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How to write letters? Five rules of business correspondence

Write letters. Write letters correctly and politely. Such answer follows on a question how to write letters that I was answered and answered the fact that there is a wish.

Today more and more working issues are resolved by means of electronic correspondence. And how many letters daily we send to spam? We answer some contacts, and simply we ignore someone`s letters. How to write so that your letters were not just read, but that they worked for you?

Books about successful business correspondence is written much, is much carried out seminars and trainings, but they most often are guided in bigger or less measure by a set of wonderful rules which is available to each of us. If to follow it, then your letters will not depart to a basket, and will earn for you money as it is about working correspondence.

This a miracle - a set of five rules:

1. Write politely. Perhaps, 90% of success are a polite communication in correspondence by e-mail. Do not forget to use “please“, to thank and show words your openness and readiness to cooperate. We have enough boors also on the road, isn`t it? In each letter the recipient sees you only by means of letters, let they will be in a polite combination and will transfer for you the most important message on a positive note.

2. Build the house in each letter. if not to lay the foundation, at the house the roof will go. The same principle works also in electronic correspondence. At first base, then the house and roof. At first you ask a question or a task - it is our base; then you propose the solution - it is a letter body; then you call for action or reaction to your letter is a roof. That the roof did not move down from your letters, do not begin them with her.

3. Welcome the recipient of the letter. Many often lower a name of the recipient, saving time. But it is really difficult to write “Vasya“ at the beginning of the letter? You spend second, and you receive the person who is already focused and in attention.

Everything is simple. You come to the market where at a counter with fruit big turn on seasonal strawberry. Strawberry - fresh and at the good price. And everyone in crowd shouts: “To me strawberries! And me strawberries!“ - and to whom, how many strawberry in kilograms. There is a lot of buyers, and the seller one. And you stand at the end of turn. But you were lucky, you know his name. And you shout: “Vasya, me strawberries!“ And, of course, Vasya hears the name, sees you and sells you the most sweet strawberry.

We are so arranged that our brain in any situation especially reacts to our name. We hear it from first minutes of life and we see in the first cards happy birthday and all further life. And when among ten incoming letters we see the letter with the name, we on it are focused much quicker, than on the letter without address by name. Spend second - and receive more time which contact in the letter will find for you.

4. It is how important to address by name, it is so important to write a greeting in the letter. the Principle same, as well as with a name, plus it is polite (do not forget about the first point, it is important). Welcome the recipient proceeding from a time of writing and departure of the letter. The most comfortable to an eye of expression begin with an adjective “kind“ (good morning, good afternoon or good evening).

At all the greeting “Hello“ is not allowed in successful correspondence. This greeting you show not only a bad form, but also unwillingness to be guided in the world around you. That is you as if have no time to analyse, what time is it now, and to write the necessary phrase. We do not consider a situation when you write the letter and send it by pigeon mail, and just are afraid not to guess the necessary hour in which contact will receive the letter? Times of pigeon mail passed, also as well as there passed the usage time of this expression.

5. Use the contact block in the signature for easier communication with you. phone in the last letter from the sender Is always more convenient to look and to call it even if number is in the telephone book of phone. Perhaps, someone uses IP-telephony and calls via the computer or the working stationary telephone set. Also conveniently quickly to find the contact address if it is necessary to send the courier or to order delivery. Be in touch with the recipient of the letter, facilitate to it life details, he will estimate it.

Of course, it is much more rules of successful correspondence, than above-mentioned. But if to use at least these five in each sent letter, chances to receive the necessary answer increase by 5 times. Try already now!