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Professional business. What is it?

Work acquaint with higher, professional level in business and how to reach it.

the Preface

Today almost nobody notices in our life some strangeness - we have no concept “professional business“. The phrase even does not meet anywhere. And to receive any substantial reference on the subject - in the Internet, encyclopedias, the circle of businessmen - it is almost impossible.

One of the reasons of it was the fact that everywhere there is deeply taken roots incorrect idea that any business activity already in itself is professional. As brings in the income. And therefore, according to those who divide such look, we also do not tell “professional business“ and any more this phrase is not used anywhere not to create any additional difficulties, and we manage just one “business“.

If to doubt fidelity of a similar view, - and on it there are all bases, any other activity has a clear, clear and natural division into levels, - and it is good “to dig“ a subject, interesting will open really a lot of. That not only will bring comprehensive practical benefit, will give to any business development and effective growth, but also will change radically our ideas of modern business, ways and the principles of obtaining the income and many other, even about the life.

Professional business as it will be visible further, - the concept by the principle simple and therefore will become clear to everyone. However capacious also has complex character, from - for what some one definition or comparison with already known, to carrying out a parallel to it - for example, to domestic and professional soccer - not to describe it. It is necessary to consider several basic provisions of which it consists. They will also give right and necessary representations. Also they can be applied at once, both in the very first practical steps, and in the subsequent.

The provided information is result of restoration of part of the knowledge lost by us.

01. What we do not know about business

On the first step of acquaintance to a subject it will be necessary to consider several important points and to try to look on already known more soberly and skeptically. In particular on information space in which we live, - there are no times in it anything about professional level in the organization, construction and conducting business - and result of our formation under its influence. Let`s begin with a question of receiving profit.

When the speech comes about receiving profit, something will be in most cases obligatory to disappear here. Irrespective of at what level it is talked and who can get this profit - ordinary businessman, owner of corporation or state. As there is direct link with a question of force . And, so and survivability, domination, competitiveness, also we designate the authorities to following. Therefore all information will not get to open access, by definition. And even something will be deliberately distorted. For the person who already got experience of the businessman and understood the nature of the occupation to it does not need proofs. Can confirm the statement the questions given below which for convenience are grouped in the test.

The test for business - education

1. Why at modern business only one level?

Why in it there is no division into initial and professional levels? As it is in other kinds of activity of the person - photos, cookery, construction and so forth?

2. In what professional level in business differs from initial?

Scale? Income size?.

What serves as objective criterion for evaluation of distinction between these levels?

3. Where you can learn about it?

4. What laws and rules in business are known to you?

Internal laws and rules which are defined not by government bodies, and are dictated by the profession nature, is in all kinds of activity of the person - in military science, art, medicine and so forth. What they in business?

5. Where you can learn about internal laws and rules of business?

6. What textbooks on business are known to you?

Textbooks, but not literature.

7. Why there are no exercise machines for business?

Each responsible profession has the exercise machine. Modern business does not have it. Why?

8. Why do not train in small business in higher education institutions?

9. Why there is no information on professional business anywhere?

Search, for example, in the Internet will not yield results. “Google“, “Yandex“, “Bing“ and “Wikipedia“ on inquiry of explaining or substantial do not give “professional business“.

10. By what principle it is necessary to build the business?

The elementary rule which was heard by everyone. But, as show affairs of the person, not each businessman understands his direct link with business and therefore does not apply it there. Experiencing from it difficulties and problems, sustaining essential losses.

11. What quality is most important for the businessman?

The doctor, for example, besides call of duty and responsibility requires extremely ability to abstract - that the type of wounds or pain of the patient did not prevent it to carry out treatment. And for the businessman?

12. What has to be at business a main goal what at it has to be the nature?

Money? Rating? Popularity?.

Simple description of fundamental difference.

13. What precept civilized business has?

At the military - fidelity to the oath, at the doctor - “do not do much harm“ etc. Whether the businessman has something similar? If is - that as sounds? If is not present - that why?

14. What “wood“ - the picture opens behind these “trees“ - questions?

Answers to all these questions carry simple, clear, short and unambiguous character. As treat bases of bases of our life. And when their person learns, at once agrees with them. Or, at least, to object it there is nothing, at the time of acquaintance, later. But as showed experience of communication of the author, today to give the answer to questions, behind an exception stalemates of minor, not any businessman, even with a wide experience can. Did not manage to make it both economists, and people of big business, and to millionaires, and those who finished MBI abroad. From them even questions were clear not to all.

Such deficiency of knowledge at once calls into question very many modern sources on which businessmen are trained, and arouses to them mistrust. Therefore for further advance on a subject for the reader will become useful for some time to forget about them.

There is also by an itself question of why we do not notice such obvious questions. One of subparagraphs in the answer to a question No. 13 &ndash is the reason; we have no the sufficient level of life experience. As, without knowing that, chose for themselves not the best way and did not know it.

To see confirmation to this assessment, it is possible to give the following series of questions. It is possible to call it for convenience the vital experience test. Answers to so simple questions, unambiguous and clear, as well as in previous, - they are bases of bases of life and a nature too. For each person, irrespective of his nationality, religious beliefs and so forth. Also will be clear, at least in the basis and the first steps of development, even to the school student.

Vital experience test

1. What in human life is defining?

Intelligence? Money and communications? Self-confidence?. *

2. What it is necessary to know for construction and strengthening of a harmonious family?

Several basic provisions, each of which belongs to a life nature.

3. What the most valuable in the life the person can collect?

Jewelry? Experience? Moral development?.

