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Rhubarb sauces: what they can be and what dishes will approach?

seem to me, the rhubarb is not up to the end estimated by modern cookery. Perhaps, it is too simple for high kitchen? But where we, and where “high kitchen“? And maybe, it is so simple that we also do not remember it though it also sticks out restlessly on a giving backyard?

By the way, so ordinary-looking, but large plant not always grew in the Russian gardens and kitchen gardens. It was once very rare, on trade in a rhubarb there was the state monopoly, punishments for violation were the most strict.

The rhubarb is familiar to mankind about 4000 years, however it grew in the Central China and Tibet, there it was applied as medicine. Then the rhubarb got to Persia, to Russia it was brought by merchants from Bukhara. Seeds to Russia were brought already by N. M. Przhevalsky, and ours “a restless bush“ - the obvious descendant of those seeds of the great traveler.

No, we can remember when compote, kissel, and even lemonade with addition of strawberry and mint is necessary during a heat. We can bake pie (even the simple charlotte with a rhubarb - and that is good). Who is in time, that cooks jam, does fruit jelly or jelly. My country neighbors use not only scapes, but also leaves - put them in borsches.

News, unexpected for me, turned out the fact that do of a rhubarb also wine like Chablis. Juice from scapes is mixed with sugar and maintained in the cellar not less than a year. But did not drink and did not even meet - or perhaps just did not pay attention.

But, as we know, the king of kitchen - sauce. It changes everything, all “small culinary life“. Five minutes of work - and revenny sauce for meat is ready. At the same time we will not leave Europe anywhere, we will remain quite in line with the European traditions. Ours turned sour - sweet sauce will lie not over yogurt or ice cream, and over a juicy piece of meat. Best of all pork approaches it, so, somewhere also the idea of a shish kebab waits nearby.

Further already variations on a subject. There is, of course, a base. All the rhubarb by and large needs, is sugar. Proportions depend on love or dislike for sour. I instead of sugar put medical

So, “base“ varies too: it is possible to crush stalks and to boil thoroughly them with sugar, and it is possible to boil and make at first mashed potatoes (then simpler to wipe). And here further - a matter of taste and imaginations. Not to tell that the rhubarb was absolutely “a pure canvas“ on which it is possible to add infinitely paint, but nevertheless possible variations are diverse. For those who love “all tastes at once“ it is possible to connect revenny mashed potatoes to the onions and garlic fried previously, to add a mustard trifle, a ginger piece, Chile hot pepper, to sprinkle soy sauce - it turns out turned sour - with pleasure - sharply - bitterly. Actually, at me most often and it turns out, but this business of preferences and habits.

Speak, revenny sauce is perfectly stored: in the refrigerator - several weeks and if to sterilize, then and for the winter, the same with a freezing. I did not manage to check it - everything was eaten at once.

This red sauce well goes to red meat. But not only. On feeling - the rhubarb approaches nearly everything. It is felt that from it there will be an excellent sauce and to fish. Moreover, many do cold summer fish soups on rhubarb decoction: here pieces of a pike perch, cod will approach, and it is possible to put also seafood - shrimps or mussels. The rhubarb also is combined with a huge number of herbs and seasonings: to sauce to meat it is possible to add parsley, to sauce to a dessert - vanilla, a carnation, cinnamon, a nutmeg and so on.

No, definitely the rhubarb is underestimated. Means, put for us. The main thing - not to forget that it seems to us very much and very simple.