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Destiny - the myth or reality?

argue On destiny, discuss it, admire it. At one she is “villain“, and for others is more sweet than honey. To destiny sing of laudatory odes and from - for it shed bitter tears. The destiny is created and the destiny is obeyed. Who such this destiny?

Quite often I had to hear that everything that happens to us - it is our destiny. It is foreordained to us by the principal reason (God), and not to us, the mere mortal to argue with this outline. And what then to do to us?

Obediently to follow in advance planned scenario, without asking excess questions and without deliberating. To go down stream and to hope that it will take out you on the beautiful paradise island once, well or will sink. Agree? I am not really. Therefore I suggest to understand who all - such, this destiny?

According to the existing definition, the destiny is a set of all events which happened to us which influence the course and quality of human life. They define as far as the person is satisfied with the life, or is disappointed in it. But who creates all these events? Who bears responsibility for what daily happens to us? For some people responsibility lies heavily upon brittle shoulders of destiny. If, of course, the destiny in general has shoulders!

Interesting definition of the considered concept exists in the Indian philosophy and mythology. There the destiny is called a karma. The karma is first of all action. Any action made by the person which involves the corresponding consequences. All this, eventually, defines quality of life of each of us. In the world of the Indian philosophy each person bears responsibility for the actions which, eventually, turn into destiny. The role of the Lord consists only in distribution of the received results when our life is finished.

Then it turns out what we are not allocated with a certain destiny since the birth, are powerless something to change, so? The destiny is a result of our choice, and it is formed in the course of the decisions made by us and the made acts.

If the destiny, or a karma is a set of our actions who then bears responsibility for them? The principal reason (God) or all - ourselves? Who forces us to go to unloved work, is junk food, to connect the lives not with those people?

I think if to answer honestly, it ourselves. Every day we accept a huge number of decisions, we make, at first sight, usual, insignificant acts and we do not reflect that even now, reading this article, we create the destiny. Almost there is no great also.

Waking up, we create the new day, we decide how to spend time given us what to devote itself to. All decisions made by us turn into acts, acts, in turn, turn into habits, and habits build up our character, it also defines our destiny.

If you do not know what want, there will always be those who know. If you have no own purposes, you will be only means in achievement of strangers. Believe, it very much tires. In that case, other people will make decisions for you, to build your lives, to create your destinies.

Remember that all of us are directors of the life. Work that your life was the worthy movie filled with happiness and boundless love. Be not afraid of responsibility. And then your destiny will be sweet!