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Three-headed dragon: vodka, beer and wine. Let`s discredit the myth about teetotal Chinese?

Myth that all Chinese nondrinkers are and are the myth. Like to drink. Just the list of consequences after the act of a short vital sketch under the name “Sat!“ not such large-scale, as at us in Russia.

About the Chinese vodka and beer I already told in last article. And what wine? His Chinese do not drink, perhaps? Drink! The myth that all Chinese nondrinkers are and is the myth. Like to drink. Also drink almost our way.

Just the list of consequences and destructions after the act of a short vital sketch under the name “Sat!“ not such large-scale, as at us in Russia. The head practically does not hurt even if “varnished“ a half of a glass of beer each hundred-wig of vodka.

From not really nice to the taste and the smell of the Chinese vodka does not pull you on adventures or in a fight. There is a wish or tell the interlocutor ridiculous stories from the life, or to sing heart-felt “free“ songs, like “The steppe and the steppe of a circle - about - ohm!“ or: “Black in - about - Oran that you the Viy - e - are eaten, over mine - e - it naked - about - oh!“

Oh, it is time to brake, and that wanted to be drunk, and so I will lose a rhythm …

That is convenient for the drinking person, snack bars where it is possible “to overturn“, in Harbin - a dime a dozen. At every turn. And you have no desire to drink much as did not go far and specially. Did not stand in a queue to get to a chock-full pivbar. You are not angry with yourself and with the whole world that you should still “trudge then home“ by bus moreover with two changes (and by a taxi - it is expensive), and then - to listen to a political information about harm of alcohol from the blessed.

Therefore it is not necessary to be loaded for emergency. Took slightly, and it is normal. And that the most important - is absolutely inexpensive! Chinese in the majority drink directly near the house. And wives their lawful do not send them for it?. I speak - other country!

Especially this process in pleasure in the summer. In a shadow of own five-storey building or “áàéö縓 (vodka) local inhabitants peacefully sip cold beer. From a brazier with shish kebabs smells so appetizingly that involuntarily passersby brake and strive to sit down, eat on a stick - the second - a heel of fragrant fried meat.

If the friend came to you on a visit, there are no problems to send him home to a taxi. Cost, in comparison with services of ours “bombed“, cheap.

Wait a moment, and that wine? Yes, wine is drunk, but not in small “chifanka“, and at big restaurants. Treat with wine girls, to offer “lady“ beer - it is trivial, and vodka - is offensive!

Good I in Harbin did not meet Win. There are brands, of course, branded - like “Great Wall“, but in principle dry wine is not pleasant to me. I always remember the beloved grandmother, the Kingdom to her Heavenly as it did every fall a domestic wine. Also it is necessary, here, in the foreign land, I began to do the same wine for house, so to speak, “unutrenny“ (not to confuse to morning) the uses!

What way? You buy till fall the smallest (at us in Primorye it is called “taiga“) grapes and a big tank for drinking water. You rumple and put grapes, you fill up sugar in the necessary proportion, you add water … And in few months you pour fresh red wine in a glass. To Vk - at - a mustache!!! In five years of experiments I achieved quite good results. Wine turns out not strongly sweet (not luscious), slightly tart and is dark - red, very beautiful for the color.

Sometimes I treat Chinese. They great sceptics in the plan to try something, made by the foreigner, like Jews: “Not kosher is and we will not drink!“ But under my truthful, in general, story about the forgotten ancient Russian Harbin recipe of this wine guests myagchat in the eyes, ask to pour still, and then we very long argue with them from - for money. I want to present them at least “a floor - a wine litrushechka“ to the road, and they want to buy it from me.

In China it is impossible to show in any way that you are poorer than the friend therefore disputes happen long, well it is other history. All right, God with them, with disputes and money! As the modern science for the present did not invent transfer of taste on the Internet and the printing word, come soon to Harbin - we will sit with you behind a shot glass of my domestic wine “For Friendship“. Where - nibud in the open air on Stalin Embankment! And I will in detail explain to you what is meant Chinese by “Gunn Beng“.