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Onomastics miracles or Why the devil is covered in trifles?

V our century of general informatization and a computerization are very simple to drown in the huge ocean of unknown. Existence of books on your shelf - yet not an occasion to be under a delusion, even they not always help, we so do not like to peer, get a grasp. And meanwhile it is the only way not to be trapped!

Why there was this subject? Yes for that simple reason that in our century, all got a false idea a century of general computer literacy themselves, suddenly, venerable writers and philologists.

All of us studied gradually

to Something and as - nibud

So education, thank God, of

U we are not sophisticated to flash.

A.S. Pushkin

I will notice At once that between “computer literacy“ and simple “literacy“ not only to you it is not necessary to put an equal-sign, but also it is necessary to place them nearly on different poles! The person, nicely and freely bryakayushchy on keys, in written language (and in oral) makes sometimes such somersaults that sometimes there is a wish to ask: “Old man, and you - that went to school? Yes? And did - that you there what?“ But, nevertheless, to a subject!

Now the huge number of experts in various branches divorced. Including in onomastics. Recently I on it ran. Neither it is not enough nor much, and he declared that “Vishnyakov - the surname formed from wrong writing of Veshnyaki“. In as! Without any doubts! Surely and firmly! Well such position is not new to me for a long time.

Years so 8 back I somehow became interested in bookstore in a book of one Muscovite, Doctor of Philology in which (in the book, of course) interpretation of surnames was considered, allegedly. The phrase exactly - in - exactly from there! It is necessary to tell that as soon as I read this offer, I put this invaluable work on a regiment at once, and about the author tried to forget. If there stood “perhaps“ or at least “most likely“, then it would be still possible to take to look through, but so strong statements in science in which probabilistic approach is used!. It already too! No, if on some historical piece a certain scientific worm considered peripetias of a concrete word form, then - please. And here - it is categorical!

The matter is that under this surname your obedient servant lives a little more than 50 years. To tell that history of emergence of the surname was not interesting to me at all - means, it is simple to lie! Without having been too lazy, took the phonebook and just compared a ratio of Vishnyakov and Veshnyakov in the hometown - the million plus city. The first won proportions 2 to 1.

Wrong writing? Plot of poor students in a passport office? By no means. The city at me southern. If to look through the telephone directory in the northern cities, in the same Arkhangelsk, then the ratio will change in favor of the second letter “e“ in a surname. What it speaks about? But only that the etymology of these surnames in different regions could be various. I pay your attention to italics “could be“. We did not consider history of an origin of a name of the specific person but only we take average data!

By concrete words (oh, not poorly separately taken scientist sometimes to consult a dictionary!) : “âåøíÿê“ - so in northern regions call “the sea industrialists accepted on vesnovalny trade or on a vyoshna“, to put it briefly, coming for trade in the spring! However, so could (that is much more rare) to call also the person who was born in the spring. I will notice once again that it is first of all about northern regions.

The word “vishnyak“ (vishennik) - “a cherry grove, Liski, a garden“. It is already more characteristic of the southern regions as well I did not meet to the north of a midland of cherry thickets! Well they do not want grow there also all here!

Well and absolutely to finish: “the vishnyakovy fur - from sheep vyporotok, atlasisty, goes on dressing gowns“ (V. I. Dahl`s dictionary).

About what all this speaks? If to take generally, then about anything! Each case should be considered separately and in a special way. And in such reference books and handbooks on onomastics it is necessary to operate with words very accurately. And it is necessary to write: “most likely“ or “in certain areas“, or it is “at least possible“. And that in those regions from where my ancestors, so there in general about ours spoke: “vashnyak“! Yes, quite so, through a letter “A“.

Some will ask: and at what here a devil who will mention in heading? And while the temptation to look more scientific, than you are actually - it is in general a present illness! To make hastily candidate on crude, unchecked material today very much even can while in due time my unforgettable teacher spoke to us: “To confirm the hypothesis, it is necessary to consider ALL possible options falling under it. And to disprove it, only one fact contradicting it suffices! “

So, misters are companions, the devil does not sleep, he is covered in those trifles which you passed in the works or just did not pay attention to them.