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How to recover from crisis by the winner?

That changes did not frighten, it is necessary to change together with them. Quite so the guru of management Ichak Adizes considers. In this article read about conclusions and lessons from its new book “Management during a Crisis Era“.

For many change it is more terrible than red-hot iron, and the word crisis forces to clutch at the head. “But if nothing changes - means, you are already dead“, - the guru of management Ichak Adizes considers.

Changes were and will be always. And the stronger you - the more will be changes and problems, and you should not be afraid of it. This book will help you to meet vital and professional difficulties fully equipped.

Crisis - it

Crises lead an opportunity to progress. Crisis stimulates an ingenuity, leads to opening and new strategy. The one who wins against crisis wins a victory over himself, without submitting to circumstances.

As became tempered steel

For certain you in the childhood parents warned: “It is impossible to come after a hot shower to cold! You will catch a cold!“ And in Finland or Russia people, having steamed out in a bath and properly propotev, rush to snow. I do not doubt that having followed their example, I most likely would catch pneumonia and died. What do we differ from each other in?

Everything depends on whether your organism is strong. If yes, changes only temper that you if is not present - can ruin.

Told treats not only people, but also the organizations: those from them that are ready to changes, get stronger in the hard times and unprepared get sick and risk to go bankrupt.

the Overdue ball

One of force components - ability to react quickly to changes. You not an aircraft carrier for which five miles are required to be developed. You the torpedo boat which can immediately change a course.

Present that, playing tennis, you run to a ball only after it already hit against the earth. Agree, at the same time you will hardly manage to beat off it successfully.

The player has to be able to predict where the ball will land and to beforehand take the corresponding position. The same treats also changes in private life and work. To remain in game and to win, it is necessary to be able to expect and advance changes.

Bad generals

If came it is time to change - follow an example of Japanese. When the Japanese company falls into a difficult situation, the first to whom cut down a salary, - its president. If the situation becomes even more serious, he the first retires.

In Japan do not begin with dismissal of ordinary employees - Japanese consider that there are no bad soldiers, there are only bad generals.

Changes begin with a personal responsibility.

Scars on a lap

Mary Kaye`s

- the famous American businesswoman who created the huge cosmetic empire. Having started from scratch, her company earned millions.

People often asked it: “Mrs. Kaye, in what a secret of your success?“ And she answered: “You see scars on my knees? Here secret of my success!“

of Success tries to obtain not the one who seldom falls, and the one who quickly rises to the feet.

How to overtake a lion

Two persons go barefoot on the African savanna and suddenly meet a lion. One begins to pull sneakers quickly. Another with astonishment asks: “Why you put on sneakers? To you all the same not to overtake a lion!“ And that answers: “And I also do not hope to overtake a lion, I want to overtake you!“

What is the time is necessary for you that “to jump on legs“? If you are strong, changes allow you to move forward and be ahead quicker of competitors, and crisis becomes your ally. Each problem is a lesson. The question is in whether study for you will be in vain, or you will manage to derive benefit from it.

The new book of Ichak Adizes “Management during a crisis era“ learns to derive benefit in hard times.