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What is concealed by vaults of the lock of the richest manufacturer Andrey Batashev?

V one row with Ivan Polzunov and other engineering nuggets modern researchers put Andrey Rodionovich Batashev. It improved metallurgical business, having entered the overturning furnace what in the West was offered by Reaumur later, applied metal rolling - this work was made by power of water. Cast iron from batashevsky plants was considered as the best in Europe and brought huge profits. But this income, approves legends, quickly steel for Andrey Rodionovich not main …

the Grandson of the former managing director of the Tula plants Nikita Demidov Andrey Rodionovich Batashev created on a joint of the Ryazan and Vladimir provinces by the end of 1770 - x years own principality “a measure hundred versts lengthways and hundred across“ with a set of villages, tens of thousands of serfs, plants and a flotilla of the vessels delivering production up to Arkhangelsk.

“Capital“ of batashevsky possession was placed versts in twenty from Kasimov. “An eagle nest“ - so nicknamed in the people the estate enclosed with a two-verst stone wall 5 - 7 - meter height. In two years in the estate, more similar to a feudal castle, the huge house in about ten wings and services, the theater, big park, two tens greenhouses appeared. There were also vaults about which rumors went much, but only the few knew that they are there, as well as for what.

All this was protected by vigilant guards - Andrey Rodionovich obtained the highest permission to hold a regiment “huntsmen number in 800“. Running to the capital, Batashev fixed communications in the high society - found approach to the prince Potemkin, was accepted in masons. Influential grandees quite often came to stay for a while to the Eagle nest where feasts and festivities lasted several days. The hospitable owner at such communications was able to afford a lot of things and not especially reckoned with local authorities.

Legends claim that the big house of Batashev one end stood on Ryazan, and to others - on the Vladimir earth. Wishing to avoid unpleasant visits, Andrey Vladimirovich allegedly “moved“ there, here. There will arrive the provincial official - and the barin already in other province …

Roksanovo`s village Attracted somehow to Batashev. Here oddly, somehow very opportunely, its former owner mysteriously disappeared. Andrey Rodionovich ranked also it as the possession and successors of the missing did not reconcile, began business. Ranks from the province came to understand, spent the night at Batashev, and could not find the village in the morning. “Where Roksanovo?“ - “Yes at us such village never before did not happen“, - locals swore. So business also came to an end in nothing. And a village - that couple of thousands of batashevsky serfs in a night carried on a brevnyshka and the earth that under it was, plowed. People were dispatched on batashevsky plants. It is not excluded that someone from them got also to farmstead vaults.

In vaults, tell, day and the daughter false chervonets did. When the estate was completed, the barin selected three hundred workers. They lived here, in the estate, very separately, communicated with domestics a little. Worked as if in two changes: early in the morning a half of them entered big pig-iron doors of one of towers, and other half left them towards. According to the legend, one of these workers, having fallen in love with the domestic girl, blabbed out it, than they are engaged underground. The rumor about “mint“ soon went after the district, and the lover and his Grushenka disappeared. The groans and crying reaching from where - that from - under walls, was heard then by several days.

After accession to the throne of the emperor Pavel to Batashev audit left to check hearing about chervonets. But Andrey Rodionovich in good time received the message on it. The next change of workers went under the earth, and towards to it nobody left: to people it was told that it is necessary to finish off at once urgent business then “barin“ will give all hundred rubles and will release on houses. More nobody saw these three hundred people, the managing director declared that they are allowed to go home by the barin.

In the same evening in a tavern the lordly favourite being drunk spoke: now supposedly at least hundred audits come - will find out nothing. In the morning it drowned. And audit, really, could not find an entrance to “an underground mansion“: in a tower where workers came, there was only a door in a garden.

Byl all this or nebyl, but local local historians claim that in 40 - x years of the 19th century the Vladimir gendarme colonel informed the Minister of Finance on seventeen million rubles hidden in Batashev`s estate and asked for permission to search of a treasure. It was not succeeded to find it. But, on the other hand, from three five-copeck coins found later in the territory of the estate two were false.

The legends and secrets connected with the identity of the owner of the Eagle nest occur one and a half centuries, their echoes are visible in Alexander Kuprin and Pavel Melnikov`s works writing under a pseudonym Andrey Pechersky. And the smoke, as they say, without fire does not happen …

“Andrey Rodionovich was a person of remarkable mind and inflexible will before anybody did not quail and did not stop before anything, - wrote about the owner of the Eagle nest many years later after his death the Russian Archive magazine. - For achievement of the purpose all means seemed to it convenient, and it went to it steadily, whatever road to it conducted. It needed the power, and it acquired it, it needed millions, and it extracted them. At the strong passions which are not bridled by education he did not recognize the law, governed...“ .