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How find the lost pets?

Many get nice pets now. In city conditions most often it is kitties and doggies of different breeds. Sometimes - very expensive. Sometimes it happens so that during walk they are lost.

Expecting such unpleasant situation, owners of pets try to facilitate to themselves searches. In the elementary case on a neck at a cat or a dog the medallion hangs on a ribbon. In it there is a note with the home address and the owner`s phone.

Unfortunately, the medalyonchik can be lost. Besides, if it hangs on a neck at a thoroughbred animal, then it is direct aiming to some people on the fact that it is possible to make good money. The kitty or a doggie are “taken away“, then call on the mobile phone to the owner and suggested to be returned. Like, found incidentally, now we will bring, and you prepare remuneration.

Certainly, searches can drag on in time. Paid attention to that how many announcements hang about loss of animals? As a rule, here the speech about thoroughbred animals. And it means that to look for it is useless - the kitty or a doggie were already resold. It was also not lost. It was just stolen. Why did not wish to earn reward? So the sum is significantly lower than it, than the cost of a thoroughbred animal on zoomarkets or in pet-shops.

In the West such business prospered very long. But then were through with him. To owners of pets suggested to implant under skin to pets electronic chips. The chip represents a tiny glass flask, of the size of a rice kernel. Inside - electronics. To a cat or a dog the chip is implanted, having made a small skin cut. Operation takes place quickly. Chips for pets are called Pet - ID.

In the West without fail all pets are exposed to a chipirovaniye. Each chip contains a unique code in the form of 15-place number. In any way it is impossible to forge it (for the purpose of change). In a body of an animal the chip radiates nothing as has no power source. To find it to the touch under skin from - for very small sizes extremely difficult. So removal of the chip - a task only for the true professionals in electronics owning also methods of surgery. For detection it is necessary to carry out on a body of an animal by the special scanner. From it the chip will be charged and will give a low-power signal which contains a code. All codes are entered in the database. It is easy to determine by them who possesses (or belonged) a pet.

All chipirovanny pets in a case when they are lost, arrive on points of check of chips. And further already elementary on a code find the owner. Besides, in the West will not take a sick animal in a veterinary clinic if it not chipirovano. The matter is that there history of treatment is conducted surely with the indication of a code of the chip. Besides, not a chipirovanny animal it is impossible to sell through pet-shops.

In Russia it is possible to chipirovat pets too. However, so far only in the large cities. Range of codes for Moscow: 643099000100000 - 643099000100999. It is deciphered on the scanner rather simply: 643 - a code of Russia, 099 - a code of the producer of the chip (the subsequent zero - reserve), 100 - a region code with the figure accruing at the end, 000 - 999 (in this range the individual code of an animal lies, at shortage of signs - it will be expanded).

It is possible to look for the gone animal in electronic base in two ways. The first - according to number of the chip (the animal base - ID). All models of chips are surely certified and have electronic number. The second way of search - on animal ID (ZooCode base).

In the large cities of Russia at exhibitions of animals the rule of their scanning and compliance to the declared passport and other data is already introduced. In veterinary clinics scanning is entered too. Of course, clinics are not engaged in any “investigative“ activity. Scanning is necessary for them to reveal whether is obese in general the chip. Feature here that in clinics they are implanted. And the second chip will bring confusion. And sometimes happens so that stole a thoroughbred cat or a dog and try “to write down“ a chipirovaniye them on themselves. But at the same time do not know that the chip in a body - lifelong. It is very difficult to remove it, and at times and in general it is impossible (grows into a muscle).

Chipirovaniye considerably facilitates search of the missing of a pet in the all-Russian electronic database (such base is already conducted). In the conditions of Moscow from you will take about 900 rubles for statement of the chip. Not so and there is a lot of. But there will be a guarantee that in case of loss you will find the thoroughbred doggie quicker.