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Harbin Bakhus: what is hanshin and who such spirtonosa?

Vodka was made “in Harbin“ even before its emergence on Severo`s card - East China. It is 45 or even 60 - the-degree Chinese potion was called “őŕířčí“ (or “khan“ that was already sure of the aim the Russian idea supposedly is on the spot - drank two hundred, and the khan to you, the mobster). And today any drinking man, getting to Harbin and to China in general, right there becomes on an edge of an open razor. Why?

Any drinking man, getting to Harbin and to China in general, right there becomes on an edge of an open razor. Why? Because alcohol here very much is also very cheap. Especially hard liquors. And packaging at them such that even “for three“ it is not necessary to think. Bought 45-degree “merzavchik“ of 120 or 140 grams for 4 yuans, overturned it one drink, a sleeve zanyukhat or has a snack on “chicken meat“ (lit, that is), and - “life is adjusted“!

of History of Harbin and Hanshin are inseparable

made Vodka “in Harbin“ even before its emergence on Severo`s card - East China. It is 45 or even 60 - the-degree Chinese potion was called “őŕířčí“ (or “khan“ that was already sure of the aim the Russian idea supposedly is on the spot - drank two hundred, and the khan to you, the mobster).

One old harbinets told me a story of an origin of the name “hanshin“. - long ago the small town - a village was allegedly davny in China with such name. And the small river through it flew of the same name. Once passed these edges big military group. They in this district decided to make a halt. Simple tell-tales were put above on a current, and the commander settled down in the town.

The campaign before a halt was very tiresome: the group went several days without hot food and with short halts for a dream, all very much were tired. Soldiers at once got into the river to wash, bathe and erase, excuse for details, the footcloths. And staff chiefs at the commander were ashamed to relax and only gathered drinking water and cookings. What there was a surprise of the military leader when in half an hour he saw the colleagues absolutely drunk! It turned out that they just satisfied thirst with water from the small river. On a smell and taste it was disgusting, but fortresses - fair!

Here and began to call the Chinese hanshiny vodka, on behalf of this town. Made it everywhere. And in the warm South, and in the cold North where this product, you understand, was more actual, it is pure on the “heating“ properties.

Reading the same V. K. Arsenyev, you will come across a mention of spirtonosa which, risking life, alone went from China in Soviet then already Primorye with freight of the Chinese pervach. To 40 - 45 liters of alcohol these helpers of Bakhus bore on themselves.

As they say, even hundreds years ago, let and on even at all not created market of alcohol, by itself all market components worked. And marketing: where is cheaper - we buy where is more expensive - we sell. And logistics: let on a jungle taiga and with risk for life, but all profit only to me, darling! Everything very simply and “logistichno“.

The first group of the Russian pioneers which came to desert coast of Songhua on April 11, 1898 from Vladivostok faced a problem - where to begin construction of buildings for Management of KVZhD. Winters here thirty-degree, and suitable housing where it is possible to place the administration of the Road, no! Small Chinese fanza - it is not counted.

Looked for, looked for and found in 8 versts from the coast dilapidated (that? yes!) hanshinny plant. Whole 32 constructions. The plant was plundered by hunkhuza a year ago, but not burned. In the next small village found for two Chinese - owners of a zavodik. Nearly two days bargained with them - Chinese like to bargain and are able - and bought all structures for 8000 Liang of silver (400 kilograms of a precious metal, by the way!) .

Here so history of formation of Harbin which then called “the Settlement of Songhua“ was connected with history of spirit business in this district.

of the Classic of a genre: “Vodka without beer - money for wind!“

In the first years in “the Settlement of Songhua“ in deficiency. The prices of them “bit“, but they were bought up, as they say, by “move“. There was not enough oil, sour cream, black bread and good alcohol. Very quickly trade benches, shops, bakeries and small restaurants for every taste appeared and extended. In this city unambiguously sharply “began to smell money“ - from prospects took the breath away! And here businessmen from all immense Russia rushed.

Imagine: On May 28, 1898 here the first two steamships with construction freights and a staff of management of the Road came, and at the end of 1900 (actually in one and a half years) in Harbin the brewery of Ivan (Jan) Vrublevsky was open. This absolutely small zavodik became in the beginning the first in China: till 1900 Chinese did not know taste of beer. Nearly five thousand years without beer! Same it is terrible to imagine what “thirst“ developed during this time at the Chinese people!

Chinese fell in love with beer at once and forever. Only in three years, in 1903, the German colonists in Qingdao will begin to do this frothy beverage too. But Harbin beer of Hapi forever will remain for China “to No. 1 - number one - number one“!

The first local brewer Vrublevsky was accompanied by commercial good luck, affairs went perfectly - the plant extended and grew from year to year. Unfortunately, we have no opportunity to look at its tax declaration for 1912, but our historians got very interesting information from periodicals of those years. This year the merchant Jan Vrublevsky on the money brought and established in Saint Stanislav`s church on Bolshoy Avenue - neither more nor less - body! It is easy to assume that he was the believing Catholic and the native of Poles. The above-stated church and until now (in more than hundred years) costs opposite to the orthodox Pokrovsk temple. And that body from “brewer Yang“ in it plays.

And what from our darling - that, with vodka? Really and builders of KVZhD local “Hanoi“ continued to choke? Or the domestic producer and here trod a path? Right! Newspapers of those times, especially in the period of “Great Harbin“ when here from all Russia emigrants rushed and the city grew very quickly, dazzle with many brands forty-degree and surnames of her producers.

“Luxury vodka from A. N. Lazaridi will satisfy the most experienced judges of taste“, “Imperial Vodka of plant of A. N. Nikitina works since 1901“, “Demand Pearls vodka from I. Ya. Churin`s TD at everywhere all restaurants“, some more brands and names of producers.

But the most noticeable and among “vodka affairs of masters“ Gerasim Dmitriyevich Antipas was rich. The Greek, Kreshchenny in Orthodoxy, he arrived to Harbin from Odessa in the very first “postroyechny“ years. Had the largest production of alcohol, vodka and soft drinks in Harbin. There lived Gerasim Antipas in known at that time to all city 6 - the floor house with the elevator on Konnaya Street, 22.

Verses of the famous Harbin poet Arseny Nesmelov remained:

“You know the house on Horse Antipas? It is built by

from vodka and from kvass.

I do not interrupt me, be silent:

B is mute to eat with you and our bricks!“

Gerasim Antipas was the believing person. Donated for charitable projects much. The last three years he was head Svyato - the Iversky temple on Ofitserskaya Street. After the death from pneumonia in the spring of 1932 he was buried at a wall of the Iversky temple. The monument did not remain, but the place of a grave is known absolutely precisely.

Vodka, beer... And how wine? Whether drink wine in China? About it separate history …