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What do Russians differ from Chinese in? Eight main qualities of the Chinese character

As could only hundred years ago backward and almost entirely “opiumno - dependent“ China to change and turn into one of the most important states of the modern world? According to the person living dozens of years in Harbin and seeing the country from within this riddle is concealed in features of the Chinese character. Read about eight “purely Chinese qualities“ thanks to which the country could realize those positive changes which are seen now by the whole world.

As explained to me one old Russian harbinets, local Chinese (I think, this property is inherent in all residents of Celestial Empire) were always famous for ability to copy all. They could make for you practically any thing if you gave to “Shi Foo“ (master) a sample or in detail explained that it is necessary to you.

For example, a floor big clock broke in a family of my old familiar harbinets. For repair, the watchmaker has no detail necessary. But at them in the yard there lived Fang - the master - gold - hands which kept a shop on repair of any differences, from umbrellas and footwear, to record players and electric devices most difficult (for those times).

It takes this spoiled detalka, finds for it, darling, the necessary material, pores over it without interruption at least three days in succession, but will correct hours! Telling to our words, Chinese very sharp-witted people. The main thing - is accurate to explain a task and to carefully check result.

The same Russian harbinets told me a story about how he managed with the help of Chinese “copyist Fang“ as he called the local handyman, to get out of very ticklish situation. Then my story-teller was about fifteen years old. In the summer his parents went for the dacha to friends - on the opposite coast of Songhua. And the adolescent Petya broke the favourite grandmother`s vase brought from Russia! And broke not just into splinters - the most part of a vase was scattered nearly on grains of sand. To stick together it there was no opportunity any more. And in ten days the well rested grandmother and mother with fresh suntan, and the father with big and very strong leather belt will return! What to do?

The question “who is guilty“ did not raise doubts - itself is guilty. And here our second immemorial Russian question forced my interlocutor to come to “Fang - Shi Foo“ which in five days gave to Petya practically the same old vase to integrities. How it restored it, really, stuck together? No, it found the familiar potter, and that made to it just the same vase in two days (including roasting). Three more days left on a list.

A result - parents noticed nothing, and Petya worked a debt, helping to solve homeworks for mathematics to the son of the master Fang.

Modern China shows use of abilities of “master Fang“ in scales of the whole country! The hardworking and sharp-witted Chinese working class does normal products on the modern equipment. Whether it is made according to the license from the western developer or “is simply spotted“ and “copied“ - it is already other question. The main thing that is made goods much - different in the price and quality, and for every taste.

How could only hundred years ago backward and almost entirely “opiumno - dependent“ China so to change? I will not be able to answer you. It is a riddle of China! Though I will risk to read the version.

The Chinese nation had fine potentials for development! I will bring several “purely Chinese qualities“ thanks to which China could realize those positive changes which are seen now by the whole world.

1. At Chinese the visual memory is very well developed. And it was always, to remember 2000 or 4000 hieroglyphs (these strange flourishes) - great work. And in age-old times in China about 6000 hieroglyphs were used.

2. At our neighbors acoustical memory and an articulation - Chinese very voice-frequency and therefore difficult for us, Europeans is very well developed.

3. Diligence and aspiration to success. To work, work and work, part forcibly ahead and nearby going and to go quicker them to own, personal success.

4. Respect for the printing word, for the country leaders and the immediate superior. They have such saying which works, but not just in textbooks is written: “The people have to be afraid of the Emperor, and the Emperor - has to be afraid of the People“.

5. Absence morally - ethical restrictions in business management.

6. Domesticity, clannishness. The help of a family is notable everywhere - both to employ the nephew, and money for the apartment to a young family to collect …

7. Careful attitude to the health. It is not necessary to do anything that can be injurious to your health. We as argue? “We live once - it is necessary to manage to try everything!“, and in all grave sins we rush. Chinese speak too: “We live once - why to ourselves to harm!“, and the majority of temptations reject. They have no our recklessness therefore also old men on the street much more! And 75 - 85 them veterans still quite normally go to the, they want communication, they enjoy life! At us, dashing and reckless, about such years the majority simply does not live.

8. There is one more, the main thing, the eighth quality distinguishing Chinese from Russians is care in everything ! Favourite introduction of northern Chinese: “Mang Zou“ (go slowly).

Here as it seems to me, the main Chinese qualities which helped them to construct “Great China“ and which and to us not a sin to adopt at our neighbors.