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Apricots. Than stones of the Armenian apples are useful?

the Speech in article will go not about apples habitual to us, and about absolutely other fruits - apricots. In a scientific world they are called Pr ú nus armeni á ca. That is - Armenian. But why such strange special name if apricots grow in many countries? The matter is that long ago apricots began to cultivate in the territory of present Armenia. From here these tasty and juicy fruits got to Greece where received the name of the Armenian apples.

An apricot - a national symbol of Armenia. Around the world there are 44 grades of apricot trees. At fruits from this tree in popular speech several names: dried apricots, zherdel, zheltoslivnik, dried apricots, morello. In an apricot there are a lot of useful substances. From the point of view of physicians, the use in food of apricots very effectively and well affects a human body. Feature here that in this fruit there is a lot of carotene, iron, iodine, potassium.

The stone of any grade of an apricot tree contains B17 vitamin (it still call laetrit, or amigdalin). This vitamin (in very small amounts) contains in a cranberry, bilberry, wild strawberry. But its record quantity is revealed only in kernels of apricot stones. In what way B17 vitamin struggles with malignant tumors?

The molecule of B17 vitamin comprises compound of cyanide (one), a benzoldikhid (two) and glucose (two connections too). That cyanide became dangerous to the person, it has to be allocated from a molecule. This process is possible only under the influence of enzyme (a beta - a glyukozidaza). But it is not enough enzyme in our healthy cells. And there is a lot of it in patients. Having got into healthy cells, molecules of B17 vitamin are not able to injure them - the mechanism of release of cyanide is not started. But this mechanism begins to work in cancer cells, the emitted cyanide destroys them and at the same time is liquidated also.

But what for cyanide contains in kernels of stones? Hydrocianic acid. Be not frightened! Of course, if you break a bucket of stones and at one go will eat all kernels, then, it is necessary to understand, the advantage to an organism will not be but only harm. An optimum dose for the adult - ten stones a day. And not at once, and gradually. For children - no more than five.

Relation to B17 vitamin around the world still inconsistent. On the one hand, it is recognized as medicine as ideal chemotherapeutic means in fight against cancer diseases at their initial stage. On the other hand, treatment by B17 vitamin (megavitamin therapy) is in the USA and some other countries under a ban. Why?

With this question writers Eduard Griffin and doctor Ernest Krebs understood America. The first wrote the book “The World without Cancer“, and the second in 1989 gave the sensational report in Los - Andzheles at annual conference on fight against cancer. Their arguments were convincing and well reasoned. Nevertheless in the USA the cancer therapy druggists is not approved by B17 vitamin to this day.

Eduard Griffin and Ernest Krebs called also the reason of it. Simply it is not favorable to firms to focus attention of consumers on an alternative way of treatment. Then their profits will fall. That it did not occur, the cost of a course of treatment this vitamin B of the USA - several thousands of dollars in a week! At the same time special emphasis is put in mass media on the fact that independent treatment by kernels from stones of apricots is extremely supposedly dangerous from - for hydrocianic acid in them. And words about the minimum safe daily quantity of the eaten kernels!

Unfortunately, the medicine is not focused on the prevention of diseases. It is focused considerably on “knocking-out“ of money from patients. And if somewhere there is something, menacing to the profitable union of physicians with druggists, it is suppressed or it is counteracted.