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Display of the fashion designer Natalya Yusupova within opening of Nicholas cafe of

on June 25, 2015, grandiose official opening of the new fashionable place in the Moscow gastronomy - Nikolas cafe took place (Bolshaya Polyanka St., 27).

It is one of places of new generation of restaurant business and the multipurpose direction. The cozy cafe is located in an ancient mansion in the center of the capital that undoubtedly gives it special charm, interior design absorbed in itself mixture of popular styles. To visitors the bar, restaurant, the VIP - rooms and a big two-level verandah are made available.

the Central part of entertainment program became display of wedding fashion from the designer Nadezhda Yusupova (Speranza Couture) with participation of beauties of the Russian Show - business. Her dresses differ in the elegance, tenderness, among elements there are lace fabric finishings, flowers, and at each model there are unique butterflies.

were chosen as Models of display the famous actresses, singers and TV hosts: Anna Kalashnikova, Natalya Lesnikovaya, Antonina Klimenko, Lyubava Greshnova, Svetlana Koval, Yulya Vinar, Galina Rzhakhenskaya, Yulia Chipliyeva, Martha Kot, Ornella.

Besides representatives of leaders of event & wedding of agencies, restaurant business came to visit opening: Dmitry Malikov, Vitaly Gogunsky, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Anna Boronina (ex-the soloist gr. 23:45), Alla Dovlatova, Igor Butman (the jazzman, the saxophonist), Ekaterina Grigoryeva / Catty Kot (the artist - a syurrealistka), Arkady Novikov (the restaurateur “Novikov Group“), Dmitry Sergeyev and Alexey Volkov (“Ginza Prodzhekt“), Mikhail Kusnirovich (Bosco Family), Darya Egorova (actress), Nicholas Tsonku (actor), Karina Andolenko (actress) and many others.

Guests of action enjoyed various most tasty dishes according to unique recipes from the chef of the Moscow cafe “Nikolas`“ Vladimir Gorskikh which presented during the evening. The charismatic leader entertaining show - programs, Aleskey Zuev, for this evening played a set of prizes from partners: beauty shop “FENDRYBAR“, “Neu Kosmetik“, LLC Agencies of Special Projects, ESTEL, Eventą1, RosPatriot. ru, hookah company Smoke, dancing club “Galladance“, TechnoREAL, wedding TV, EventTV, Emelyanov TV, 100 ORIGINAL, Academy of boxing and Fitness studio Coast (Luzhniki) and mn. other.

In musical part of the program acted the well-known orchestra of Igor Butman, GREGORI (Sweden), Alina Mayer, VIA “TANSLU“, CRAZY beats, JOYFUL band, COOKING band a cover group, Milan band, I like band a cover - group, Brooks group.

was organized Such cozy and at the same time solemn evening thanks to efforts of event - representatives of LLC Agencies of Special Projects, Alexey Zuev, Anna Soroko, Katerina Babic, Yulia Terekhova, Olga Ivanova, Ksenia Mironova.