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How to save on apartment renovation?

Summer - the best season to be engaged in apartment renovation. Temperature in it and on the street differs a little. Means, it is possible not to worry about how quickly everything will dry. Besides, in the summer long light day. Neighbors went to have a rest and will not begin to knock on a ceiling or walls from - for squeal of a drill. Well, everything is fine. Only the financial question as construction materials are expensive now will disturb.

However it is possible to save significantly on repair if to listen at forums to councils of the knowing people. You not only who will begin to solve the same problem. So, on what it is possible to save?

Make the list of the required materials. Look in shops what is available and at what price. Main thing: write down in a notebook of the name of firms - producers of these or those materials, having paid special attention to quality. If it is identical, but the prices differ, then, of course, it is necessary to buy that is lower at cost. Second moment: before buying, precisely define how many it will be required materials. Add a little to this quantity “just in case“. There is no sense to buy with a large supply - surplus from you will hardly withdraw in shop. Especially in case do not keep the cash voucher.

As a rule, repair begin with a ceiling. Presently the ceiling with usual cretaceous whitewashing is considered outdated. If at you such, but there is a wish more modern then there is a choice. Often ceilings paste over with polyvinyl with a stamping on it. The option quite good, but demands ideally plain surface - otherwise joints of plates will begin to give ugly shadows. Alignment of a ceiling will demand, of course, additional resources. Besides polyvinyl is short-lived, and costs quite much. Only the qualified master is capable to perform work on alignment of a ceiling qualitatively. Certainly, not for nothing. It is especially difficult to level a ceiling if on it there is a joint between concrete plates.

It is possible to refuse alignment of a ceiling if to establish a stretch ceiling. Now such ceilings happen glossy, to a photo printing and multilevel design. But very few people know that there are still cheap white opaque stretch ceilings. Their installation on time takes few hours. Plus here that the feeling of ideally equal ceiling which is allegedly painted by white paint is created.

Unfortunately, the becoming fashionable coloring of walls demands their good alignment too. And it is careful plastering, use of a primer, hard putty and very tiresome manual skills on giving to corners of exact geometry. The deviation even on one centimeter will be noticeable at once if furniture to put closely to corners. I do not say that for alignment of walls you besides will need the expert. But also, the designer who will pick up “wall“ paints taking into account furniture, light falling in windows, the room sizes and so on.

But it is possible to save on all this if not to level a wall. Then it is enough to paste over of them with wall-paper without vertical and horizontal lines. The best option - small “vegetable“ drawing on wall-paper which should not be combined at a sticker of cloths. And combination of cloths forces to cut wall-paper so that their remains from rolls become not suitable for further repair. Important nuance: use of wall-paper without vertical and horizontal lines will allow you to hide roughnesses of corners at walls.

It is possible to save also on floors. Now there is no need to buy expensive paint. The reason not only in its cost, and and that in most cases it is quickly erased under legs. Alas, quality of paints leaves much to be desired. The coloring made without removal of old paint, and over it is especially short-lived. So usually also becomes though normal it is required to remove at first old paint, to proolifit a floor, to give it well to dry and only then to paint.

To use linoleum more reliably and more economically. It is issued different. The choice is very wide. If at you in the apartment rather warmly in an ice cold season, that is a reason to lay cheap linoleum without basis. Just choose in shop at what drawing will be well sated with graphics “under the road“.

It is clear, that the extent of the “planned“ economy on repair strongly depends on a condition of the family budget. But in the conditions of nation-wide financial crisis, I believe, there will be a little persons interested to spend money over the “ceiling“ established by calculations.