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15 ways of female masturbation of

Options and ways of female masturbation exist a large number, in this article together with the magazine about sex we will consider the most popular of them - Female masturbation happens adaptive and dezadaptivny.

Adaptive - ways of stimulation of a clitoris or an entrance to a vagina which can be reproduced at the pair relations by the woman or her partner. For example, strokings of a clitoris, rotary motions, razminaniye, fulling, easy vdavleniye (rhythmical pressing) etc. of

of Dezadaptivnaya - a clitoris pulling, influence by a water stream, compression of certain internal muscles, tension of an abdominal tension at the bound legs, friction on a subject surface (on a chair back, the table edge), use of objects and even pets (a kitten, a guinea pig etc.) introduction of objects to an urethra.

Nearly 94% of women at masturbation stimulate a clitoris, but at the intercourse do not receive feelings from this area. The problem is only that the arrangement of a clitoris and a man`s pubis do not coincide therefore the movements of the man do not lead to pressing a clitoris. The woman has a feeling “ emptiness “ below, fear of that masturbation by it something “ damaged “. Types of masturbation for girls various, in this article it is provided 15 of the most popular, for masturbation I recommend to visit the sex shop:

Masturbation water-pressure

Masturbation water-pressure - One of the most widespread types. Its realization requires correctly established shower. That is it has to be not static, as in the American standard, and removable. Also it is desirable with the removed spray. At the same time force of a pressure of &ndash hot water is of great importance; quality and duration of an orgasm depends on it. Water-pressure masturbation is good the fact that it is possible to be engaged in it when you in the house not one.

Masturbation hygienic

Masturbation hygienic - It is connected with water procedures too, but only medical. For this purpose larger syringe is filled with weak solution of a camomile or just boiled water. Everything becomes according to the same scheme, as usual syringing. With only that difference that now this process becomes more intelligent, and its speed depends on personal temperament of syringed. Here it is important not to be overzealous - procedure demands accuracy.

Masturbation with vibration

Masturbation with vibration - Can participate In it: phalli from sex - a shop, a tooth electrobrush, vibrating massagers and as it is strange, an acoustic column from a stereosystem with the good low-frequency loudspeaker. In the first three cases everything is clear: pressed a button - also went. With a column, of course, it is more difficult. In - the first, the loudspeaker it is necessary to place so that the sound precisely got to places, the most sensitive for vibration. For this purpose a column it is better to saddle. In - the second, it is necessary to pick up high-quality records. They have to be dynamic, with strong percussions and with not getting off rhythm. At the same time it is unmuted on a maximum.

Ways - Masturbation organic

Masturbation organic - Masturbation with organic chemistry Means: with cucumbers, carrot, bananas. People skilled say that it is better to use the &ndash condom at the same time; to be protected from bacteria.

Masturbation perfumery

Masturbation perfumery - In this context roll-on deodorants gain one more valuable property. Not only that they do not destroy an ozone layer, so they still can use in the known purposes. For a penetration bottles of a streamline shape (naturally, it is necessary to put on a condom them that on the way of nothing to lose and not to pour) are good, and for external application the form does not matter. The main thing that the ball was on the place, and the deodorant already ended - greasings such can do harm.

Masturbation toy

Masturbation toy - In sense with toys. In this look domestic plastic hares, doggies and burros enjoy special popularity. Especially thrills give toys with pimples. It is good if at this animal ears, a tail or he small and streamline are strongly extended. Also inflatable Disney`s heroes have success: dalmatians, ducklings. Not children`s toys, that is various dildos from sex - shops, are popular too, but it is less.

Masturbation exotic

Masturbation exotic - Those who adore exotic are inclined To it and originally thinks. The look is this not mass. Non-standard objects, for example lamps of a fallichesky form, with snakes, insects and so on are used.

Hips (Or “masturbation publicly“)

of the Hip - Some women can reach sexual excitement and even an orgasm by simple reduction of hips (rubbing them the friend about the friend), thus stimulating a clitoris. Sometimes they do it in public places. If you see that you at the woman of a leg are crossed, it is strenuously bent and with tension squeezes hips probably she feels much more pleasant feelings, than it would be possible to think (especially if it shakes a leg to hide the movements of hips, unusually quickly and deeply breathes, pressing the magazine or a bag to a stomach bottom, blushes).

