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What to do from m*daka at work and how not to become same?

Unpleasant people surround us everywhere: they are rude, cling to words and wait for any oversight that to point to it. And is most difficult usually happens to petty tyrants who surround us at work. Robert Sutton, without mincing words, calls such people of a m*dakama and tells how to find approach to them. Must read for all who face aggression at work.

Whether you got to collective where there was an upstart which haunted all team? Cooperation with such people affects efficiency, the general atmosphere and a self-assessment of each participant of collective. The effect of behavior of rascals has cumulative character because negative interactions influence our mood stronger, than positive.

The book of the teacher of stendfordsky university Robert Sutton “Do not work with m*daka“ tells about how rascals prevent work of team and that with them to do.

But whether the rascal I am?

Almost each person behaves as the real villain from time to time. Among them there are even teachers of stendfordsky university. The author of the book and professor business - schools Robert Sutton pleads guilty to many crimes such.

For example, having somehow become angry on the employee whom suspected (mistakenly) of intention to take away office from group, Sutton sent it the offensive e-mail. He put in “copy“ of her chief and subordinates, and also other members professorsko - teaching structure. She only told: “You forced me to cry“. All this was a big mistake with which it is a shame to professor still.

It happens. In certain conditions each person can potentially act as the bastard. It is important not to turn into “the certified rascal“ who constantly does harm to others.

One of bastards

the Unsurpassed bastard can call by

the producer Scott Rudin. According to Wall Street Journal, from 2000 to 2005 it replaced about 250 personal assistants; Rudin claimed that are only reflected in his records 119 (but noticed that there assistants who worked less than two weeks are not included).

His former assistants said to correspondents of Journal that he constantly quarreled and shouted at them. One told that he was dismissed for “not that cake for breakfast“ what Mr. Rudin did not remember, but recognized that it “was quite possible“.

And what OZM at you?

of OZM are the general expenses on mudak. It appears, to have such in collective very much and very expensively. Ranier and Lauralee Kishli show Charlotte how to estimate similar costs. They begin with the following facts: 25% of the victims of mockeries and 20% of eyewitnesses of persecution leave. In the organization consisting of 1000 employees, dismissal of a quarter of the victims of mockeries (at the cost of replacement of 20000 dollars) will pour out in 750000 dollars of annual losses.

And if to consider that two witnesses are the share of each “object“ of persecution and 20% from them leave, then 1,2 million more dollars are added. Thus, total costs of the fluidity of personnel are equal to modest 2 million dollars a year.

Harm from petty tyrants

the Distinctive sign of teams and the organizations which are operated by villains or in which an assemblage of bastards commits excesses, that the atmosphere in them is penetrated by fear, hatred and desire to revenge.

In the organizations constructed on fear, employees constantly look back, try to avoid charges and humiliation. Even knowing how to help the company, they often just are afraid to make it.

Villains too suffer

the rascals Offending people often become the victims of own actions. Employees who constantly sincerely and physically devastate people around undermine own efficiency, inciting colleagues and the management against themselves, and weaken the social communications.

People who have a good time the fact that they take away forces from others - exhaust all juice from the career.

Prevention: you do not hurry to brand people

Before accusing the person and to put on the label of the incorrigible petty tyrant is mute, try to understand a situation and to look at it from all directions. Sometimes happens so that some closed or unfriendly, but decent employees, it is easy to take for the certified rascals.

“Working with the person who at first sight seemed mudaky, I every time was convinced of an inaccuracy of superficial impression: all of them were absolutely normal as soon as we met closer“. Peter McDonald, IDEO

Of course, is people with whom the method does not work: the you learn them more, the more receive proofs that it is typical rascals. But it is better to draw conclusions, based on the exact facts, but not on far-fetched representations.

of the Rule of work with villains

you Hold the “local goats“ far away from process of hiring or if it is impossible, involve as much as possible “civilized“ people in processes of interview and decision-making to compensate human addiction to employ “morons like themselves“.

Quickly get rid of mudak. You treat the certified rascals as to incompetent employees. If petty tyrants perfectly cope with the duties, but constantly humiliate people around, it is necessary to treat them as to professional unsuitable.

Limit communication with rascals to reduce chance most to catch “fever of the villain“. Besides, tactics of evasion from communication with such people reduces the damage caused by them. The longer we remain in an environment of bastards, the more are inclined to becoming just the same. “Do not work as

On materials of the book of Robert Sutton with m*daka“.