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What run begins with or How to start morning jogs?

Run - the sport available to everyone. In the book “Run Quicker, Longer and without Injuries“ the trainer of Olympic teams Nikolay Romanov describes pozny (from the word “pose“) the run method allowing to reduce traumatism and to make jogs pleasant and useful. Read this article and you will spend less than forces and to derive more pleasure from run.

Morning jogs will give you forces for all day. You will get rid of excess weight, reduce the level of a stress and you will improve the relations with the joints. But before lacing up sneakers and to go to the nearest park - study technology of run.

In the book “Run Quicker, Longer and without Injuries“ the trainer of Olympic teams Nikolay Romanov describes pozny (from the word “pose“) the run method allowing to reduce traumatism and to make jogs pleasant and useful.

recommends the MYTH

our colleague Renat Shagabutdinov is engaged in run long ago. Recently it ran Comrades distance of 87,7 km. Impresses? And books helped here:

“Was several books about run which seriously influenced my career of the runner - the fan - first of all “the Pozny method of run“ of Romanov. I treated run very simply and rectilinearly - and the book for me became a bolt from the blue. My results spread up, but at first I spent several weeks for attempts to realize the equipment, to find mistakes, to experiment.

... (“Run quicker, longer and without injuries“) I chose the new book of Nikolay Romanov already itself, being responsible for selection of books in the MYTH. It admired me with the simplicity and presentation - in it many illustrations and all nuances are in detail explained. It is sure that it will help much is comprehended to approach technology of run and to avoid injuries“. by

Choose a suitable type of run

there are several types of run. Regardless of your preparation you can choose one of them or at once combine a little:

Run in park. It is standard jogging to which we got used since the childhood. It is necessary to work only a little over equipment.

Cross-country run. The uneven relief and turns promote uniform development of muscles, sheaves, sinews and joints. Your vigilance and attentiveness increase, and you are better adjusted on process. The choice for thrill-seekers.

Run on sand. Run on the uneven soft sandy beach can be one of the heaviest trainings in your life, and jog on heavy dense sand will seem very easy. Will be ideally suited for dilution of your daily trainings.

you do not pursue distance, it will come to you.

Leave the iPod at home

Many of us use run as an opportunity to distract of everyday life, to contemplate some problems or to forget about everything. In other words, during run we use the mental energy to solve some affairs besides run.

Perhaps, in it there is some therapeutic effect, however it is better to run from it you will not become.

If you really want to learn to run better, you should choose other time to think over life, and to come collected for training and with the fresh head - without the electronic devices distracting you.

Land on forward part of foot

When you run on sand barefoot, land on forward part of foot. It is important to transfer this experience and to your morning jogs as the landing on a heel conducts to multiple injuries.

We so long ran incorrectly that it is natural to run for us already unnaturally. Be adjusted on sounding of the run - listen to a sound with which your legs touch the earth, listen to the frequency of these contacts. You will spend less than forces and will begin to run better when you do excessively not use the muscles or to land on a heel.

Rejoice to progress

Sport teaches you to use

the body in a new way. Progress depends on that, how well you developed perception and ability to distinguish one movement from another.

Even harmless morning jog requires attention from your reason and a body. However results in the form of the tightened body, a good health and good mood are worth it. Enjoy intermediate progress and be not satisfied with what has already been achieved!

Run - the sport available to everyone. For achievement of the first results it is only necessary to put on footwear and to leave the house. The rest - a trick which is described in the book of Nikolay Romanov and Curt Brungardt “Run quicker, longer and without injuries“ .