4. What is knowledge? What do they differ from information in?

Short simple formulation of fundamental differences.

5. What laws of life are known to you?

Each person, without being the scientist, can call at least several laws of physics. But physics - only the part of the life, so in the life laws is too. What they?

6. Where you can learn about laws of life?

7. Under what laws you live?

With what you are guided in the everyday life? The answer “under laws of the nature“ or “under laws of harmony“ - it is impossible to consider as the answer as does not contain a reality. The answer “on God`s“ often means only 10 precepts on tables therefore too will not be correct, it demands specification, precepts - the essence governed. That is derivative of the law (like the fact that each of us is guided by the rule well to tie laces as there is a law of gravitation).

For very many people will indicate the answer to a question rather huge mistake which is not noticed by them and the same problems following from it.

8. How you train the intelligence?

The nature gave to the person the strongest intelligence. How you on the course of life learned to appreciate this gift? How you develop it?

9. What is “culture of thinking“?

The culture of communication, physical culture or culture of food is known to all of us. There has to be then also a culture of thinking especially as we define ourselves as Homo sapiens.

10. Civilized person: what main differences at it?

Ability to show sympathy and humanity? To work at the computer? To follow trends?.

11. How you expand own consciousness?

12. How you collect cultural wealth?

Each of us can easily list a set of ways of accumulation of material values - sale of the work (work), own economy, the business, stock market game, etc. Just their purchase and even theft. But there is also non-material, cultural wealth. By which, including, directly are defined and our opportunities to collect and keep material values directly depend on them also. It is impossible to buy or take away them. As well as where they can be collected?

* Versions of answers which sound most often are hereinafter given. Among them can not be true. It is made to help to orient - experience showed that much without such hint questions and answers to them seem philosophical. As also these questions are obvious to

, and answers to them are simple and necessary literally for everyone, there is a natural question of why we with them were not acquainted at least in higher education institution. The question will arouse scepticism and mistrust to an education system through which we passed - she did not tell something or distorted. Scepticism will appear also to the level of knowledge which we gained in it and life. As questions and this test were difficult for the most different people - with two higher educations, to psychologists, research associates and so forth. The answer managed to be given only on several.

Scepticism can be confirmed with the argument. Such the next series of questions too collected in the test can serve, for example. With its help it is possible to give an objective assessment to the level of the education and partly intelligence. Answers to his questions also belong to life bases, but it is even simpler, than in the previous test.

Test for education

1. What is life?

Natural series of events? Set of accidents? Chaos?. What short description its nature has


2. How exactly you study life?

Need of studying of life of explanations does not demand. Without records it is impossible or it is extremely difficult to master any profession, and it is clear to everyone. One supervision and reflections of the person over takes off and landing of planes will not make of him the aviaengineer. Life as we too well understand, is much more difficult than any profession. What steps will be the most competent and effective in its studying?

3. Where it is possible to take the real knowledge?

The knowledge gained in higher education institution has short service life, finds application only in society and is a little suitable in real life: do not acquaint with its laws, human nature, creation of a family, methods of self-training, self-development and so forth

4. What there is an education?

Neither at school, nor at institute for some reason did not explain it to us. What the educated person from uneducated what changes in it happen differs in? What its affairs indicate it? How it is easy to distinguish the educated person from widely-read or the one who just graduated from higher education institution?

5. Whether you know that the word is material?

If yes, how exactly it you practice that?

6. What ways of training of intelligence the best?

And what appeared the most effective personally for you?

7. What types of thinking are known to you?

How many them everything? As well as than their it is possible to train and develop?

8. Can you appreciate information?

“Who possesses information - that owns a situation“. If you appreciate, what says about it what confirms? (Purchase of books should be referred to “the bringing exercise“.)

9. Can you think independently?

As, for example, the chess player during party. If yes, that as checked it what serves as confirmation? (The contemporary in the majority thinks of search of templates known to it.)

10. How you study time?

Our world chetyryokhmeren - height, length, width and time as it is dynamic. The modern European is interested only in matter and its laws, and at the right time he has a paradoxical relation - perceives as abstract pieces and the periods as if it also has no laws. Though other three are subordinated to this coordinate, its laws that is clear even to the child. And without knowledge of time human life becomes similar to creation of the house on sand.

11. What is astrology?

12. Good and evil - reality?

Or some relativity, philosophy?

If to receive answers to all questions posed and it is good to work them, at once it will become visible, they - “puzzles“ from a picture which will give a clear understanding what is professional business and what it differs in from that which we see around ourselves. In language of images the existing level in business can be compared with new as street style and boxing, a shelter - faugh or aikido.

“Puzzles“ will develop not in just explaining picture, and in a road map on the organization, construction and conducting business. Which if you follow it, will allow to receive in the activity other quality and the &ndash level is perfect; stabilization, development and growth of all sides of business, literacy and all other what each businessman needs.

Further practical work with this information will show that we do not see the whole information layer, the real knowledge. And that with us treated as children - showed a chessboard and figures, but did not tell rules of this game and its essence. And instead gave it for “Chapayev“. And all began to play it with enthusiasm: the result turns out at everyone - it is enough to contrive and nasbivat figures, to get profit. But the game is played not so much by crinkles, how many clicks. And therefore other way, so to speak, of development, with all from here the following consequences turns out absolutely. It will be told about all this in more detail and any more not as allegory and as is in vital reality.

Knowledge of “chess“ is partially lost from - for revolutions and globalization, is partially hidden. But they are subject to restoration, the part of restored will be given below, and can at desire be mastered by each businessman.

Be continued.