A long trip in public transport? Sedentary work at a table? No problem. Some recommendations for a start. If you masturbate at home, take yourself for the rule to squeeze hips together at approach of an orgasm. After it becomes your second nature, squeeze hips while you cannot stop any more on the way to an orgasm (but did not reach it yet), take away away the hands, provide to hips to bring you to the culmination. It will sometimes not be successful, but the result is worth it. Gradually by means of imaginations and pleasant associations and also sex of a toy, you will be capable to manage only hips at more and more early stage of the act of masturbation.


Identification - This equipment is a little specific: for one it works, for others - no.

Detain the left hand of a lip of a cat so that the clitoris was, it is as if put forward outside. A forefinger of the right hand, more precisely, its tip, we begin to play with a clitoris. As a rule, everything comes to an end with a delightful orgasm.

Two more ways

Sit down, and by a forefinger do the fast movements directly on a clitoris, more and more accelerating. When you feel that the orgasm here - here will come - stop. Wait several seconds and again, but already more slowly. It is so possible to repeat many times so far there is enough endurance. After that orgasm just excellent.

Standing. Take a plastic jar of an oval form (in whom shower gel usually either cream or shampoo). Begin to drive between legs a bottle, then quicker and more often and doing more and more strong pushes. It has to pass through a clitoris and near a vagina, caressing them. Orgasms can also be tightened as well as in the first case. It is possible to force to test himself right after it the following orgasm. It is possible to sit down or be bent for strengthening of feelings.


Combination - Begin game with a clitoris fingers of one hand. Possibly, will seem to you that it will be a little. Connect in action and other hand - place two or three fingers in a vagina, continuing (to push) your lump of love.

Such impression is made that you make love to the friend (or the girlfriend), and as a result “ double “ stimulation will lead to very qualitative orgasm.


of the Palm - You Put two palms. You place by yourself between legs. To whom as is better, closer to a clitoris or is closer to an entrance to a vagina. Why two palms, but not one? That there was no temptation in addition to itself something to stimulate (for example, nipples).

The way of subjects is good that two palms prolong approach of an orgasm, and at the same time you do not fuse.


Neznakomets - Sit down on a palm of your dominating hand and sit not movably minutes 10-20. When the hand grows dumb, begin to masturbate it. There will be a feeling that your clitoris is caressed by absolutely others hand!

As a real man

As a real man - Enter a forefinger - in a vagina, clitoris heads (approximately on one centimeter), and a small pillow big &ndash are slightly lower; slightly higher than a head, without concerning it. Begin the movement index - you do not slide, and as if move it together with a thin skin up, at the end stop and slightly “ take “ a clitoris together with a thumb. Back (down) move without pressing. That is the rush of blood, even absence of desire &ndash is so stimulated; passes soon when the clitoris strains, it can be stimulated as a man`s small chlenik, at the same time using the emitted greasing! Main thing here that - to do pressing under a clitoris only at the movement up! To concern the head and it is not necessary. I.e. as if “ expression “ and actually forcing of blood to the area of a clitoris.


Mouth - The Exclusive way - but very qualitative! Besides, with anything the incomparable visual effect of the cat leads to an orgasm of the highest test. Only do not break a back. The patience is necessary. Such flexibility can be reached for a two-three of months of trainings, i.e. it is optional to go to gymnastics.

Lay down on a back and throw legs back (you remember that you should not do it too sharply or without warm-up). Do not try to stimulate after the first warm-up a clitoris with a mouth. You awake to feel waist pain about a week. Warm up better and receive cascade orgasms.


Friction - Place two fingers of any hand on a clitoris. Move with them around on its top. In the course of masturbation it is possible to change pressure and speed. It is possible to test an orgasm in a minute. As necessary fingers can be oiled or cream. Ways of masturbation are various but all bring pleasure!