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Over the years and seldom

Recently, invite a few friends gather together the lianhua Ming tea liquor, outdoor tea this should be in shenzhen is a good place, if not on the weekend, people will be less, if you meet some Xu Fei rain fell model are the more wonderful. Together with my friends never to talk about work, work at ordinary times is hard enough, sometimes chat to the work of time feel a little queasy not happy, not you do not like your job, just think about work and aroma fills the air in the bamboo forest is very bad, at least, is pure, recently often like to use pure or pure word, what might he has been eager to a relatively perfect.

chat with others what the ideal, and to the problem of life is often chat, but mostly for some of the dark side of things, listen to more often have some panic, every time after the chat going after some self - help books or read a few essay to reconcile your own mood, also from time to time to produce a doubt whether make friends.

Actually most topics may still affair between man, every time sitting there listening to other people`s stories Video Conferencing, flow at someone else`s life it`s really easy, never say his story, I became a friend of the no story, to familiar with my friend and I just work machine, will make some romantic or entertainment occasionally. Never wanted to tell his own story, etc which day I really can feel detached enough, after the present their age and experience will no longer feel love dearly or helpless, these stories will be into the text to testify to look at your regretless youth, and the light of boiling over.

Suddenly, chat live paused, good quiet, and said, we all do not talk now, close your eyes, and we describe what we have heard it.

So immersed in quarter of an hour later Office furniture, we began to hear you say: first is that question their guqin background music for the ancient people, no wonder sometimes feel when drinking tea is a scroll fixation ha ha; And here is the original and the singing of birds, eye closure between suddenly find out in the hustle and bustle of urban core, and breezily between lips and gasp and light tea; As long as your heart is quiet, can also listen to the voice of the to the fallen leaves, bamboo leaves falling leisureliness and palm Ye Zaiqian dry friction sound, late autumn wind symphony, began to feel the autumn desolate, exactly said that should is winter now, there is no winter in shenzhen city, if is synonymous with cold in the winter. From a distance is the distance and the children of the noise, noise may be the most pure happiness table like, at least myself for many years not do even a little crazy laugh mathnasium, that kind of pure and even began to feel jealous ~ very ignorant

Tea and friends returned to the respective busy city with cold of greatly small grid inside, people continue to operate in this one grid do their own dream and warmth.

Since then, every day seems to have learned to eye closure to listen to sound, TR to learn to not only use eyes to see more will use ears to listen to life.

Frequently travel between shenzhen and guangzhou, previously on the intercity trains often feel is a kind of speed, see the rain outside the window Lin Fengmu in shuttle which passes in an instant, every time want to grab a scene to look right, every conscious gaze into a passing cloud. Is to fall asleep in the car and we wake up to is to the destination. Take loaded with pure music box with music again to wash the soul of the agitated, cold, false, evil and all the things have been polluted.

Always think, in many, many people think I`m a very good very good person, why in the eyes of some people even an unreasonable man, maybe is really fulfilled a case: are you teach others how to treat you. You put others when friends they is your friend, even if that person is your enemy once, if you take people as the enemy, is always be people who`ll hurt you, as a result the man really became will always be people who`ll hurt you, even if the person is ever caring friends with you, as long as you think he is bad for you, will also go dispute with each other, eventually become your bitter enemies. As long as our hearts sincere enough, to listen to all around us sincere and kindness, in exchange for a harmonious surroundings.

Closed his eyes again to listen to listen to the voice of mother gently help oneself cover the quilt, listening to the sound of family care in preparing food in the kitchen, to listen to employees at work busy operating computer voice, listen to up the breeze caresses Lin`s voice, the voice of listening to the sea ebb and flow of the turbulent - - - - - - - - - - -

of Listen to the voice of quiet indulge their ignorance and impetuous, listen to the voice of love will be ubiquitous tolerance for a heart of gratitude and warm one.