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Why Europeans marry Latin Americans?

Quantity of mixed marriages grow every year. Many of them last all life, some download in the first years, and is also such which develop into the present dramas., It seems, still, as well as in marriages among people of one nationality. But there are also nuances.

Somehow one of friends who is familiar with many mixed couples, asked:

- Here tell why Europeans - beautiful, clever, educated - sometimes marry such Latin Americans what any unfortunate of the far village would not contact them? I saw such marriages... well, just absolutely incompatible!

I never thought of mixed marriages in this way, but then began to touch some familiar couples in which husbands are Mexicans, and wives are foreigners, remembered all our talk, and I drew in detail some picture. I will specially make a reservation - the speech does not go specifically about the Russian wives. I speak about Europeans in general.

The case which is most extended among my acquaintances - people studied or worked together. Is also such who got acquainted on the Internet (them less).

And so, I will unite as I will manage, what personally managed to be heard from Europeans from the different countries.

1. European men... are not emotional! What will be told to the bride by the European? “I love you“, “You are necessary to me“, “I do not want to lose you“? And on it, most likely, will calm down.

What will be told to the beloved by the Latin American? Uuu, he will create the poem! It will fill up with such epithets that to the woman it will become even awkward - unless it is possible to be such perfect? He will paint in paints as he will suffer without it and as heavy and hard will die from such melancholy. He will paint such iridescent future together that country houses and diamonds already just will not want. It is possible to argue long on a subject that the woman is auditory, but with the fact that the Latin American men are eloquent in love explanations, it is impossible to argue already. To tell the woman that beauty of these words often does not mean anything, usually senselessly.

2. Europeans do not hurry to marry and get children. And to women, is especially closer to 30, already it begins to be wanted house heat and a cosiness. - too it is already less Latinomerikantsa, than earlier, but all - - are quite focused on a family and children. As, the elder brother is already married, he has already two, and I as the sucker, also did not begin! The fact that this handsome very quietly will be able to combine the wife with children and - for many women put a lot of mistresses with children more than the tenth.

3. Europeans, especially from the cold countries, for some reason consider the Latin American men as “hot machoes“ and - forgive my French - stallions in sex. Well... what here to tell? Not for all this advantage is on the first place, but, nevertheless, you should not dismiss it.

4. Many Europeans say that in their countries the people became too choosy. The blonde with blue eyes, the university diploma and knowledge of three languages plunges nobody into amazement. While in Latin America emergence of such miracle creates the real furor! The wife - the foreigner of appearance, exotic for Latin America, moreover and educated, lifts prestige of the Latin American among compatriots at once, and respectively, and will rush with such wife, as with a hand-written feed bag. What, of course, happens not always, but... someone thinks about bad on the eve of a wedding?

5. Continuation of point 4. By the way, the European appearance in Latin America is appreciated. Therefore some ordinary-looking pale moth who in the native land completely merged with a landscape will be a star of beauty unwritten here, and all posvorachivat necks on the street, looking at such miracle. Exceptions make tourist places where saw enough already of all.

6. From - for differences of mentalities sometimes happen also misunderstanding... If the Latin American says that he has “the business“, “the business“ - the European almost always imagines to herself the sparkling office in a skyscraper or still something so sublime. The Latin American, in turn, also did not think nobody to deceive - he understood a tray as “the business“ at the intersection where he personally sells flat cakes which are baked by his mother. And in it “own two-storeyed house“ there will live easily, besides it, his parents and two brothers with wives and children. Such marriages, as a rule, long do not keep.

By the way, there is one more kind of misunderstanding, and strangely enough, women from the countries with the high level of culture and education come across it.

The woman, agreeing to marry the Latin American, say, taxi driver, not absolutely imagines a difference between him and the taxi driver European. If the European taxi driver has in the anamnesis, at least, high school, then the taxi driver Latin American often can hardly be able to read.

How it is possible to be mistaken in the elect so cruelly? Do not ask, I do not know as, but I know what is possible.

7. I will lower cases when women from the countries which fell into deep and long crisis marry those Latin Americans who are able to solve their financial problems. Here too not everything is as unambiguous as can seem therefore I will not press in a jungle.

Well, and finally: and what marriages nevertheless it is more among mixed - happy or not? I do not know whether there is somewhere a statistics, and I do not know what it. From my personal observations, it is more happy couples. From those whom I know only three couples divorced and parted. In one woman met other man. In another - the difference in characters and mentality was global, eternal quarrels tired both parties. And in the third - people just quietly and peacefully understood that they are not created for each other.

On it I will finish “blamestorming session“. It is clear, what to spread out on some there points the many-sided live relations - occupation empty and worthless. What I wrote, is only attempt to answer my friend who was so surprised with compatibility of incompatible.