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How to create own Internet - shop?

to make good money, not obligatory to sit at office with 9 to 6. It is possible to be engaged in a favourite hobby and to receive for it decent money - create the Internet - shop!

Knitting of sweaters with the Scandinavian ornament, soap manufacture or production of design accessories - now it not only pleasant ways to pass away evening, but also an excellent opportunity to begin the business without large investments. And while you modestly put likes under someone else`s handmade - projects, your potential clients do orders on the websites of your competitors.

You still did not make the website the Internet - shop because you think that it long, expensively, difficult and risky. Actually it not so. And how?

the Website because …

Conceiving the Internet - shop, needs to be decided where you will place the offers. The first social networks occur: sale through them seems to the simply and fast.

Really, people from the list of friends know you and are already ready loyally. Most likely they will want to buy from you something, but the effect of a gossip hotline will gradually come to naught, and new clients will not be able just to find your group. And even if it happens, they can decide not to do the order because instead of the catalog of goods will see albums with nonprofessional photos in which will just be lost.

One more important nuance at sale - an operative communication with the client. However and here with social networks there is a hitch: it is easy to pass notices of new inquiries in the general flow of all those messages which will fall down you as on the beginning businessman.

Other option - to create the Internet - shop with all necessary options. Own website of the project speaks about gravity of your intentions and a priori causes more trust of users. They see all range at once, can specify details at the seller in online - a chat or through a feedback form, it is easy to make the order and also quickly to pay purchase.

In the theory and in practice

If for creation the Internet - shop was required earlier for

the help of IT - the expert, then now it is possible to cope with it independently - modern platforms for creation of the websites and business undertake the solution of all tasks. Everything that from you will be required, it to choose the necessary template, to add goods and their description, and then and functions e - commerce: an order form, an opportunity to postpone goods in a basket and, of course, to provide several options of payment of purchase and its delivery.

The interface of such platforms is intuitive, everything can be adjusted under specifics of your business. The only shortcoming is that creation of the ideal website will require time and attention to details: it is necessary to think over structure, to pick up suitable images, to prepare the text and many other things. But the result is worth it.

Design - business thin

If in usual shops of buyers entice

originally decorated show-windows, then your task as owner the Internet - shop - to develop attractive design of the website. Choose an optimal color scheme, fonts and images of goods in good permission, whenever possible in several foreshortenings. It is desirable that on the website there were no more than three basic flowers, otherwise will begin to flicker clients before eyes, and to them will have no time for purchases. The separate attention should be paid to configuration of blocks: by all means take out important information in the top part of the screen. Feedback


how you will communicate with the buyers: by phone, Skype, mail, through a contact form on the website or a chat. Choosing formats, be guided by the number of free time: for example, to respond to letters longer. Most often the Internet - shops use a contact form from which applications come to e-mail. Will not prevent to specify on the website and a phone number with the schedule of order taking on it. You remember if you did not respond to the morning request till the evening, consider that the client “left“.

Payment methods


As well as in usual shop, on the Internet the user before purchase collects the necessary goods in a basket, but virtual. Their payment can be organized through payment service providers, by means of credit cards or e-wallets. Several types of payment increase chances that the buyer will make purchase.

Time of figures

Statistics on all orders remains in a private office of the owner on the website the Internet - shop. At the same time it is necessary to keep account of all expenses attentively: on purchase of materials, the commissions to payment operators, services of the courier or mail and many other things. Do not inflate the price to block expenses, on an exit in plus some time will be required.

The separate budget should be put on a contextual advertizing in advance, it is much more effective than advance in social networks or profile communities. One more effective way to declare oneself (and in modern designers of the websites there is this option) - e - mail - mailings about discounts and actions. Make the beautiful letter, send it to new or regular customers, and cliques will not keep you waiting long. But do not abuse letters - all are irritated by spam, and too persuasive offers will spoil to you reputation.

Planning creation the Internet - shop, you remember that interesting idea and use of professional tools for its embodiment - a half of success. Let at you everything will turn out!