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Alma - Tadema sir Lawrence, “Spring in country house gardens to Borgeza“. What did it involve the artist with?

Attractive picture Alma - Tadema of sir Lawrence “Spring in country house gardens to Borgeza“: the woman collects flowers in a lawn near the fountain. Why the artist imprinted this moment? What for it was unusual in idyll on a lawn?

Pretty, it is how possible to see her face, the red-haired woman picks flowers. It is impossible to tell precisely, what is the time she carried out behind this occupation, but the basket is full of flowers. The scene of action is clear from the name - a country house to Borgeza, Rome.

In the 17th century the cardinal to Shipiona Borgeza broke on the place of the former vineyards park (a country house to Borgeza today - one of the art oases, most known in the world). The park was gradually enriched with the sculptures executed by the most famous artists.

On a water color the Sea Horses fountain, statues around it is represented, a bench on which one woman sits and reads the book, the second lies and listens to reading. As if nothing occurs, there is nothing the noteworthy artist. But what then roused Alma - to write to Tadem such picture?

We will try to get into the head of the artist and to find the answer to this question. For a start - what the fountain is? He is known that it was created by Hristofor Unterberger, date - 1791.

Hristofor (1732-1798) was born in Tyrol, studied art skill at the uncle Franz Unterberger, then - in the Vienna academy of arts. Then there was Venice and Verona, and then - Rome. Influence of Anton Raphael Mengs together with which it worked on registration of the hall of papyruses of the Vatican library was reflected in Rome in his creativity.

In 1780 he headed team of artists which transferred Bramante and Raphael`s Vatican loggias to canvases. In 1784 - 86 years he decorated a country house to Borgeza with mythological pictures and participated in design of the “playful“ fountain “Sea Horses“.

From a water color Alma - Tadema not really clearly why historians of art call the fountain “playful“. But if to look at a detailed picture which - that clears up. Probably, the word “playful“ proceeds from the place from where the stream beats. It, so to say, is a little unusual: as a rule, the stream beats from a mouth. And in this fountain...

Now we will address a water color: where this stream falls? And the stream falls precisely to the place designated by a bow on a dress.

Naturally, there was a question: or he it saw this artificial creation of the artist? Most likely, similar he happened to contemplate something: the park is open for visits, in it all walk without restriction. To that the certificate - one more picture painted approximately from the same point as at Alma - Tadema.

However, any more there are no statues and benches, but there are visitors with children and without, dogs play, the fountain beats with all streams.

It is possible to assume that Alma - Tadema came to park to etudes, saw the woman with a basket. He to himself drew, it collected flowers, moving on a lawn. And there was, if I may say so, a merge of a female figure to a water stream. It seemed to it amusing. He made a sketch, then executed it a water color.

Here it is worth remembering biography details Alma - Tadema. Travel to Rome (first) took place in 1872, in a year after a wedding with the second wife - Laura. For reference use: to it - 35, it - 18. It is logical to assume that the etude was made the same year. Where there was this work five years? The answer - lay in the folder. And it could be born from - for troubles, comprehended sir Lawrence. In 1874 his house was destroyed by explosion of the barge with gunpowder on one of channels of London. Nobody suffered, there were safe both pictures, and archive of the artist. From - for lack of a workshop some time to it was necessary to work as the schedule and the aquarellist. Probably, then came up from archive drawing which in 1877 (in five years after a trip to Rome) turned into a graceful water color.

Why there is no option in oil? Probably, it counted the picture not really decent. Nevertheless it (picture) lived up to now. And we have today an opportunity to see a country house garden to Borgeza the artist`s eyes.

It is not excluded that the woman in a picture - Laura, the wife Alma - Tadema.