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St. Petersburg. What technical museums should be visited?

Telling about St. Petersburg, each tourist by all means will remember the Hermitage, Palace Square and the Peter and Paul Fortress. However the city is interesting also by other, less known places, we will consider them in more detail.

All tourists visiting St. Petersburg have the “obligatory program“ including visit of Palace Square, the Peter and Paul Fortress, Hermitage or the Russian Museum. Other tourists will probably remember the museum - the apartment of Pushkin or Dostoyevsky`s heroes. However St. Petersburg was (and remains) not only humanitarian, but also scientifically - the technical center of Russia, and in the technical plan there are not less interesting places here.

That it is worth visiting - we will consider in more detail.

the Submarine

the Few cities can brag of existence of the real submarine which can be visited, and in St. Petersburg such - whole two. Submarines “D - 2 Narodovolets“ (1929 of release, length of 76 m, crew 53 persons) and “With - 189“ (1954, crew 54 persons) are available to visit now and are located on Vasilyevsky Island. The equipment of the boat is whenever possible kept in an authentic state so it is quite possible to look at both the equipment, and conditions of life of submariners.

the Krasin Ice breaker

Absolutely near one of submarines is not less legendary museum - the Krasin ice breaker. It is that ice breaker which worked in the Arctic at the time of its development, rescued members of expedition of Humberto Nobile and prepared for rescue of expedition of Chelyuskin (the truth, the help of the ice breaker was not necessary here, expedition was taken out by air by the Soviet pilots). Unfortunately, very small part of the ice breaker is open for visit, however it is possible to look at part of cabins and the captain`s bridge nevertheless.

Museum of communication by it. Popova

the Museum of communication is not less interesting to

To the interested by communication, radio and electronics. The collection of the museum is very various: from ancient mailboxes, radio receivers of times of Popov and Marconi, to the first TVs and even cell phones. The museum is located in the downtown, on Pochtamtsky Lane.

the Museum of astronautics and rocketry

Probably, the few know that directly in the Peter and Paul Fortress in 30 - x years there was a laboratory where the first rocket engines were developed. Now there is a small museum. In it it is not enough exhibits, however is enough - interesting: for example, real lander, space suits of astronauts and samples of space food.

the Museum of history of St. Petersburg

One more little-known museum - the museum of history of St. Petersburg, is in the same place, in the Peter and Paul Fortress, directly opposite to an entrance to Peter and Paul Cathedral. The museum (an entrance to which, by the way, at the time of writing of article free) is interesting that it shows life of St. Petersburg - from ancient Finnish jewelry of a pre-Pertine time to cars or electric meters of Siemens &Halske firm of the beginning of the last century.

Generally if it is interesting to look how there lived ordinary citizens (but not tsars and their confidants), then unambiguously it is worth coming into this museum. Here it is possible to see, for example, as the road sac and the first-aid kit with drugs of the beginning of the last century looked, to read popular then culinary recipes or to learn with what shampoo of the woman washed the head.

the Museum of railway equipment

is located

On the embankment of Obvodny Canal the museum under the open sky - just remarkable exposition from more than ten engines, locomotives, cars and other equipment. Various models, from engines of times of Stalin or an armored train of the Finnish war to the railway strategic BZhRK 15P961 missile system with a nuclear warhead directing horror at Americans are presented.

Museum of Electric Transport

One more interesting museum is devoted by

to history of electric transport. If it is interesting to someone to sit in a cabin of the first tram or to see one of the first trolleybuses, this museum should be visited. The part of trams - operating and at additional expense by ancient tram it is possible even to sweep.

the Grandee - the Russia model

This operating museum of moving models is made by

by analogy with the Hamburg museum “Miniatur Wunderland“, and has practically no analogs in Russia. On the area of 800 sq.m the moving and working copies of all main Russian sights are made. These are almost exact copies - on streets there go cars, on rails trains move, the time of day and so forth changes. Different cities and climatic zones, recognizable places and details of a landscape. The museum unambiguously should be visited!

the Petrovsky Water Area Model

This model became the second similar museum of St. Petersburg. Unlike the model of “Russia“, St. Petersburg is presented the 18th centuries here. In total in scale 1:87 - the moving ships, people and carriages, more than 1000 buildings, more than 100 ships and 25000 characters. The model is located at the subway Admiralty, in 15 minutes of walking from the Hermitage.

the Amusement park “A miracle the island“

As a matter of fact, is, of course, not the museum, but the place not less interesting. Directly at the Krestovsky Island subway the huge amusement park occupying several hectares is located. A large number of attractions, from nurseries to extreme, in the presence of time and money (the price of one attraction of 100 - 300 rub, and all their several tens) is quite interesting to descend there.

Pulkovo Observatory

Of course, is not the museum too. However will be especially interesting object for fans of astronomy. Unfortunately, not to get to observatory (there is a museum, but it works only with groups), and here the park of observatory is open for a free admission and to walk among towers of telescopes, to stand on the Pulkovsky meridian - all this very interesting.

It is possible to reach observatory on a minibus from m. Moscow, the distance makes about 5 km. This way, by the way, can be passed and on foot: as a bonus fans of aircraft can take interesting pictures of the planes which are sitting down at the Pulkovo airport which landing happens directly over the pulkovsky highway.

... As you can see, in St. Petersburg there are enough places where not only to humanists it is possible to spend time with interest and to learn something new. Certainly, this list is not full. There is, for example, a Museum of water, the Museum of toys, Planetarium, an observation deck of a tower of Smolny Cathedral and other interesting places. Are not mentioned the Zoological museum (there it is possible to see, for example, a mammoth), Cabinet of curiosities, Artillery and the other large museums since most likely and so all know about them.

The author wishes to city visitors of interesting walks and new impressions!