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Man`s loneliness. Where the misogynist is born?

What does the loneliness threaten the man who is not enjoying popularity at women with? Why many of them so furiously hate an opposite sex? And why so difficult to the guy to establish a full-fledged family without constant caution in the past of the darling?

If to cast away fears, to dress an armor and not to breathe a nose, then it is possible to move off in searches of especially men`s secular societies. It happens and so that similar associations are based around a common problem of failure at women, and the misogyny in them will appear nearly the first paragraph of the charter or rules. Let`s find out why such peculiar will is dictated by man`s loneliness.

Where gives not demand

Why it occurs? Practically any society in general is very aggressive: people are angry with black cats, with slow drivers in front, with the lost keys and most of all at each other. Why aggression in people flooded all tolerance, having left only its small islands, is a question of other narration. But why to women gets from men - singles such kind portion of hatred?

Imagine a situation when the nature orders to look for to you couple, but your couple does not want to be you found in any way. You are a young guy, and your coevals look at you as though through glass, vigorously uprygivy after the turning gray gentleman on huge white Mercedes, or after his son on Mercedes it is less. In general, it is easy to explain such behavior: poverty pushes young girls in embraces of men with the strong and constant income, they as soon as possible want to flutter out from a fatherlike nest because very often the atmosphere reigns in it not the most pleasant.

Business, of course, not only in money, girls mature spiritually earlier, men become interesting to them is more senior, with the position, knowledge and life experience; as one more important factor serves their desire already from the youth to get posterity, fully which can only be brought up being married. Besides all tendency of women to get off nearly in harems around the most charming or wealthy representatives of a strong half of mankind is well-known.

No, all this not conjectures: statistically, up to 30 - 35 years of the guys who were never married is one and a half times more, than the girls who were not marrying still. If in the Russian Federation marriage polygamy is forbidden, and the total of men and women is approximately equal, then a conclusion can be only one: young girls actively marry men is more senior, and many young guys are out of work. So in that case it is necessary to do to children who in life were lucky slightly less, than the rest? They need only to watch how their coevals arrange private life, marry, give birth to children, get divorced, angry with ex-husbands and again marry All these love affairs pass

by them when it would be much desirable to taste them. And the young girls, in turn, surrounded with attention of men of all age on all fronts with might and main let grow crowns on the heads, turning the modest monasteries into palaces and locks. In such behavior, it seems, too there is nothing reprehensible: the great demand on a limited edition always raises the final price; girls, seeing a great number of admirers, become exacting, touch candidates in search of the best - sexual selection of evolution in operation is available.

Now - as all this looks in general and why laws of the competition do not work in the sphere of the interpersonal relations. Let`s return to an initial situation: you are a young guy, want to receive the portion of love and caress from life, but, considering the aforesaid, quite can happen so that you will get nothing. You look at how people try to build the life, create couples happy and not really, but nobody lets in you this world of romanticism.

Affairs are absolutely bad if the guy is timid: girls will not show an initiative, to them to beat off the boyfriends; seeing such huge number of attention to itself practically from each man, they already make plans on Hollywood stars, quite often running across from one groom to another. It turns out that someone gets practically nothing, and to someone novels on the whole book. A little unfairly... Sense of justice is not familiar to animals, and here to the highest brain activity of the person - very much even he is familiar.

So what proper response has to follow from the unclaimed guy on such state of affairs? Naturally, at least, deep offense on women, and at children with poorly expressed knightly nobility - at all sincere hatred, barefaced to them. The woman is not a thing, she chooses to herself couple. So why it is better to become for the sake of someone and to aspire to someone who all the same finally can not estimate your efforts at all? Yes, in general, there is also no need.

the Problem of single mothers

would Seem to

, position of young guys and so not the most enviable, but finally their hopes finish the statistics figures concerning the number of single mothers in the Russian Federation. Who is guilty of ruptures of the relations and disintegrations of marriages - a question too intimate, and except participants of the former couple it has to concern nobody: whether the woman could keep heat of a home, or the man could not keep in borders of a family or hold the defects or maybe they initially not strongly - that suited one another.

Most likely, truth, as always, somewhere in the middle, equally both former lovers also are also guilty of the same degree the circumstances surrounding them. Anyway the fact that in Russia exactly a half got married is dissolved sooner or later is reality from which anywhere not to get to, and the majority of stains (about 40%) fall on the first 4 years of joint life.

The woman diligently chooses the father for the future posterity, the head of family, gives it the hand and heart Then something occurs, and as a result we have a little more than 5 million single mothers who are bringing up at least one minor child. It is terrible figure. The age structure of this category of citizens is unknown, but if to make an approximate assessment, then 5 million women are about a half of all unmarried women aged from 20 till 45 years. As a result chance for the lonely guy to find the half, without rushing in others and already created (though consisting of only one mother and the child) a family, it is at all narrowed to the sizes of an eye of a needle. It is possible to add to it that a great number of single mothers, having saved in itself offenses on all men in general and on the ex-husband or the lover in particular, cease even to aspire to the new relations, completely devoting itself to care of the children.

Such here life, and most likely such future of the misogynist at not the most numerous group of people who were not lucky once with an opposite sex.