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Cuban cherry. How to grow up it?

What only plants were not presented to the person by family Solanaceous! The nightshade room which peak of decorative effect is the share of Christmas holidays is distinguished from them with the beauty.

Family Solanaceous - surprising family: presented to people potatoes, a tomato, an eggplant, pepper, cape gooseberry, tobacco, a set of types of cultivated flowers. There is in this family an original plant, a nightshade room, subdued flower growers amazing fruits which in the middle of winter decorate a bush as if fantastic Christmas tree decorations.

The room nightshade contains up to fifty types. Decorative effect of these plants is indisputable: during fructification the plant is covered large, to 1,5 cm in the diameter, bright, brilliant, oranzhevo - red berries. Decorative effect amplifies the fact that at plants at the same time there are white flowers and berries of different degree of ripeness.

Fruits of the majority of types of a nightshade are inedible, it is possible to get poisoned with them. But that is interesting, despite virulence fruits, the room nightshade is often called the Chinese cherry, room cherry, the Cuban cherry, the Jerusalem cherry. The nightshade meets black edible berries. In the homeland, in South America, they are used in pastries.

In the European countries the room nightshade often is decoration of the house for Christmas holidays instead of a fir-tree. Brilliant, oranzhevo - red berries against dark-green foliage create fantastic mood. It is necessary to remember virulence of fruits and not to get this plant if in the house there are small children - the temptation is too big to try bright berries.

Two look are most widespread in room floriculture: nightshade pertsevidny and nightshade lozhnoperechny. At the first look leaves narrowly - oval, dark-green, star-shaped flowers have white coloring, fruits - the berries having oranzhevo - red coloring. Its dwarfish forms - bush height to 30 cm enjoy popularity. At a lozhnoperechny nightshade leaves are shorter, and fruits are larger. The plant reaches 70 - 75 cm in height and the pertsevidny nightshade looks more effectively, than.

Some herbalists consider fruits of a pertsevidny nightshade not so poisonous and apply them at treatment of quinsy. Juice is used for a rassasyvaniye of furuncles, healing of wounds and cuts. This nightshade is called sometimes an anginnik, an anginny tree. But it is thought, you should not experiment - enough, the herbs checked, growing in our districts.

The room nightshade is considered quite unpretentious plant. However, certain conditions of keeping should be met to receive the beautiful, plentifully blossoming bush.

The nightshade needs a lot of light, but from midday beams it is desirable pritenyat that there were no burns of leaves. During the summer period if there is opportunity to contain in the open air.

Optimum air temperature - 18 - 25 degrees. Not bad transfers temperature increase to 30 degrees, at the same time it is necessary to provide to plants sufficient humidity: to put in the pallet with expanded clay which has to be always damp, spray regularly. In winter time to contain at a temperature of 12 - 16 degrees, then berries and leaves will longer hold on.

That to the room nightshade which is considered as an annual plant to prolong life, at the end of winter, the beginning of spring it should be replaced and made cardinal cutting. Before this procedure the bush should not be watered that it dumped foliage and fruits. If to give to a plant the cone-shaped form, then it will be even more similar to a New Year`s fir-tree.

The room nightshade in summertime loves plentiful and regular watering, he quickly uses nutrients therefore weekly it is necessary to feed up him fertilizers for the blossoming plants. In the oseena - winter time it is enough to feed up once a month.

If the plant blossoms, and fruits are not tied, it is necessary to make artificial pollination by means of a brush.

Web ticks and a plant louse can attack a nightshade. In this case not to do without insecticides.

It is better to make multiple copies a nightshade seeds, then stronger, well fructifying plants turn out. Experts recommend to sow seeds in February - March on depth about a centimeter. Soil will approach such: the peat earth, clay and is a little sand.

Shoots appear within ten days. When plants reach ten centimeters, to them prishchipyvat tops. Since the spring, it is possible to form a bush by removal of excess lateral escapes, prishchipyvaniye.

In the summer blossoming, mass fructification - since fall begins. Berries keep on bushes during the whole winter.

It is possible to make multiple copies a room nightshade and shanks, they well take roots in damp sand.

Lodge this solanaceous miracle in the apartment, and the festive New Year`s mood will be provided to you!