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How to make the house comfortable taking into account type of the temperament?

Interior of our house - reflection of our character and temperament. And here it is important to arrange the house so that also to us, both our temperament, and all family members it was easy and comfortable.

It is known that psychologists conditionally allocate four types of temperament of the person: sanguine person, choleric person, phlegmatic person, melancholiac. We will not give to these types the detailed characteristic, and we will consider how can reflect an interior of the house or apartment the temperament of its owner and what design receptions can make the dwelling cozy for all family members (and the grandmother - the choleric person, and the grandfather - the phlegmatic person, and the father - the sanguine person, and the child - the melancholiac).

In pure form temperaments meet seldom therefore each of us has some common features, as gives to different people the chance to reach compromise and to get on in one family together.

So, the most cheerful of all psychotypes is a sanguine person. It will suit in an interior bright and juicy colors (red, orange, saturated yellow). These colors will help it to feel confident, will enrich with energy. Shades brown in combination with cream and dairy - white coloring will be also useful. Such colors will lead the sanguine person to feeling of stability and validity in his life.

Cool shades - lilac, violet, cornflower-blue - will allow it to relax and have a rest. In an interior it is possible to use greens, live plants, from furniture elements - glass and metal.

Are important for the sanguine person a lot of air, light and a scope.

They easily take down walls in the housing, unite rooms, create non-standard plannings. They adore communication, fun, noisy holidays, love that in the house children`s voices, fuss of pets were heard.

If to speak about styles, then sanguine persons will suit any of existing in modern design style - from classics to find fault - a teka.

From - for aspirations to a scope, you should not overload the house of the sanguine person with different objects. The minimalism is closer to them.

Common features of registration of the dwelling of sanguine persons:

High ceilings, there are a lot of lamps, a floor of light shades. Windows with good access of air, ideally - existence of the conditioner. Instead of curtains and curtains - most likely will prefer blinds. As to the sanguine person the freedom of movement, density of furniture in the center of the room is important he will not approve. The center of the room has to be free. The furniture is preferable on castors, mobile that it could be moved without problems.

In a drawing room, most likely, it will apply such situation - a wide sofa, a little table on castors, couple of mobile chairs. A bedroom - a wide bed and a case - a compartment in all wall.

Pictures on walls can be a little, but to the sanguine person it is important that it were originals. Style of pictures - is more preferable, abstraction.

Sanguine persons very much love technical novelties. And still the sanguine person loves contrast combinations of objects, for example, a red wide sofa and a white small rug on a floor. Also the practicality of the fact that it surrounds him is important for the sanguine person.

Choleric person.

It has an explosive character, mobile and captious. Therefore to please it it is difficult.

The choleric person prefers the colors which is a match for its character. Same In “возбуждающиеВ“: scarlet, claret, purple, violet, orange, lemon. Choleric persons like to mix various shades, for example, warm with cold: blue with orange, white with scarlet, etc.

Psychologists, telling about this temperament, advise to combine shades of green, blue with shades. Blue, for example, will expand space, and green will fill an interior with energy of life.

For the choleric person it is difficult to speak about the choice of some one style. Most likely, he will prefer mixture of styles. As at choleric persons the passion to change of impressions is strong.

You should not overload an interior of the choleric person with different fashionable bagatelles too, and here the passion to movement can satisfy furniture which can be collected in parts in different combinations.

Designers advise to pay attention to lighting in the house of the choleric person, it is better if it is multilevel, allowing to change a situation by means of light. It is also important to equip correctly the place for a dream, the choleric person spends a lot of energy in a day, and the full-fledged, quiet dream is necessary for it for maintenance of health.

Phlegmatic person.

This psychotype aspires to quiet, measured life. Conservatism and efficiency are peculiar to it. Therefore also he will prefer an interior thorough, with heavy and strong furniture. Loves antiquarian things. For it the most important - to look solid and respectable. Its interior, except oak furniture, can decorate a fireplace (both electric, and real), - depending on features of the room.

The stucco molding, strict forms rounded by furniture corners.

Prefers styles traditional (classics or a modernist style, rococo).

The lighting - muffled not direct.

Phlegmatic persons appreciate an order. Everything has to lie on the places. Therefore its dwelling has to be equipped with a large number of lockers and and boxes for storage of various things. It will be happy if you find in the general interior the place for the equipment the small storeroom there.

The phlegmatic person will not object to ancient pictures and family photos on walls since family values are very important for him.


Has a rich inner world, but the visionary, than the realist is more often. The reality often frightens him and he to aspire In “спрятатьсяВ“ from it in some lonely corner. Therefore also the house perceives as In “крепостьВ“.

Curtains have to be dense, light - scattered. It can be pleased with illumination for racks. The beautiful floor lamp for a bedroom - too will bring to the melancholiac pleasure. Still he loves blinking of candles which help it to create the pacified mood.

The melancholiac most often will choose furniture of a rounded or oval shape. In home pier there should not be nothing dangerous and angular. Melancholiacs love a cosiness therefore it will be wonderful if you enter some lovely things in an interior of its room: souvenirs, toys, figurines, children`s drawings and photo albums with its happy photos. It will give it confidence and will please with pleasant memories.

If you have in a family a melancholiac - the child, then wall-paper in his room has to be light, joyful scale. The child of this psychotype is very susceptible and sensitive. It needs continued psychological and emotional support. To you color and soft pillows, bright covers, a soft carpet, favourite toys will help to create the necessary benevolent atmosphere. Do not forget about a night lamp. If the child wakes up at night, the night lamp has to be near at hand to turn on the light and to get off disturbing mind.

In a word, the kid - the melancholiac has to feel comfortably and safely. It is especially important for it.