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Legendary hussar and poet Denis Davydov. What it was in usual life?

Name of Denis Davydov are widely known in Russia. The poet - the hussar, the hero of Patriotic war of 1812. The modern Internet dazzles with retellings of its biography. But very few people from authors thought of what it was in usual life?

Denis Davydov was born in Moscow on July 16 (on old style) 1784 in a family of the colonel Vasily Denisovich Davydov, commander of the Poltava easily horse regiment.

From the father the boy learned that Davydov` family - ancient. Family legends said that there is its sort from the Tatar prince Tayngrikul Kaysym. Kaysym had a son Minchak. It served the Grand Moscow duke, was christened. After a baptism received a new name - Simeon Kosayevich. Later Simeon`s son - Davyd Simeonovich - laid the foundation of Davydov.

Denis Davydov`s grandfather - Denis (and too Vasilyevich!) was a person educated, knew several languages, was on friendly terms with Lomonosov, brought together magnificent library. He well understood huge value of education for the children and did not feel sorry for funds for their education. Two more son and Denis Vasilyevich`s daughter became related with the known noble childbirth (Kakhovskimi, Yermolov, Potemkin, Revskimi). Came from Davydov` family the favourite aide-de-camp of Suvorov - Alexander Mikhaylovich, and the lieutenant colonel Yermolov, also outstanding commander of war of 1812.

Davydov` family did not avoid disgrace after change of the imperial authorities. Youth and the period of formation of Denis as persons dropped out for the severe arakcheevsky period. Denis shared political views of the companions, being indignant with Arakcheev`s arbitrariness in army. Having become kavalergardy, Denis had to live on a small salary, his family did not may contain it in a big way. However most of his companions on service conducted loose life with binges and love petty intrigues. It was difficult for Denis to correspond to such “rules“.

To uphold the reputation, without having big communications in society, he developed the strategy of behavior: to serve, not to borrow honestly money, cards not to play, be independent in judgments. Companions tenderly and validly called it “little Denis“. He was always a ringleader, the cheerful story-teller, knew many stories from life and jokes. Itself began to write to armies - first it had ridiculous fables. Davydovsky fables were caustic and witty before that they went among officers in lists.

So the first popularity came to Denis Vasilyevich. He was then 20 years old. Along with literary glory in military circles popularity in circles imperial came to Davydov also. Several its satirical poems fell into hands to the tsar Alexander. The tsar saw danger in his verses, and Denis was excluded from the guard protecting the Winter Palace. The young disgraced poet was banished to the province, in the Belarusian Hussars which were lodged in the Kiev province.

After this case Denis promised not to write more similar verses, but on the way to the reference to it officers who even in the remote place knew its verses by heart met. And Denis understood that verses with him will be now always.

At the very beginning of military service to Denis Davydov there was an unpleasant case which nearly cost life to him and his companions.

In one of the first fights with Denis`s Frenchman failure comprehended. The hussars and Cossacks thrown by him in fight nearly got to an environment, approach choked, Russians began to recede, and Denis nearly appeared in captivity. He was lucky: when the enemy already seized him for an overcoat floor, the button came off it and Denis “jumped out“ of an overcoat, only also the Frenchman got it.

In the period of Patriotic war of 1812 Denis Vasilyevich as any other officer - the nobleman, estimated the serfs not at once. At first wars many noblemen were afraid that the Russian peasants will go over on the party of French. Also Denis Davydov did not avoid these thoughts. And only at personal acquaintance to heroes from the people Davydov understood, simple people are how patriotic!

Upon termination of war Denis took vacation and went to Moscow, then to Borodino, to the small homeland. The manor without master`s hand decayed, debts grew, and Denis needed most to penetrate into all economic questions. His personality acquired rumors again: “it is sent from St. Petersburg“, “writes indecent verses“, etc. But now his personality was shrouded in glory of the hero of guerrilla war. And Vasily Zhukovsky entered his name in the Russian history in the poem “The Singer in a Camp of the Russian Soldiers“.

However what barin was Denis Vasilyevich?

Having studied in detail all master`s affairs, Denis found out that his managing director - the thief, gathers peasants excess requisitions, but did not decide to replace the managing director. His reasonings were on this matter simple and traditional: at such position will steal also another, and the third. So it is better to leave that which is. As the barin, he ordered superfluous not to take from peasants and went to Moscow. Was engaged in literary creativity. Plunged into saloon life.

The poet Vyazma admired his hussar verses, and Zhukovsky nevertheless does not want to praise them, advises to pass to the author to lyrics.

At the age of thirty years, in the general`s rank, Denis Davydov falls in love with the young actress Sasha Ivanova, the student of the Moscow theatrical school. Also sings of it in verses. However its poetry did not cause reciprocal feelings in the beauty. It was keen on younger admirer.

Trouble happened also in connection with a generalship of Davydov. As he was told in a year after assignment of a generalship, appropriated this rank to it allegedly by mistake, not on merits. Denis Vasilyevich was humiliated and crushed by this news and could complain about injustice only to close friends. For offense he decided to resign!

But it had no monetary state. The manor Borodino strongly suffered in war, was completely burned. Denis Davydov writes the letter to the emperor with a request for preservation of the general`s rank behind it, but Alexander did not give the answer to this letter. Denis Vasilyevich was still consciously humiliated...