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Rate of gold for today online, dependence on currency.

Information necessary for investors of the different &ndash level; rate of gold for today online. It is actual for those who decided to keep and secure the savings by means of gold. It is one of the most reliable ways of a favorable investment of money.

The instability of world economic system, economic and political problems exciting the whole world set reasonable people thinking on the future. If today not to make the saved-up money, tomorrow they can depreciate. At the time of instability in the world, only gold becomes attractive to investors, and nothing more.

It is confirmed by the events which followed acts of terrorism on September 11, 2001 when investors in large quantities redirected investments from stock market into gold.

As soon as money are invested in gold, it is necessary to watch its course constantly. For today an opportunity to control a rate of gold online in Russia is given by the Central Bank, Sberbank and other financial organizations. Besides, professional and private investors of the world can watch a rate of gold at the exchange of metals of London or commodity exchange of New today - York.

Investors have to know that with a rate of gold for today US dollar exchange rate has direct link. The settlement prices for troy ounce of gold bring in US dollars. However the rate of gold in Russia is measured by the Central Bank in Russian rubles for one gram.

The Russian investors have to know how the rate of gold is formed by the Central Bank. It is influenced by many factors:

a ratio of supply and demand on gold in the world;

a political situation in the country and promises of her heads;

expectations of large Russian investors.

Implementation of the order for purchase or sale of gold can exert not the last impact on a course. Therefore the rate of gold in Russia can sometimes go contrary to a universal tendency, but only to the short period. And here medium-term and long-term tendencies completely repeat universal dynamics of the prices.

Already several decades gold remains to one of the most important tools of finance in world economy. This precious metal draws attention to itself, giving hope for preservation of money. Prerequisites that the situation will change soon are not observed.

Today gold is attractive in different types: ingots, coins etc. According to forecasts of experts and analysts, the rate of gold will allow to remain still long time the attractive tool for investors.

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