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In what meaning of life? At everyone the truth of

Each people asked such question at least once in life. People looked for the answer to this question from antiquity. And many even found. People cannot just reconcile to thought that there is no sense. Otherwise, why to exist? How to live with this thought?

To what only do not lead searches of meaning of life. To build the house, to plant a tree, to grow up the son - here a standard set which is offered to people by some unknown “wise men“.

Once I met the person who is in a depression who was suitsidalno ready. He said that he already in life made everything: grew up the son, built the house and even planted a tree, and now he has no need to live. There is such vital installation. Probably, not really good.

Life can be sad of - for the developed circumstances or because the person for some reason loses ability to derive pleasure from life.

What only people do not do to give to the life some sense.

Men often see meaning of life in the woman, building her in a cult. Women see meaning of life in children. By the way, children - the most widespread meaning of life. But a problem that children grow up. Happens that they do not meet expectation of the parents. And sometimes and absolutely disappoint. However parents continue to love the children despite everything. It works an instinct. A raven will not peck another raven`s eye.

Parents, with the last bit of strength, try to put the children on legs. Work to pension and continue to work at pension. Do not see life. Children, in turn, have to repeat experiment of the parents. And so from generation to generation.

I see around myself many lonely old men. They have children, but they seldom are at them on a visit. Generally - to take away pension savings of parents. But on it nobody turns attention. Children need to be helped.

There comes the son with a huge beer stomach, the daughter-in-law which strongly recovered after the delivery. With them couple of extreme, rather stupid grandsons. Adults drink alcohol, eat everything, prepared by back-breaking toil of parents, viands. Well and at way the road. It is possible to leave grandsons also. That it was not boring for old men. Let potter. Perhaps it also is normal, I do not know. Perhaps such also there has to be life …

By the way, many give birth to children, without thinking at all of what will be their future. Give birth for themselves that it was not boring. It turns out, selfishly. I was given birth also. My parents and for a minute did not reflect whom I will be what I will be that waits for me in the future. It was necessary just to bring children because it is so accepted. I cannot tell that I had a happy childhood. Memories of it at me poor and unpleasant.

Many young people make some nonsenses, behave recklessly and often on - hooligan. It occurs because at the subconscious level they feel a certain senselessness of life and boredom.

Also the religion is of interest. Having believed in God, people become happy already here and now. And even no expenses and special efforts to it are necessary. Besides thus it is possible to overcome fear of death - the most important fear of the person. The belief is too to sposobubezhat from thoughts of senselessness of life. Let`s dump everything on God. Is more visible to it.

To emphasize the importance, to satisfy the ego is widespread meaning of life too. People do a lot of things to emphasize the importance. Everyone wants to be the best, individually or in team. We want to be the best country, the best nation, the best city, the best street or the yard, the best team. We are proud of relatives. Certainly, it divides people in general, but unites in groups.

We are proud of something. We are proud “of“. We are proud of ourselves.

People want to raise the status. Some pursue science. Open something new only in order that their surname called, for example, a star or even some fungus or a virus. Many want to be the best player, the best worker. The main thing - to be allocated. It it seems as gives to life sense. Many want to become stars, celebrities.

It is part of game. People play games. Game carries away. We play games in the life. Officially they, of course, are not called games, but, in fact, a lot of things around us exist in the form of game. We think as it is more pleasant to us to think. For this reason everyone sees a situation in own way. For this reason at everyone the truth. Even news we perceives as game. We support these or those. We support idea.

We play career, we play success. We play searches of happiness or love. Ourselves build games for ourselves with certain rules. It mechanically makes our thinking. And when we manage to win, it delights us. Failures, respectively, bring us chagrin.

Sometimes the person long tries to obtain something and in process forgets why it in general began it. Began this game, this competition. The meaning is lost. Everything changes. The person begins to look for other sense in all this.

When we receive that we wanted what we aspired to, it pleases us. It is pleasant to us when everything meets. If to give us the same, but at the moment when we did not wish it, it will not bring us joy. The spirit plays a role. When something does not coincide with our plans, it irritates us, spoils mood.

We cannot live without games as life is too boring. How it seemed reasonable simply to begin to live, we cannot make it. So it is not interesting. Probably, our brain is so arranged. It needs food. Game is necessary for it. Life is so boring that even work for some people becomes hobby and turns into meaning of life.

Of course, everything is relative. Everything makes sense in relation to something. All human should not be alien to the person.

I know that the only meaning of life of the person are pleasures. Life loses any meaning when it is deprived of pleasures. This practical proof of the theory. In fact, all aspirations of the person are directed to carrying away themselves something. All of us time occupy ourselves one, another. When we are keen, we feel perfectly and, by the way, without search of the highest sense. When it is boring for us, we begin to torment ourselves with these searches.

The problem is that no occupations can carry away the person almost constantly. Interest all the same vanishes, and the person plunges into thoughts of something “important“ again. The person during the day can reinterpret several times the situation, the life. It also forms mood.

Important only that, how correctly we perceive life, how optimistically. Important how we spent this day. Whether we were happy today whether we derived pleasure, whether we rejoiced to something. If to argue logically, then the meaning of life also consists in it.