for alcoholism or parasitism, then such person is always given an opportunity to return if he regretted deeds.

The house of diligence very needs the help: always warm clothes, products of long storage, baby food and pampers, household appliances, drugs and means of hygiene, and also the help of volunteers are required.

If you can help, write and you call:

Emilian Sosinsky, the director of a shelter “Ache“

of ph.: +7 (926) 236 - 54 - 15

E - mail: domtrudnoi@ya. ru

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